Pure Leverage Review – Is It A Pure Leverage Scam?

Name: Pure Leverage
Price: $24.95 per month
Owner: Joel Therien
Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Ok What Is Pure Leverage?

Pure leverage is an MLM.

So in order to make money with pure leverage you have to sell pure leverage to other people to earn a commission and then they have to do the same and you will also earn a commission from them as well.

I’ll get into more detail of the commission structure a little later.

And just like most MLM companies they claim they have superior products that you can’t find anywhere else – yeah right!!

More often than not these MLM companies products are inferior to mainstream products. Pure leverage products are no different, they are ok, but there are plenty of other products that are far better. (more about the products later)

But because of fancy landing pages, slick sales talk and graphics people get conned into thinking they do have something superior.

And then they attach a money making opportunity to it – and boom tons of people get sucked into another MLM scheme.

And the only reason they do not get marked as a pyramid scheme is simply because they offer products. And like I mentioned inferior ones at that.

It’s no secret I’m not a big fan of MLM. And it’s because there are just so many things working against anyone that gets involved with an MLM to become truly successful.

Oh it’s great for the company and in this case Joel Therien, who is making money hand over fist on the backs of others.

But the proven statics are that 97% of people that start with an MLM company will quit within the first year of joining. And most people will be in worse financial shape then they were before the started with an MLM company.

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The Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • There are no pros in my opinion- this is a flat out MLM scheme – end of story.

The Cons

  • Inferior low grade products.
  • Have to pay more per month to get higher commissions.
  • 100% commissions is for only a limited time.
  • Hostile support environment from members and Joel Therien himself
So What Products Are Included With Pure Leverage?

1) Elite Coaching Program (MLM training videos)

These videos teach you how to promote the pure leverage program.

They don’t teach you how to use any of the tools that are provided. All you’re taught is how to recruit people into your downline. Or as they call it your “powerline structure”

2) Easy Lead Flow Lead Capture System 

This is your landing page for capturing contact info from potential leads. As this is a sub-domain you have limited design changes however you can add personalized content.

It also comes with pre-written follow-up messages. This sounds great but having the same messages that everyone else is using and from the same replicated landing page is just BAD marketing.

Where is the connection, where is the personalization, nothing of you is in these follow up messages.

The other problem with having a landing page like this is – if you don’t understand how to drive traffic to this page – the page is useless. If no one can find it no one can give you their contact info.

And pure leverage does not teach you the how to build out a website to generate the traffic you need to make this landing page successful. Not unless you want to spend a TON of money on paid advertising to get people to your landing page.

3) Leverage Authority Blog

You do get your own website – well let me rephrase that you do get your own Sub-Domain website from pure leverage.

So you do not own this domain it’s owned by pure leverage. Now they try and tell you because you have a sub domain you get authority help form the their main website.

Let me answer that – BS!!

A sub domain gets NOTHING from the main domain regarding authority or anything else for that matter.

These are just replicated websites that have no authority – in fact you may recognize the style – it’s the same model as the biggest scam on the internet – Empower Network.

Who in fact had all of their sites ranking crushed by Google as all the sites from Empower Network were flagged as spammy. I have a funny feeling the same fate is in store for the pure leverage websites.

Another problem with having these sites is they only allow you to promote pure leverage. No where do they show you how to build a real business around the things you love, such as your hobbies or your passions.

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4) Video Email Service

This is just another tool to be used to promote pure leverage. Video email is nothing new it’s been around for a long time.

And it’s no surprise the number of delivery complaints there are regarding this service.

You see the parent company GVO which Joel Therien owns and is the umbrella company the pure leverage is under. This is the company that hosts all the website for pure leverage.

Well they don’t have the best track record for their reliability of their hosting. Hundreds and hundreds of complaints are been reported due to “Server Down Time”

So if you’re emails are not getting delivered you have no opportunity to promote.

Plus how many people do you know that would use this service? I’m a video marketer and I don’t do email video marketing. There are far better ways to utilize email marketing.

5) Live Meeting Room

This product is so inferior to every video conferencing tool available – but again it is simply designed to be used as a prop to market pure leverage itself.

This is NOT a tool built for business – it’s just there to promote pure leverage.

Why use this when you have things like Google Hangouts plus it’s FREE! It has everything the Live Meeting Room offers plus so much more.

You can create a free Google Hangout account here.

There are also paid services such as Go To Webinar, which I have used. This is a very trusted, superior service unlike what pure leverage offers.

5) Turbo Traffic Generation 

Well first off Joel tries and convince you that their Alexa ranking is proof they know how to teach you to drive traffic to your website.

Well news flash Alexa Ranking has very little to do with your ranking ability. Because it has NOTHING to do with SEO.

Alexa is the last place you want to go to get ranking information of websites. The Alexa website ranking information is completely bogus. If you want to learn about Alexa Click Here

To generate traffic you need to understand how to build quality engaging content.

How’s The Support?

Don’t be fooled by the claim of  Top Notch support. Pure leverage sends their support to a third party platform with little  or no moderation.

It’s not uncommon to see name calling and verbal attacks on this forum especially if you question or have a negative comment about the pure leverage product and system.

One of the biggest complaints is the overwhelming amount of emails received from pure leverage. In fact you can expect 50 emails within the first month from pure leverage.

All with one thing in mind – to get you to “Upgrade To The Next Level”. So there’s plenty of sales talk like “your last chance” or “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity”. Typical fear of loss marketing.

Even Joel Therien the owner has been know to attack people on the forum. So instead of addressing any negativity he chooses to be abusive.

That alone should tell you that this in a product or person you don’t want to be associated with.

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So What’s The Price?

On the sales page the only price you see is $24.95 per month. This will give you all the tools and services I mentioned above but no way to make any money.

So if you want to be an affiliate so you can sell the products you have to pay an additional $19.95 per month.

So now you are spending $44.95 per month.

Oh but there is one more level – the $97.00 per month VIP Program. Here you have the opportunity to get “exclusive training with top internet gurus” including pre-built, turnkey campaigns.

So now you’re paying $141.90 per month.

You can easily stay at the lower level and earn the lower level commissions as long as you have that amount coming into your account.

But if you want the higher level commissions you have to pay for that. Meaning you’re going to have to invest $141.90 per month. Something that is conveniently left off the sales page.

And speaking of commissions remember the claim the they payout an unheard off 100% commissions all day everyday!!

Yeah one thing about that – they only do that for the first 30 days and then your commissions are cut in half to 50% for all of your sales AND 50% of all the sales of your downline.

So it’s very clear you are not making money selling any products – the only way you can make money is by recruiting people.

Sure they have products but once you pull back the curtain you see that the real business model is the recruiting of people.

My Final Thoughts About Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage is pure crap.

Years ago there was a business called SkyBiz and there product (sort of) was a web building product – completely useless.

And that’s what people promoted the web builder. The FTC saw through this scam – because the real business model was the recruitment of people.

Pure leverage is just the 2014 version of SkyBiz, Empower Network and a whole host of other scams.

This is NOT an MLM this is a pyramid scheme – disguise it all they want – that’s what it is. You can’t sell the product individually, you have to buy into the whole program and recruit people in order to make money.

They don’t teach you how to build a real business – the only thing you are taught is how to promote and sell pure leverage.

You own NOTHING – they own everything. So when they get shut down or if the decide to close up shop before they get shut down you so-called business is gone!! Whooosh.

Building a real business online does not involve anything that pure leverage is promoting.

However if you’re just in it for just the money and don’t care about building a real business you can be proud of, and have no problem sucking people into this MLM scheme.

Well then pure leverage is for you.

Pure Leverage At A Glance…

Name: Pure Leverage
Price: $24.95 per month
Owner: Joel Therien
Overall Rank:  2 out of 10
Verdict: SCAM, Load grade product, shady sales tactics, poor support

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