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Replace Your Job Scam

logoProduct Name: Replace Your Job
Price: $97 “start-up”
Owner: Kelly Scott
Ranking: 0 out of 10

During bad times and good times there is almost always a way for someone to benefit from a little (or a lot) of extra money.

Unfortunately, when times get tough, it is easy for our emotions to get the best of us and logic/reasoning starts to slide out the window.

Replace your Job is one of those programs that promises people that they will be able to always make an income even during recession times; but I promise you’ll save yourself a lot of pain by really thinking this program through before deciding to buy.

Not to mention, Kelly Scott has been associated with a number of scammy programs so at this point if that name appears it’s probably safe to just run for the hills.

So What Is Replace Your Job?

This is such a good question! The fact that it’s a hard question to answer even after buying the product should raise a few red flags right away.

Reading through the sales page my first thought was that it was going to teach a person about affiliate marketing. Get a unique id, advertise the special link, and make a commission for every sale.

Then I kept reading and I cringed. Essentially, it promotes ad spamming. There are hundreds upon hundreds of programs that use the “ease” of copy/paste to lure people in only to have them find out it is almost impossible to make the money that was promised.

And then when you order the product, suddenly there’s a huge bait and switch!

The actual members area is a completely different site called Online Software Solutions. Pretty sure this wasn’t mentioned anywhere in any way, shape, or form before the sale is complete.

online software solutions

Who Is Replace Your Job For?

The program is advertised as a work from home program for anyone that can use a computer, has access to the internet, and is willing to invest at least an hour a day to making your financial dreams come true.

Congratulations, as a newbie you’re exactly the person this program was targeted for!

The bad part is the program is complete garbage and is a waste of your time and money.

Keep reading you’ll see what I mean.

How Does It Work?

The program works by having you get a unique id from merchants, place links all over the internet for them, and sit back while a bunch of money comes pouring into your account.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And in this case it is too good to be true.

Often these links are being identified as spam and are typically taken down before you can see any results.

Not to mention they are usually so irrelevant to where they are placed that consumers won’t click on them because they assume spam and just don’t want to take the risk.

What’s The Price?

The cost of Replace your Job advertises as $97 with a special emphasis on never having to pay a recurring monthly fee.

So basically the cost is for access to a bunch of videos, links, random webinars, upsells, and a lot of advertising for coaching with really no direct plan of attack.

So after you make it past the upsells, the first step is to call a number to speak with a member of Kelly’s team.

call us

If you decide to skip this step, don’t worry it comes up over and over and over. So in regards to price, in the dashboard is a section that talks about registering for a training center.

If you’re willing to make an additional financial investment (cost unknown) they will provide you with coaching and advanced training to help you make money faster.

99% of the time when something is worded like this, the price of your coaching has to do with how much you tell them you are willing to spend during the phone call.

Are There Any Upsells?

With a system like this there has to be upsells. The worst part is I feel like the upsells do not even add value to the “product” you just purchased.

There is no denying that sometimes the additional products are nice extras to the main one, but certainly not with this program.

In this case, the two upsells are just really confusing.

For $67, the first one is an automatic tool that claims to submit your Replace your Job websites to 100s of search engines.

replace your job

To start off with.

I’m pretty sure all over the sales page it says that they will teach you all the different places you can put ads and make money…where does it mention anything about you needing your own website or websites??

Also, think back to how often you search on the internet and now think about how many search engines you used to perform all those searches? Was it more than one? Maybe two?

Did anyone out there reach 100? Search engines are designed to find new content published on the internet. The spyders will find your content for free whether you use a $67 tool or not.

The second upsell is cheaper at only $37. This product teaches you how to create an online business and make money online. Yet again, didn’t we just pay $97 for Kelly Scott to teach me that?

Not to mention on this page they compare this product to an $80,000 education from Harvard.


This page is right in saying that you definitely do not need to shell out anywhere near that much money to be successful online, but I feel cheated about the fact that the original product needs this sort of upsell.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

First off, no idea what kind of training you can get if you pay the extra dough for the fancy training that requires a phone consultation. Though if the price isn’t advertised, odds are you can get the training much more affordably somewhere else.

So once you get inside the main training area, the dashboard is deceiving on how simple it will be to get started. There are three main steps: promote offers, drive traffic, eBay course. Yep, completely random addition of using eBay right there.

replace your job

Clicking any of these buttons will bring up quite a bit of training links and videos. You’ll spend more time trying to work through all the information than the advertised 60 minutes a day to say the least.

There are also links to different types of training on both sides of the dashboard, some of which stay on the site and some of which take you to other places. Overall, the training is haphazard at best and just not organized or presented in a cohesive manner.

I’m a seasoned online marketer and I got overwhelmed will all the information. I can see an beginner just getting confused, frustrated and maybe just quitting thinking that building an online business is to complicated and hard.

But building an online business is not complicated if you have the right step by step training, that is easy to understand and is not overwhelming.

How’s The Support?

There is no support – Might as well just say that straight forward.

There are videos, webinars, and lots of links to informational resources but you have zero access to any type of support when it comes to putting everything together to get up and running.

Well, I might have lied just a tad; remember when the price was discussed, if you’re willing to open up your wallet for an additional financial investment then you can sign up for advanced training.

I would have to imagine that you must get some sort of support if you pay for the special consulting from Kelly’s team.

Probably worth mentioning here that in the FAQ’s section it specifically says that you’ll never be able to talk to Kelly. I would much rather do business where I can actually get in contact with an owner or creator.

If fact I’m part of a community where I can talk directly with the owners at ANY time and get personal coaching and consulting. And I don’t have to pay any extra fees for this service. It’s ALL included!!

Don’t forget it’s your money making this so-called “Kelly” person rich, there is really zero excuse to be completely absent from your customers (unless it’s a scam *cough*).

What I Liked

There is nothing I like about this program except that it does tell people that it’s possible to work from home. But I just told you that for free, so no need to spend almost a hundred bucks to figure that out.

It wouldn’t be totally fair to say that Online Software Solutions is worthless because if you know what’s going on then much of the information and “training” will make sense to you.

Although, if someone already understands everything being taught there is no need to purchase it.

Beginners can learn some solid information about working online but the information is presented in such a haphazard manner with SO MUCH info that more than likely you’ll become overwhelmed and become frustrated before ever putting anything into action.

On the same note, some of the training is pure garbage. So let’s just stick with I don’t like anything about it.

What I Didn’t Like

Sometimes there is only one or two things about a program I don’t like…and other times there is so much to dislike that I wonder if it is even worth making a list!

  • Price – As a one time investment it is not very costly for a program that teaches you how to make money online. Too bad it doesn’t do this. The constant pushing for advanced training (see below) really makes it seem like the $97 is a start up cost. Your money can be much better spent elsewhere.
  • Bait and Switch – If I buy a product, I expect to get access to that product. Instead buyers end up on a completely different platform.
  • Call Us! – If there is one thing I learned it is that Kelly Scott’s team really really likes to talk on the phone. With how much it is pushed, they are essentially telling you that ultimately you will not succeed unless you are willing to call and invest more money.- – bullshit!!
  • Disjointed Training – There are a variety of links to different types of training. The biggest problem is that the presentation makes it very difficult for people to follow and implement.
  • Business Model – Ad spamming is not an efficient way to produce a viable income. Some training does talk about different methods to make money and teaches more about niche marketing but the emphasis from the their sales page is placing ads and that is a road to failure unless you actually put work into making people want to click one of your links.

Let’s Compare This Program To My #1 Recommended Program

my opinionMy Final Opinion

Because the main product purchased “Replace Your Job” isn’t the name of the site you end up on.

It’s pretty safe to say that it’s probably a hub that allows scam artists to constantly change their product name, take people’s money, and still redirect them to the same area.

In other words, no skin off their back if you figure out that this product is a scam, they’ll just change the name and sucker someone else in.

Simply put – just stay away from this program at all costs!!

While the information provided at Online Software Solutions isn’t complete trash; if you’re a beginner it will be almost impossible to take it all in, let alone put it all into action.

People are much more successful when they have a step by step program to follow. Not one that’s all over the place in regards to sub standard training.

Look, if you’ve come this far and I hope you have then I know you’re serious about building a thriving online business.

All I ask is just invest a few more minutes and check out my #1 recommendation for learning how to build a REAL online business.

A community where you can talk to the founders, have 24/7 live chat support. Plus all the tools, step by step training and resources you’ll ever need. Including personal help and support from me.

This is the community I’m a member of. And this is the same program that has helped my triple my income this year.

You can keep pissing around with these scam programs or put all that behind you and see why the wealthy affiliate is the best program for helping you achieve all you want to achieve online. Check it out.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the Replace Your Job program?

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make a decision whether or not to spend the money on this program.

And if you did find his review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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