Selling Tupperware – Is It Worth It?


So, you’re looking for a way to either supplement your income or you’re looking for a way to create a full time income. And you’ve either been introduced to Tupperware and what it has to offer as a business or you found the opportunity on your own.

Either way – selling Tupperware – is it worth it? And can you make any significant money selling Tupperware products?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out. Today I’m taking a look at Tupperware’s business opportunity and see if there’s a real opportunity available.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Tupperware. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

Update: Tupperware may not be your best option for a home-based business. And that’s because several news agencies such as CNN have reported that Tupperware has said there’s “substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern,”. In other words, if they can’t find financing they are going out of business.

WAIT – Tupperware is NOT your only option!!

Yes, it sucks Tupperware may be going out of business but that’s what happens when you don’t have control over your business. And it’s that way with every MLM. Every single distributor’s business is going to disappear and there’s nothing they can do about it.

And since you are here it doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out you’re serious about wanting your own business where you’re in financial control.

If that’s the case, then while you’re here you might as well see how you can earn a full-time online income as an affiliate marketer. And you never have to sell anything to anyone and you’re in 100% control and ownership of your business.

A Little Bit About Tupperware

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of Tupperware. And how could you not? The company has been around since 1948. And is one of the oldest and well-known direct selling companies on the planet.

Have you heard of Brownie Wise? maybe not. But Brownie Wise discovered Tupperware and began selling them at home parties. And she was so successful that she outsold what the Tupperware stores were selling.

Well, that caught the attention of Earl Tupper the inventor of Tupperware and he invited her to become the vice president of Tupperware Home Parties in 1951 and have her market his products exclusively through “Party Plans”.

So, it’s Brownie Wise that’s responsible for creating the in-home demonstration or home party sales style that many other companies such as Mary Kay, Avon and many other companies follow to this day. I think that’s very cool.

The Products They Have

Tupperware is best known for their food storage containers. But over the years the company has added to their product line.

And in March 2010 the company announced that all of their plastic products made in the United States and Canada are free of BPA. A very nasty industrial chemical that was used to make certain plastics.

You’ll find the complete catalogue of Tupperware products listed on their website. This includes:

  • Kitchen Tools
  • Cookware & Bakeware
  • Serveware
  • Food Storage
  • Kids & Toys
  • On the Go

Now when you look at the product line, the reality is there’s nothing really special about the product line. Everything you find at Tupperware you can find in stores and online at places such as Amazon.

But even though you can find products like these everywhere. One of the big advantages Tupperware has is its brand. When you say Tupperware people know who you’re talking about.

In fact, many people use the term Tupperware to describe other food storage containers. The other advantage Tupperware has going for it, is its quality. I can’t personal speak about their other products but I know their container products last a longtime.

My mom had Tupperware containers that lasted for years without any issues. And because of these 2 advantages Tupperware is still in demand to this day, and I see it will be for a very long time to come.

But, do these 2 advantages provide you the opportunity to make money?

Let’s see.

Getting Started With Tupperware

When you click the join button on their website it takes you to a page with information regarding the cost of getting started.

You can join for $15 which is their virtual kit which includes 3 months free of the Pro my.Tupperware subscription and a replicated Tupperware website.

At the time of this review, they had a time limited offer for their Deluxe Demo Kit for $119, valued over $350.00. Not sure what the regular price is. You also get the Pro my.Tupperware subscription and the replicated website.

tupperware deluxe demo kit

I could not find how much the subscription and the replicated website cost after the first 3 free months. But if it’s like other companies you’ll probably pay $10 or less each month thereafter.

Staying Active

In order to “Active” meaning staying eligible for commissions and bonuses you need to sell a minimum of $250 of product over a 4 month period.

Making Money With Tupperware

Tupperware is an MLM company and with that comes the MLM business model. Which means you have 2 ways of making money.

First is to simply retail the products. You can do this in several ways.

The first and the most promoted method is doing the party sales approach. This is where you host parties either at your home or in most cases, you’ll be having a party that’s hosted by someone else at their home.

When it comes to retail sales, you’ll earn a 25% commission from all retail sales. And as for the host they can earn rewards for being the host of a party.

Now you can host an online party. Doing an online party does open you up to a wider audience and may attract people that would otherwise have a harder time attending a live event.

Another way is you could set up camp at a local flee market or other outdoor style event. But doing so will add additional costs such as table fees and so on.

The other way of generating income is by recruiting people. By doing this, it’s going to leverage your earning potential because as you build your down line, not only will earn a percentage of the sales from the people in your downline.

You’ll also become eligible for bonuses as you rise within the ranks of the compensation plan. Now unfortunately you won’t find any information or links to their compensation plan.

Which is a pain in the ass because it makes it that much harder for you to see what’s truly involved with what you have to do to achieve the different ranks in their compensation plan in order to be eligible for the bonuses at each one of these ranks.

So, I did some digging and I did find information regarding their compensation plan on other websites.

Here’s a screenshot of the 3 main ranks and what you need to do in order reach each ranks.

tupperware basic ranks

Now I did manage to find an image of their most recent compensation plan. It’s not the best image but you can see that there is a total of 12 levels (ranks) each with their own requirements needed to achieve them.

You can see that you can earn additional commission depending on the sales volume. You can earn an additional 5% commission raising your total commission to 30% if your sales volume is over $1500. And if you have sales over $4000, your commission goes to 35%.

And you can see there are additional commissions and bonuses available at the higher levels. This is typical with MLM compensation plans.

Current tupperware compensation plan

But The Big Question Is…

Can Make Money With Tupperware?

Well unfortunately just like the lack of access to their compensation plan. Tupperware does not provide you access from their website to an income disclosure statement. Now if you’re not sure what an income disclosure statement is.

This is a yearly look at what distributors have earned with their business opportunity.

So instead of listening to a distributor that more than likely sugar coat your earning potential. You can view real statistical data of your odds of making real money.

Now like I said they don’t have this information on their website. So that meant I had to do search for one. And when I do this research many times I come up empty.

But I did manage to find an income disclosure statement from 2017. And that what you see below.

I need to say that Tupperware does not have to provide this information. But it sure would be nice if they did. But after you see what this disclosure statement reveals. I can see why they don’t want people to see it.

It’s not very inspirational.

Tupperware Income Disclosure Summary 2018

Ok, let’s look at inactive and active consultants. This makes up 96.92% of all consultants. Now an inactive consultant is someone who has earned some commissions from the sale of products but have not achieved a minimum of $500 in personal retail sales within a 4 month period.

And an active consultant has achieved a minimum of $500 in personal retail sales during a 4 month period.

So, the average earnings for the entire year of 2017 for active and inactive consultants was $680.02. That works out to $56.66 per month. Personally, that does not get me to excited regarding the earning potential with Tupperware.

Now also remember these numbers do not include the added expenses such as gas, gifts and so on when it comes to putting on in-home demonstrations.

So, to me looking at these numbers the reality is $96.92% of consultants are losing money every month.

And I know this disclosure is from 2017 but from all the other MLM companies I’ve taken a look at that have disclosure statements year after year. I can confidently say the Tupperware numbers haven’t improved much, if at all.

What Do People Have To Say About Tupperware?

Do a search and you’ll find that the reviews of Tupperware’s products are both positive and negative. But you can find that with every company and its products.

For example, I went to a website called and there you’ll find people raving about the products. As well as people saying they will never by another Tupperware product ever again.

The reality is it just all depends on the experience someone has had with a product. With that said, it does give you additional information to help make a decision about Tupperware’s business opportunity.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

After more digging, I did find what type of training you can expect when you become a Tupperware consultant. Through their online business binder, you will have access to their New Consultant Orientation.

Here’s the link I found regarding this training. This looks to be a live training class and includes the following:

  • A Taste of Tupperware party experiences
  • The 30-60-90 Day Program
  • The Cycle of Success (Date, Plan, Sell and Recruit)
  • The 5 Step Sales Process (Prospect, Ask Questions, Selling the FAB, Overcome Objections and Gain Commitment)

And of course, I’m sure you will get additional ongoing support from the consultant that recruited you into the business.

What I Like About Tupperware

#1) History

Tupperware has been around since the 1940’s. And you don’t last that long as a company unless you’re doing something right.

#2) Strong Brand

There is no denying the strength of the Tupperware brand.

#3) Minimal Startup Costs

You’re not going to end up spending a huge amount of money getting your business started. At the time of this review, you can get going for as little as $15 for your virtual business kit.

And even then, if you want to have physical products, at the time of my review you’re spending less than $120.

#4) Warranty

Depending on which product a customer purchases their warranties are from 30 days up to a limited lifetime warranty. So, your customers are covered.

Ok, Here’s What I Don’t Like About Tupperware

#1) Low Income Potential

The is no denying the numbers from their own income disclosure statement. Over 96% of active and inactive consultant make on average $56.00 per month.

And as I mentioned this does not take into account the other expenses these consultants have incurred running their business.

#2) Huge Competition

Tupperware is not the only game in town. You can find similar products being sold by many different companies.

#3) Expensive Products

Compared to other products of the same nature Tupperware’s products are much more expensive. And with people being very price conscious I see this as a significant challenge to overcome.

For example, Rubbermaid is in direct competition with Tupperware. And you can head over to Amazon and get a 21 piece set for food storage containers that are BPA free and leak proof and with vents like Tupperware.

Tupperware sells a 7 piece set for a whopping $149.00. While Rubbermaid sells their 21 piece set on Amazon for only $27.00.

#4) You Need The Sales Skills

You better have top notch face to face sales skills to make this business work. Not to mention top notch network marketing skills to get those home party appointments.

#5) The Sales Model

The business model may work for a while. But I see it getting harder and harder to find hosts for having your in home demonstration parties. Plus, in order to keep growing you’re going probably have to really expand your marketing area.

And that’s going to cost you more money to operate in areas further and further from your home. While the in home party system seems like a great way to build a business. It has a really short lifespan and in my opinion is not conducive to growing a long term sustainable business.

Which brings me to another point. The products you’re selling are one off purchases. So once a person buys something sure they may come back and buy something else in the future.

But I can’t see that happening very often. Compare this to a consumable product where people would be consistently placing repeat orders. Tupperware again shows why it’s not the best opportunity available for most people.

Here’s My Thoughts Of Tupperware’s Opportunity

I will not deny that Tupperware is a household name when it comes to food storage. And there are getting known for other kitchen products as well.

But as for a home based business opportunity, I don’t see anything that has me convinced this is a good opportunity.

First and foremost is their own income disclosure statement. As I read it no one is making any money except when you get to Star Director and even then only 128 people out of over 21,000 active consultants are making any money. Not the best odds if you ask me.

The other thing that makes this opportunity a nonstarter for me is the marketing model. In home demonstrations is a model for failure for the majority of people.

And the reason is you have to have outstanding face to face sales skills not to mention outstanding network marketing skills so you can have in home demonstrations.

And if you don’t have these 2 skills or willing to put in the time and energy to develop these skills, this is not a business you want to get into.

Now with that said, if you do have the skills and you feel you can beat the odds and actually make money doing this. Then all the power to you and I wish all the best.

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