Survey Money Machine – Not As Advertised -

Survey Money Machine – Not As Advertised

survey money machine Product Name: Survey Money Machine
Price: Free
Owner: Hailey Gates
Overall Ranking: 1 out of 10

Don’t Waste Your Time

I sometimes get requests from readers about various survey sites. Are they ok and are they worth the time.

Now survey sites in general are okay if you want to kill some time online and you’re ok with earning prizes or getting entered into sweepstakes.

But they’re never going to help you to build a thriving long term business online.

Now I’ve received a few requests for more information about a specific survey site called Survey Money Machine.

The short version of this review is this site is completely useless and a complete waste of time. It’s not a scam but you’re not getting anything that Hailey promises you’re going to get.

It’s a classic bait and switch.

Keep reading and you understand why I recommend you just blow past this useless website.

So What Is Survey Money Machine?

This is not your typical legitimate market research company. Survey Money Machine is a private website owned by Hailey Gates.

She claims you just need to sign up with your email address, name, and gender, and you’ll be able to access untold numbers of survey opportunities.

You’ll soon find out that’s not exactly what happens. In fact Hailey’s sales page is full of lies. Keep reading to find out what those lies are.

What are the odds a useless survey website that lies to you – tell me it’s not so. Yep that was sarcasm.

Who Is Survey Money Machine For?

If you’re ok with not earning cash and spending a lot of time building up points you can use for bidding on items in the members area of the survey sites or enter into sweepstakes then this is for you.

But if you’re goal is not waste your time because you want to build a real online business that actually makes money – then this site is definitely NOT for you.

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question markHow Does Survey Money Machine Work?

Well first off things are not what they seem.

Once you sign up you’re going to get 7 days of emails.

And within these emails Hailey recommends different free survey networks for you to sign up with. It’s doesn’t take long to sign up with these companies, so you think you’re on your way to making cash taking surveys.

Yeah not so much, theres a few things Hailey forgot to mention.

You see survey monkey machines is a referral site. Not a site that you can make money with. You see Hailey wants you to sign up with these other survey networks she recommends in these mails.

And it’s not because you have the opportunity to make money.

So why?

Because she earns a commission for each and every referral to these free survey networks.

Look that’s not a bad thing, but she never tells you this. So her motives are to make the most amount of money she can off you!!

So there’s the first lie.

dollar signAnd remember her claim that you can make hundreds of dollars?

That’s another lie.

You can’t make hundreds of dollars per hour like she claims.

In fact you’re earning points for sweepstakes and for auction items within the members area of these survey sites not cash. Another little detail that’s not mentioned on the sales page.

This is one of worst things you can do as a business owner – lie! And that’s what she has done to you – flat out lie and mislead you.

It is possible to use surveys to make money? Sure you can use surveys to make a little money, earn prizes, get gift certificates, or whatever.

But more often than not it’s a colossal waste of your time. Your time is precious don’t waste it on her site, don’t get sucked into a non money making activity.

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What I Liked
  • Surveys can provide you with a way of earning a bit of pocket change or gifts
  • Surveys on the list provided through this company are real. However I cannot verify that they’re all legitimate companies
  • It’s free to sign up
www.netwiseprofits.comWhat I Didn’t Like
  • You can’t earn hundreds of dollars as promised
  • Hailey lies to you from the start!
  • They’re getting your email address and who knows what type of junk you are going to get in your email from this point onward!
  • This is a recruiting site for other survey sites. So the more recruits/referrals Hailey has the more she makes. She could care less about you and if you’re make money
  • It’s a classic bait and switch
What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

There’s no training, no guidance, and no tools.

How’s The Support?

You do have Haileys email address and she does have a Q&A section. But other than that there’s not much in the way of support.

What’s The Price

There is no charge – it’s free to sign up.

My Final Verdict

This site is useless. It would take you a lifetime to make any real money, if you could at all.

Like I said this is a recruiting/referral site for other survey sites.

So the more recruits/referrals Hailey can generate the more commissions she makes off of people like you. She could care less about you making any money.

Her sales page flat out lies about the opportunity of making hundreds of dollars. So it’s misleading right from the get go.

So no I DO NOT recommend using Survey Money Machines. It’s a complete waste of time.

Where To Go From Here

Look if you want to just fool around with survey sites for some prizes and gifts that cool. But if you want to build a real online business then check out my #1 recommended resource.

Everything you need to build your business is there and you can get started for free.

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the Survey Money Machine? If you do, I would love to hear about it.

Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others! If you found this review helpful and enjoyed it please share it.

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