Success With Anthony – Not So Much! -

Success With Anthony – Not So Much!

Name: Success With Anthony
Price: $67 to $1,000’s
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Support: Very Limited
Product Quality: Weak At Best
Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Success With Anthony’s Product…

Well anthony has branded his product as the “perfect” formula for driving obscene amounts of traffic to your website.

And like so many programs out there his program makes all types of claims. Some work, some are dead on the vine and some claims are completely false.

But the biggest problem people will face is, they won’t know which of these methods really work until they have handed over their money.

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • I would love to give you one, but this program makes such far fetched claims – I can’t.

The Cons

  • The so called “free’ website are not free at all.
  • Most of the information is from affiliates – and bad affiliates to boot. Lousy spun or badly written articles.
  • A every growing list of scam complaints related to Mr. Anthony Morrison
  • Very limited support for new members
  • This product has been banned from ClickBank – and ClickBank has some pretty lousy products, so this should tell you how bad Success With Anthony is to be kicked out of Clickbank.

The reason his program was punted out of clickbank was…

  • A very high refund rate
  • Making false claims – which is a violation of clickbank policies
  • Very high charge back rate
  • Their support was getting a lot of scam complaints

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So What Does Success With Anthony Offer?

Within all of the training and yes there is a lot he boosts about how easy it is to follow and understand the program. But people soon discover that a lot of the information is not at a beginner level.

And because of this many people find the information hard to understand let alone put into practice. The training comes in three modules, which include PDF’s and videos as well as weekly videos.

  • Module 1: Email Marketing Profits. This is a 200 plus page eBook as well as 14 videos.
  • Module 2: Social Media Marketing Profits: This comes in four parts, with four ebook and videos. One for each of the major social media type. Which would be Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube.
  • Module 3: SEO profits.

Along with these training modules, there is additional training available. However some of the “additional” training is only available through the respective affiliate for that training.

So How’s The Support?

Well let’s say don’t get your hopes up. Unlike true top notch programs there is no community or even a support forum where members can get help or help each other.

Everyone is directed to a standard support desk, and there is very little chance you will be able to connected to Anthony himself. This is like your typical garbage program where you are left to fend and figure things out for yourself.

Hey if you’re comfortable with no support and have the ability to figure stuff out on your own, then this is for you. But if not there are much better programs and options available to you.

So What’s The Price?

The first thing about the pricing is that there is so much of it, from the initial low price to get you hooked to the constant barrage of upsells.

If you decide to pay for the initial program, you’ll discover you have to give not only your personal information but you have to give them your phone number too. So why is this a big deal? Giving your phone number.

Well good old Anthony is famous for selling people’s contact information to over priced low valued “mentoring” programs (companies).

And these companies will then call you and try and sell you these programs that cost anywhere from priced $1000 -$5000.

So they get your info by selling you on a product the is such a low investment for many people that people buy it without question. And now once they have your contact info they try and up-sell you on even more expensive low value programs.

That’s your typical guru BS. A complete scam. They just see you as a dollar sign – they don’t care about you.

My Final Thoughts About Success With Anthony

Despite the fact there is a lot of information, some of it is completely useless and some information if put into practice could get your site in trouble with the search engines.

Add to that the shady pricing, plus the outright dishonesty in the overall marketing of the program.

For example – the 5 free website he offers – they’re not free. You have to buy the domain name and provide your own hosting. Does that sound free to you?

Look, let’s get real here. When you’ve been punted out of an affiliate network like CLickbank your product has to be pretty bad.

Not to mention he’s selling your contact information to other companies so they can call you to sell you their products and programs. Personally I take being lied to and having my information sold pretty seriously.

But hey if you’re cool with that, then Anthony and his program is the guy for you. Keep your money – do not go any where near this program – you’ve been warned.

Success With Anthony At A Glance…

Name: Success With Anthony
Price: $67, then possibly $1,000′s
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10
Verdict: SCAM, Load grade product, shady sales tactics, poor support

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