Spreading The Word

The biggest challenge people have online is getting the word out there about the product or service they have to offer or if you’re an affiliate – that product or service.

And to spread the word you use content – and lots of it.

Some of the ways people are familiar with are Facebook, their own site, article directories, PPC, Banner advertising, guest posting or blogging, Google + and so on.

Some cost money and some don’t – in my experience many people prefer the FREE method of getting the word out – so below are some free places you can syndicate your content.

Oh, and not one place is going to drive a million visitors to your site – if anyone tells you that they are outright lying to you. It a bunch of little things that get the word out about your site and get you the traffic.

1) www.slideshare.net  This is a very cool way to syndicate your content – if you don’t already have a PowerPoint presentation you can turn your content into one.

2) www.ehow.com eHow is the place to syndicate your step by step content. Think about it when someone does a search many times the search starts with How Do I…

3) www.scribd.com This is one of the largest online libraries and you can and you articles and documents to it for free.

4) www.wikihow.com Do you have How To articles? If so this is the place you want to have them.

So there you go – a few more places you can get the word out about your business – remember every little bit helps.

I believe in you

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