Still Not Making Money At Home Online? Here’s The Top 2 Reasons Why

money-bagAlmost every week I either speak to someone in person or get an email from someone telling me they’re still not making money at home online.

Or they’ve just made a few bucks here and there but nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean.

And certainly not life changing money where they can tell their boss “todays my last day – see ya”!!

And I’ve come to realize after talking to so many people that I kept mentioning the same 2 things over and over again. So I thought this is something I should put on my site.

So here there are.

The 2 top reasons why you’re not making money at home online.

Reason #1

Shiney objectsThis is actually the biggest and most prolific reason why most people are not making any money online.

You’re still chasing shiny objects!!

And what I mean is you’re still buying those shitty scammy products telling you – you don’t have to work to make money online and it all can be done for you with a push of a button.

Now if you’re absolutely brand new to being online and are just starting out trying to make money online, well I get why you got scammed. You don’t know any better.

But if you’ve been online for sometime now and you’re still buying these products – Seriously!! You should know better by now.

Come on – if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

Give your head a shake and stop falling for this crap. Look at my reviews of these products. It’s just one shit scammy program after another.

And I have to admit, these people are expert marketers and they know just what to say to push all the right buttons in you.

But STOP, take a breath, slow down. Take an hour even a day and do some detective work and check the program or service out before you blindly whip out your credit card.

And when you’re in Google searching use the product name and then add words like “review” “scam” “reviews” “complaints” and see what comes up.

tipsTIP: If you see in the search results things like:

  • “Don’t buy product X until you read my review”
  • “Here’s my totally unbiased review of product X”

More often than not these are affiliate reviews and are bias and not a real gauge of what the product is truly like.

They’re affiliates trying to get you to buy the product so they can make money. Which is what affiliate marketing is about even if it’s associated to a crap product.

Keep looking.

Along with Google you can always come here and search my site. I do product reviews every week. And if it’s not here, email me and I’ll do a review on it (good or bad).

You should know by now I’ll tell you the absolute truth either way.

So Say It With Me!!

“There are no secret push button, don’t have to do any work programs or services for making money online. NEVER has been NEVER will be!!”

Now keep repeating that to yourself.

Better yet make a big sticky note and paste it to your computer so you don’t get scammed again.

There are plenty of red flags that jump out on these scam programs. If you’re not sure what to look for here’s a screenshot from a post I did a while back where I listed some of these red flags:

scam list

So if you come across any of these red flags regarding any product or service for making money online, simply avoid it. But if you’re still curious do like I said.

Slow down, take a breath and start your detective work.

Believe me spending an hour or so playing detective will be the best hour you’ll spend online. Simply because if the product is crap you’ll avoid being scammed and still have your hard earned money where it belongs – in your pocket!!

I quitReason #2

The second biggest reason why so many people don’t make any money online is…

They Give Up – They Throw In The Towel

Well that sounds obvious, you’ll never make money online if you stop trying.

I know of so many people that quit before they get really started or they hit a challenge and call it quits.

Look it’s not easy to create a fulltime income online and if you think it is you’ll never make a dime and yes you’ll probably quit.

But here’s the thing. The people you see or hear about making money online NEVER quit. If they did they would be like 95% of the people that get online to make money.

One thing I absolutely know for sure:

“If You Never Quit, You Can Never Fail”

It takes a certain mindset to become successful at anything, I don’t care what you set out to accomplish. Because if you have the wrong mindset you’ll vulnerable and yes you can easily give up on your goals.

You’re going to have challenges, you’re going to have struggles there is no doubt about that. The key is to have the mental tools to overcome any and all challenges and struggles.

Take Me For Example

For 3 years I struggled at making money online. I got screwed over, I got scammed. But I refused to give up. I absolutely knew if others could do it so could I.

Then I found the right mentor and the right training. And once I found that my online success took off.

My point is I could have easily given up at any point. But for each failure I got smarter and smarter – I kept failing forward, not repeating my mistakes.

And I keep invested in myself.

Way back when, my first investment into myself. And this is well before I got online, was the personal power tapes from Anthony Robbins. This training (teaching) changed my life and of course with that my mindset.

It gave me the tools to understand and know how to overcome any challenge.

And to this day I have read 100’s of books on personal improvement. I’m constantly learning and understanding.

And why have I read so much on personal development and continue to do so?


You can’t just read one book or go to one seminar and think “ok I’m good”.

Or it’s like going to the gym and doing one workout and saying “ok I’m good, I don’t need to work out ever again”.

No, It doesn’t work that way. You have to keep working at it and implementing what you learn everyday and keep learning.

Just like you do with your online business.

So invest in yourself. Give yourself the tools so you can achieve everything you want to achieve, and also create the skills to overcome any challenge.

There are a lot of great people that you can have as personal mentors.

Here’s just some of the 100’s of books I’ve read to help me develop an unshakable determination for achieving my goals and creating the life I want and helped me become the person I am today:

  • Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – Mastering The Inner Game Of Wealth – T. Havr Eker
  • The Power Of Focus  – Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Hewitt
  • People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It – Larry Winget (my favorite writer)
  • Why You’re Dumb Sick And Broke – Randy Gage
  • Awaken The Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
  • Mojo – Marshall Goldsmith

Honestly if you’ve never invested into yourself to make yourself strong, more aware and more in control of your life. You’ll always have a harder time achieving the things you want to achieve.

Why short change yourself for all the greatness you can have in your life? Remember this is not a dress rehearsal, you don’t get a second chance at life.

So it’s your duty to make it the best it can possible be. Right?

So What To Do?

Look it’s not complicated to make money online. But like I said, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to take hard work and determination.

So the first thing to ensure your success online is to read reason #1 again – and pound that deep into your brain.

Until you get this part, anything I tell you is a complete waste of my time and yours. Because you don’t get it yet, and until then nothing will happen.

Well that’s not true you’ll spend a lot of money and still be bitching and whining that you got rip off again and can’t make money online.

And if for some reason you never understand that reason #1 is why you can’t make money online, I’ll say what my dad always use to say “you can’t fix stupid”

So stop being stupid!!!

You’re smarter than that!!

If You Understand Reason #1 Do This

You need to have proper guidance, up to the minute training, tools and ongoing support.

And all of that is found in the Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not going to sit here and give you the big speech and try and convince you. Everything you need to know about what the wealthy affiliate has to offer you can find here.

Not only has it got everything you need, but I will be there on every step of the way on your journey to online success.

But you need to make this decision on your own.

So you can either…

  • Keep being stupid and keep chasing shiny objects 
  • Quit, like 95% of the people that come online do
  • Or invest in yourself, take advantage of the wealthy affiliate and my help and support so you can succeed online

Yeah it may be tough love, but I hate to see you keep struggling.

And I get pretty passionate when I have the solution for your online success. But like I said you have to make this choice for yourself. Myself nor anyone else can make the choice for you or try to force it on you.

What works for me and countless others may not work for you.

But I do know one thing for sure.

You’ll Never Know Unless You Take A FREE Look Inside The Wealthy Affiliate

I sure hope to see you inside the wealthy affiliate so we can get started on building your thriving online business together.

If you’re ready click the blue banner right below.

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I Believe In You!

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