My Pure Haven Review. What You Need To Know

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Thanks for dropping by and checking out my Pure Haven review.

Now, with so many different ways of making money online it can be hard to sort out the legit opportunities from the cons, pyramid schemes and scams.

Well, let me put your mind at ease. Pure Haven is none anyone of those. Pure haven has a legit homebased business opportunity available to everyone. And with that said is does bring up a very important question:

Is this the right business for everyone? More importantly is this the right business for you?

Well, let’s see if it is shall we?

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Pure Haven. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

Ok, What Do We Know About Pure Haven?

Pure haven is a multilevel marketing company that markets home and personal care products. They even have a few products for your dog and cat. The company is currently headquarter in Rhode Island, USA.

Now the company was founded by 15 year old Ava Anderson back in 2009. However, in 2016 the company was shut down by Ava.

In a statement the family stated the company was close because of relentless online harassment towards Ava. As well as several of their suppliers had violated their contractual agreements and used non approved ingredients in their products.

And as I said because of this she shut things down in 2016. But in the same year (2016) the company was relaunched under new ownership and the new name Pure Haven.

Pure haven is now owned by Mary Julich, Bruce Jensen Rudy Revak and Steve Kole under their company Finance Global Ventures.

And Pure Haven is listed as a member in good standing of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Ok, that brings you up to speed with the company and the people in charge.

Now let’s take a look at the products.

The Product Line

All of their products are made in their own facility and are made in small batches to insure quality and freshness. They use certified organic ingredients when possible.

And 100% of their products are toxin free, environmentally sustainable and cruelty free.

When you get to their website you’ll find their products listed under the following categories:


Here you’ll find products such as Makeup Remover, Exfoliator, Eye Cream, Toner, CBD Booster, Moisturizer, etc. Products range in price from $17.95 to $119.95.

Body and Hair

Here you’re going find products such as Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, Soap, Deodorant, Hand Sanitizer, Body Scrub, etc. The prices range from $17.95 to $89.95.


Here you’ll find products such as Laundry Detergent, Dishwasher Detergent, Glass Cleaner, Surface Cleaner, etc. Prices range from $19.95 to $44.95.


There is only 1 product in this category and it’s their Eau De Toilette (jasmine and chamomile) and it’s priced at $89.95.


  • Eye Liner – $24.95
  • Eye Liner Brush – $12.95
  • Lip Gloss – $24.95
  • Mascara – $29.95
  • Tinted Moisturizer ( beige and tan) – $24.95


  • Toothpaste – $17.95
  • Wash and Shampoo – $19.95
  • Monster Spray (helps to relax and calm kids before bedtime) – $16.95


  • Baby Cream – $19.95
  • Massage and Body Lotion – $24.95
  • Wash and Shampoo – $19.95
  • Mom Balm – $24.95
  • 4-Piece Baby Care Set – $85.95

Essential Oils

Here you’ll find different essential oils including Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint ranging in price from $19.95 to $24.95.


  • CBD Comfort Oil – $119.95
  • Comfort Oil – $39.95
  • Headache Stick – $16.95
  • Sleepy Oil – $36.95


  • Paw Balm – $19.95
  • Pet Odor and Stain – $18.95
  • Pet Shampoo – $25.95


Here you’ll find their sunscreen priced at $26.95.

They also have seasonal products, bundles, and accessories such as pumps and sprayers.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

You have 2 starter kits to choose from.

The first kit will cost you $35.00. Here’s a snapshot of what’s included with this starter kit.

pure haven starter kit

The next option is a starter kit with skin care bundle. And that’s going to cost you $199.00.

pure have starter kit with skin care bundle

Just a heads up when it comes to your back office access. You’ll get access for free for the first 3 months. And then after that you’ll need to pay $5 per month to continue to have access.

How Do You Make Money?

As a consultant you have 2 ways of making money through their compensation plan. You can earn through retail sales and/or by building your team.

Personal Activity

Any products you sell to a retail customer you’ll earn a 30% commission. And prodcuts that are sold to a preferred customer you’ll earn a 35% commission.

Also, as a consultant you can purchase products for yourself in 2 ways:

Wholesale Purchases: When you make wholesale purchases, you receive a discount of 30% at the time of purchase.

Retail: When you purchase on a retail basis, you’ll receive your 30% commission in your next weekly direct deposit.

Earn Income Based on Your Team

Simple Start Bonus

Here you can earn a bonus of 20% within the first 30 days of being in business on the commissionable volume (CV). And the next active upline in your business earns 5%.

The Ranks

Currently there are 13 available ranks you can achieve. And each new rank comes with more benefits and compensation. Of course, you must meet the requirements of each rank in order to benefit from that rank.

Here’s a quick overview of those ranks and the commissions available at each rank. You can review their compensation plan here.

Now their compensation plan is a Unilevel compensation plan. So, this means anyone you personally sponsor will be placed directly below you on your first level.

And then anyone that you’ve personally enrolled who sponsors someone will go onto your second level. And so on and so on.

unilevel comp plan

Senior Consultant

To reach this rank you need to have $300 PS (personal sales) in a single calendar month. You’ll earn 5% commission from your first level.


To become an Ambassador, you’ll need $600 PS and total DS (downline sales) of $2,500. You’ll earn 7% on level 1 CV (commissionable volume) and 3% on level 2.

Senior Ambassador

You need $800 PS, $5,000 DS. You’ll earn 7% from level 1, 5% from level 2 and 3% from level 3.

Executive Ambassador

You need $1,000 PS, 1 Ambassador Leg and $10,000 balanced DS. You’ll earn 7% from level 1, 5% from level 2, 5% from level 3. As well as 2% from all volume down to the next executive.

pure haven executive commissions

The following ranks can earn a 4% generation bonus down 5 generations for qualified consultants.

  • Bronze Ambassador
  • Silver Ambassador
  • Gold Ambassador
  • Platinum Ambassador
  • Diamond to Global Ambassador

wealthy affiliate

Is There Money To Be Made With Pure Haven?

Absolutely there is the opportunity to make money. But we both know that’s all dependent on you. And the effort you’re will to put into building your business.

And the good thing about this business is that you’ll selling a consumable product. So, this means you can build up a cliental that’s going to order from you again and again.

What Are People Saying About Pure Haven Products?

Like all products you have people that love them and people that don’t. But from what I gathered, for the most part people like the products.

pure haven testimonial

What Training Can You Expect?

Now I did not see any information on their website regarding any training you’ll receive. So, I did some poking around and I found a post that mentions the training you would get.

At it says:

Pure haven Consultants receive training and back-end support from their uplines, a dedicated sales support team, and other home office staff who are all about helping them succeed in achieving their goals.

Here’s What I Like About Pure Haven

#1) Consumable Products

With any business it’s always best to get involved with one where you sell a consumable product. This way you can build up a client base of customers that purchase from you over and over again. And with Pure Haven you can do just that.

#2) Low Startup

You can get your business started for as little as $35.00.

#3) Replicated website

By providing you a replicated website you now have a place that you can direct customers to buy product as well as where people can join your business.

#4) Non Toxic Products

More and more people are becoming more educated when it comes to the ingredients of the products they buy.

And because of that you are entering a niche market where I feel people are more willing to spend the extra money for this types of products because they are 100% non-toxic.

#5) There Is An Opportunity Available

To the right person there is a legit homebased business opportunity available.

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About Pure Haven

#1) It’s An MLM

No matter how you cut it, this is still an MLM. And despite the opportunity the majority of people that get involved with MLM don’t see any real success.

In fact, it’s been proven time and time again that 99% of people that do get involved with MLM will lose money. Source: Jobs In Marketing.

#2) Recruiting

If you want to be eligible to earn those bonuses in their compensation plan this means you’re going to have to constantly be recruiting people into your business.

Now that usually starts by approaching people you know. Friends and family, your warm market. But once you’ve done that you now have to go into a cold market. Which is a market that no one knows you and try and sell people on the idea of getting involved with an MLM.

And after struggling to find new people to join their business. Statics show over 50% of people will quit the business within the first year.

According to a study done by the AARP the 3 most common reasons for leaving an MLM were:

  1. Finding it awkward to pitch friends and family (39%)
  2. Not making as much money as they expected (36%)
  3. Not liking to sell all the time (35%).

#3) No Income Disclosure Statement

Pure Haven does not provide an income disclosure statement showing how much an average consultant earns in a year. Now they don’t have to provide this information.

But it would be nice if they did because it gives you a clear picture of the percentage of consultants that are actually making money. So, the reality is you have no statistical data proving people are making any money.

#4) Lack Of Transparency

The reason I mention this is because nowhere on their website will you find a link to their compensation plan. The only way I found it was by going through the enrollment process. And it’s on that page I found the link to the compensation plan.

#5) You Don’t Own Your Business

When it comes to MLM most people think that they own a business. But you don’t. You don’t own or control 100% of your business. Pure Haven is in control of your business.

If they decide to close down, which the former company did and put thousands of people out of business overnight. There’s nothing you could do if that happened.

And any changes they make to the qualifications when it comes to their compensation plan they can change that at any time. And again, you have no control over that.

One rule of thumb when starting any business. You MUST be in 100% control and ownership of your business!!

So, What Do I Think Of Pure Haven?

So, should you become a Pure Haven consultant? Well, they do have a product line that does appeal to a lot of people. So that’s a good thing.

And they do have a legit home based business opportunity for you. And if you believe in the products and you believe you have the sales and network marketing (recruiting) skills needed to build your business.

And knowing that you are getting involved with an MLM and you need to meet the qualification set out in their compensation plan to earn those bonuses. And you don’t own and control 100% of this business.

If you’re good with all that then by all means go for it.

But if you’re having second thoughts I can tell you from my own experience of getting involved with an MLM. I busted my ass for over a year and made next to nothing.

And like so many before me I became another MLM statistic and I quit. But that’s the best thing that could have happened to me.

Because I did eventually find a way of making a full time income online and that’s as an Affiliate Marketer.

No recruiting, no selling and no having to meet goofy qualifications to earn commissions.

And for me the most important thing is I own and control 100% of my business. I call the shots. I’m not under the thumb of anybody.

Now if want to see how you can build a thriving online affiliate marketing business. My #1 resource that can give you the step by step blueprint, tools, and one-on-one support for building your business would be Wealthy Affiliate.

Now of course I have no idea if affiliate marketing is going to the business model you use to make money online. But I do know by comparing the 2 business models you’ll be in a better position to know which one will work best for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

I believe in you

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