Stop Doing Passive Article Marketing -

Stop Doing Passive Article Marketing

article-marketingOn Monday I went over the 5 most common mistakes people make with article marketing.

Not only are they making these 5 common mistakes, but most article marketers are also doing what I call Passive Article marketing. What is passive article marketing?

Well you write an article and if you’re like most article marketers you then submit it to article directories so people can find it and use it as content, pretty straight forward and pretty useless as well.

Think about it, you’re submitting your article to a directory HOPING someone will come along and find your article among the 1000’s and 1000’s of other articles in those directories.

And forget about the backlink from the directory, those are completely useless and have no real value anymore.

Also after the Panda update directories with low quality articles got bitch slapped and their traffic dropped big time:

• Articles Base -94%
• Suite 101 -94%
• Associated Content -93%
• Ezine Articles -90%
• Find Articles -90%
• Hub Pages -87%
• Buzzle -85%

If you want to stop being a passive article marketer and be a proactive LASER TARGETED article marketer here’s what you do.

First it starts with QUALITY content – people are looking for information and they want the best information possible, and as an article marketer it’s your responsibility to provide top notch content – nothing less will do.

And if you’re providing top quality content, it’s going to give you the results you’re looking for…


In a nutshell, you must be able to give people “real value”. When people have finished reading your article, they should be happy to have invested their time in reading what you have written.

The goal of article marketing is to get your article in front of the people that need/want your content – right?

Authority publishers are always on the search for top quality content, they know their readers and they know what they want – so why not give it to them?

So instead of being like the rest of the sheep of article marketers HOPING someone is going to come along and find their article in a sea of articles – you’re going to do this.

You’re going to go straight to the source.

It takes some work but your results will be a 100 times better than what everyone else is doing.

Every authority publisher is always looking for great content. So what you need to be doing is start contacting the blog owners directly within your niche and ask them if they accept articles. Most do.

Here are a few ways of finding your audience.

Now you can do a search using Google and start looking for blogs and sites that you could have an article on, and then contact each owner and gather the information about the blog/ezine individually. But this takes a lot of time to do.

It’s doable but you can work a lot smarter and with less effort.

I prefer to work smart not hard.

So here are the 2 best resources on the Internet for proactive article marketing.

1) There is a company called The Directory Of Ezines – it’s a paid service – but it is a HUGE time saver – it’s $197 for a lifetime membership (I’m a member).

Basically what it is – is a search directory of 1000’s of ezines. In this directory you can search for ezines within your niche – but the difference from using Google is all the information you get from the search.

You get the publication information, which includes the circulation, frequency and format. You get the advertising information which includes the ad types, cost and discounts offered to directory of ezine users.

You get the contact information; it tells you if they accept articles and joint ventures plus a bunch of other info.

But the thing I like about it most is that each and every ezine is strictly scrutinized by the owner Charlie Page – if it does not meet his high standards the ezine does not make it into the directory.

2) There is a company called The Phantom Writers, this is the best of the best when it comes to article distribution. So if you want someone else to do all the work for you, you can.

It’s not cheap, it’s $35 per article to distribute, they also have package deals as well – but dame is it powerful (I speak from experience). The phantom writers is run by Bill Platt and he is an old school article marketer, and he knows what he’s doing.

Stop being one of the sheep and become a proactive article marketer and get the real results you deserve. Start today and get your articles in front of the people that want/need your content.

I believe in you

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