The Prosperity Of Life Scam. But Is It Really?

prosperity of life scam

Lots of people are talking about the Prosperity Of Life Scam. But is it a scam, or just another poorly disguised business opportunity?

Prosperity Of Life is not a scam. It is a pay-to-play 2-up network marketing business. In other words, it’s not the best business opportunity available.

Now I went through the interview process to see what this was all about. And truth be told if I did not have the online experience I have, I can see how a lot of people can get drawn into this business.

So, let me share with you everything I know about this “opportunity” and I leave it up to you to decide if this is something you want to get involved with.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Prosperity Of Life. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my opinion; any recommendations or conclusions are my own, which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

The History Of Prosperity Of Life

Okay, before I get into all the nuts and bolts of this business opportunity that Prosperity Of Life is offering you. Let’s talk about its origins and where it is today.

Prosperity Of Life was founded in 2010 in Scottsdale Arizona by Shane Krider, Greg Strom, and Rachel Krider.

But prior to the start of Prosperity Of Life, Shane started a company called Liberty League International with his business partner Brent Payne.

And in 2009 Brent and Shane decided to part ways. I guess they had different visions for the company, so they thought it best to make the split. And when they split Liberty League was no longer.

As for Rachel, prior to joining Liberty League International, she was with an MLM called Herbalife. Now as for the distributors affiliated with Liberty League, it was a positive turn of events.

Even after the company ceased operations, they smoothly transitioned their distributor roles to Shane’s new venture without the need for another buy-in. So, their prior business standings remained intact.

After parting ways with Brent, Shane collaborated with Rachel and another colleague, Greg Strom. This collaboration gave birth to Prosperity Of Life.

Initially, when Prosperity Of Life was inaugurated, it operated under the banner of Polaris Global Marketing. ‘Polaris’ stands for “Prosperity Of Life and Restoration of Individual Sovereignty”, thus creating the short form, POLARIS.

However, they soon realized that the Polaris name led to mix-ups with a well-known ATV producer, Polaris. Recognizing this, they promptly shifted their branding to Prosperity Of Life.

The name Prosperity Of Life more aptly reflects the corporate identity. While Polaris Global Marketing continues to be a recognized entity, it operates under the name Prosperity Of Life.

What Is Prosperity Of Life?

Okay, you know the history of the company. But what is Prosperity Of Life? What are they offering you?

Prosperity Of Life is a pay-to-play 2-up network marketing business. They will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to build your business to any level you want.

In fact, throughout the sales pitch I went through they have videos of distributors talking about earning monthly figures like $10K, $20K, $50K, or even soaring beyond $100K, all the while putting in just a couple of hours of work in each day.

WOW!! Where have you heard this before? Massive income potential for the average person and getting that money with little effort.

Everything, everyone what’s to hear. I was intrigued but as always once you look behind the curtain, the truth comes out.

What Is Network Marketing?

At its core, network marketing involves a company marketing its products and/or services through a group of independent sales agents, often called distributors.

So, rather than the company shelling out vast sums on advertisements to promote their items directly, these distributors market the items either by tapping into their personal networks, like friends or family, or by investing in ads to get leads.

This business approach lets the company enjoy heftier profit margins, which in turn translates to more substantial rewards and payouts for the distributors.

Why Is Network Marketing So Controversial?

Network marketing or MLM as it’s often referred to has been a subject of controversy and debate for good reason.

Pyramid Structure Concerns

Some people equate network marketing with pyramid schemes, illegal business models where profits are derived primarily from recruiting new members rather than sales of actual products or services.

While not all network marketing companies are pyramid schemes, the structure can be similar, leading to confusion and mistrust.

Overemphasis On Recruitment

Many network marketing companies place a strong emphasis on recruiting new distributors rather than just selling the product or service.

This means that individuals earn more from bringing new people into the scheme than from product sales, which can lead to unsustainable business practices.

Misleading Earnings Claims

Some network marketing companies and their distributors make exaggerated income claims to entice new recruits.

In reality, a significant portion of participants may earn little to no money, and some even lose money once their expenses are accounted for.

High Startup Costs

Some network marketing companies require new distributors to purchase expensive starter kits or maintain a minimum inventory, leading to significant out-of-pocket expenses. If the distributor cannot sell these products, they’re left with unsold stock and a financial loss.

Saturation Issues

Since recruiting is a big part of network marketing, markets can become saturated quickly. This means too many distributors are competing for the same pool of potential buyers within a community, making sales and recruitment difficult.

Product Quality Concerns

Some argue that products sold through network marketing are overpriced and of inconsistent quality, leading to consumer skepticism.

Relationship Strains

Distributors are often encouraged to sell to or recruit from their personal networks, including family and friends. This can strain personal relationships, especially if the individuals feel pressured to buy or join.

Lack Of Training

Not all network marketing companies provide adequate training for their distributors, leading to mismanagement, false claims, and unprofessional behavior that can tarnish the company’s reputation.

Legal And Regulatory Scrutiny

Due to concerns about unethical or illegal practices, network marketing companies often find themselves under the microscope of regulators. This scrutiny adds to the industry’s controversial reputation.

Now It’s worth noting that while there are controversial aspects and disreputable companies within network marketing, there are also legitimate and ethical network marketing companies that offer genuine products and viable business opportunities.

As with any industry, it’s essential to research and understand the specific company and its practices before getting involved.

What Does Prosperity Of Life Sell?

Prosperity of Life sells 5 main products that are associated with personal development training.

In the accompanying images for each product, you will see the selling price as well as your profit if you decide to get involved with this business.

M1 – 17 Day Personal Prosperity System

M1 - Prosperity of Life

The M1 course includes topics covering:

  • Faculties Of The Mind
  • Internal vs. External Reality
  • Collapsing The Field
  • Seeing The Subliminal
  • Love and Gratitude Compass
  • The Sixth Sense Zone

M7 – Beyond Freedom Evolution

M7 - prosperity of life

This course is a 12-month course and expands on what you have learned with the M1 course.

The M7 course includes topics covering:

  • Know For Yourself
  • Departure
  • Decision
  • Action
  • Foundation
  • Sovereignty
  • Influence
  • 6 documentary films

You also get recorded content from the live events Foundation Live 2012, Influence Live 2014, and Sovereignty Live 2021.

M7 – Fast Track

M7 fast track - prosperity of life

The M7 fast track offer is a discount package that includes both the M1 and M7 programs.

M2 – Sovereignty Live

M2 Sovereignty Live

The M2 Sovereignty Live puts together what you need to understand about wealth creation and how to create wealth in your life.

Topics include:

  • History Of Money
  • How Money Is Created
  • Prosperity Consciousness
  • Unlearning The Myths Of The Middle Class
  • Why And How To Take The Leap
  • Making Money Work For You

M3 – Influence Live

M3 - Influence Live

With the M3 – Influence Live virtual events they talk about advanced leadership concepts and ideas.

Topics include:

  • Epi Genetics
  • Vibration, Perceptions, Attraction
  • The Field Of Infinite Potential
  • Change Your Story, Change Your Role
  • Intention And Attention
  • Delineation And Confront

Just a note if you are attending these events live you have to cover your airfare and accommodations.

3-Step Selling System

Okay as I moved through the 5 videos in the business sales presentation. Part one was an introduction, part two was a video talking about the products and the price points and profit which we just covered.

Now in this video which is part three of the business presentation, Rachel and Shane talk about the 3-step selling system.

Step 1 – Place Ads

To attract buyers you will need to place paid ads on platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc.

Now Rachel says even if you have zero experience they will teach you how to place the most effective ads to attract the right buyers.

And this is done through what they call their Gorrila Marketing Series. This is step-by-step video training on how and where to place your ads. Right down to what to say and how to say it.

So with this type of marketing, there is no cold calling or marketing to your friends or family. Interested people come to you.

It’s one of those ads that started this whole sales process I’m talking to you about right now.

Now they do provide free methods of marketing, but with any free marketing, it’s going to take a lot longer for those methods to gain traction compared to paid advertising where you can see results on day one of your ads going live.

Step Two – The Script

With step two what you do is call your prospect and take them through a scripted interview. Here you’re weeding out the tire kickers. In other words on this call, you qualifying or disqualifying your prospect.

Now when I was called I remember that they were very interested in whether I was familiar with self-help and if I had taken any steps towards self-help.

Well I have, I have been a student of Tony Robbins for years. So I know when I said that I would be provided more information about this opportunity.

And of course, I was. I was provided with a link where I could log in a see the presentation. And this is the presentation I’m sharing with you.

prosperity of life

Now if your prospect is just interested in the product you would provide them a link that covers just the products.

So you’re not doing and selling of any kind you’re just qualifying your prospects and then sending them the appropriate links to find out more.

Step Three – The 3-Way Call

Now if you have a prospect who wants to know more and has more questions about the business you then schedule a 3-way Q&A call with a qualified leader within the community.

By doing this you don’t have to answer any questions or try to overcome any objections, this qualified leader does this all for you and collects the decision. And you don’t even have to be on the line.

The Profit Potential

So in this video, they first talk about how you become a qualified M1 director. Only qualified M1 directors can make the $1,828 profit.

M1 qualification

So to become “qualified” you need to have one retail sale. Now you can do that by of course selling an M1 course to someone or becoming your own first customer.

This is what most people do, become their own customer, and it’s also encouraged for you to do that. So you simply purchase your M1 program from the person who introduced this opportunity to you.

But don’t get too excited yet, you’re not in the position to earn money just yet. You have a few more hurdles to overcome before you can earn money.

Remember I mentioned that this is a 2-up network marketing compensation plan?

You now have to refer two qualification sales to your director, that’s the person who introduced you to the business.

So your next two sales (commissions) DO NOT go to you. They go up to your director. Hence the name 2-Up network marketing system.

Now once you’ve completed the qualification process. So one retail sale (usually to yourself) and then 2 other sales. You’re now a fully qualified M1 director. This means 100% of all the profits from all M1 sales after the third sale go to you.

Now the next part of the video they talk about Leverage. So you’ve got a prospect to get involved with the business. Let’s call this prospect MIke.

What is the first thing Mike has to do? He has to get qualified and to do that he has to refer his first two sales to you. Let’s call these prospects Mindy and Joan.

So you’re going earn the commission from Mike and his first two sales. Mindy and Joan

So now Mike is done, all the future profits flow to him. But remember the first two sales from Mindy and Joan?

So if Mindy and Joan want to become qualified directors they each must refer up to you two people each. So Mindy refers two people up to you. Let’s call these people Max and Maureen.

And Max refers two people up to you. Let’s call them John and Jerry. So you will make the $1828 commission on each of these four sales.

So now both Mindy and Joan are fully qualified and they go off and keep building their businesses, each keeping all their future profits.

But you’re left with Max, Maureen, John and Jerry. And in order for these guys to get qualified they each have to refer two people up to you. So as you can see these sales can turn into 8 sales, which can turn into 16 sales, which can turn into 32 sales, and so on.

Now of course this never duplicates like this in the real world, it would be nice but it’s never going to happen.

Now in order to earn commissions on other products you need to buy the product and then follow the same qualification formula.

So if you want to earn M7 commissions you would need to buy the M7 program for $4,590. And then pass up your first two sales of M7 to your director.

This is the pay-to-play part of this program. You can’t earn commissions for other products unless you first buy the product yourself and then get 2 other sales.

Now once you’re qualified to sell a product you’re qualified for life and there are no monthly sales quotas or sales volume to meet. And 100% of the profits come to you.

quailified prosperity of life

If you choose not to be your own first customer you must refer (pass up) a total of 5 sales to your director before you’re qualified.

Ok at this point in the video Rachel shows what would happen if you made two M1 sales every week over the course of 50 weeks, that’s 100 sales. If this happened, you would earn $182,800.

Now she goes on to say that they see 50% of M1 clients will purchase the M7 program, without any additional marketing it’s a natural progression. So if this is true you would earn an additional $183,600.

Now remember you can ONLY earn this additional M7 money if you yourself are qualified at M7. So if you are you would have a total yearly earnings of $366,400.

I just love how they pull these numbers out of the air to get people excited to join.

Then, in the rest of the video, Rachel has current business owners share their testimonials of how wonderful the business is.

Getting Started

Okay, the fifth video is the final sales pitch to get you started with the business. Now you can get started at the M1 level for $2,285. That’s option A.

Option B is to get started with the M7 Fast Track, which will cost you $6,250. You would then be qualified for M1 and M7 commissions.

Shane says either option works it just depends on your financial goals and what you’re able to do.

Of course, they do put more emphasis on joining with the M7 level. No real surprise there.

Either way, you are going to have to invest a good chunk of money to get started in this business.

The Ongoing Monthly Costs

With any business, you’re going to have costs associated with running your business. Here are the associated costs for a Prosperity Of Life business.

Starter Kit/Business Manager

This gives you access to an online portal (back office) where you access the training, the 3-way calling system, etc. The first month is $49.95 and then it’s $39.95 every month thereafter. This is required to operate your business.

Unbounce Builder

This is the web builder you use to create your website. You don’t have to be a website designer because they have a template that you use and you simply place your information in the template and then publish your website.

This is where people are going to end up when they click on the link in your advertising. The monthly cost for this is $49.95.

Directline Plus

This gives you access to all the live streams as well as all the recorded ones. With Directline Plus through the live streams, you can connect and get questions answered from the top income earners in the company. This will cost you $33.00 per month.

Lead Manager

If you’re familiar with an autoresponder, this is their version of that. The leads manager will market to people who are on your mailing list, which is created through the prospects who fill out their contact information to find out about the business. This will cost you $29.95 per month.

So this will cost you $163.00 for the first month and then $153.00 for every month after that.

These are optional, you can pick and choose the ones you want to use. But really $153.00 for these tools per month will make building your business much easier.

NOTE: This does not include the cost of the advertising you need to do to build your business. And this can easily cost hundreds of dollars per month.

So as I said, there are 5 videos in total, and there is a link to what’s called Next Step, that brings you to this page:

Heads up the Next Step link does not work unless you’ve completed video 5.

prosperity of life step two

From this page, you can watch a 13-minute video giving you a tour of the back office and showing you the operating tools available to you for running your business.

All starting with the 8 steps you need to go through to set up and build your business.

prosperity of life back office

You also have a link to a 22-minute video showing you the product portal. And depending on what level you have joined at will depend on what you have in the back office.

Now the lady doing the overview goes into showing you the 17-Day PPS product and how it’s changed her life and her business. She then shows you another product called Quantum State.

Then they give an overview of the Beyond Freedom Evolution Course. Again touting how great the programs are as well as encouraging you to get back to the person who introduced you to the business.

product portal prosperity of life

After that and doing all your due diligence you decide you want to get started there is a Become A Distributor link on the step two page.

When you click the link you will come to this page. And all you do is follow the steps. You can also call the person who introduced you to the business if you prefer. But chances are you’ll be sent to this page to complete things.

prosperity of life join us

What About The Legal Problems?

It seems that Prosperity Of Life has had its share of legal issues. But looking at things a little closer.

Sure there have been issues but nothing to legally suggest that at the time Liberty League International or Prosperity Of Life as it’s known now has done anything illegal.

The only legal finding I found that was resolved in court was the following:

Attorney General Terry Goddard

Office of Attorney General Terry Goddard Settles with Personal Development Marketing Company

Now Prosperity Of Life came from Liberty League International, LLC.

Now at that time, a distributor of the company was tricking customers into spending
substantial amounts of money by promising “sizable commissions” if they helped market three “personal development” products and recruit new participants into the program.

You can’t promise or provide any sort of guarantee to people when promoting a business opportunity. That’s illegal and because of that, the company got into a lot of legal trouble.

So on his own Shane offered a $115,000 settlement to pay for consumer education, attorneys’ fees, and investigation costs. A small amount when you consider his company was valued at over $170 million.


Liberty League Called A $5 Million Scam

Now back in 2004, a class action lawsuit was filed against Shane’s company Liberty League International.

It seems a law firm got 3 ex-distributers to call out Liberty League International as a scam.

But this lawsuit was tossed out of court three times, because of inaccuracies and the incompetence of the law firm.

There was no out-of-court settlement. There was no judgment or fine against the company. 

It’s only the article that gave the headline calling Liberty League International a $5 million scam. You can read that courthouse news article yourself if you like.

Who Is Prosperity Of Life Best For?

If you’re a person who’s into personal development and wants to be taught by Shane how to market the prosperity of life business opportunity and ONLY the prosperity of life business opportunity and you don’t mind spending thousands of dollars to do so. Then this could be the business for you,

Who Is Prosperity Of Life NOT For?

If you’re looking to learn how to build your own online business and learn transferable skills that you can apply to any online business promoting any product or service and not be locked into just one product to market.

Then this is NOT the business opportunity for you.

Also if having to talk to prospects on the phone every day is something that you’re not comfortable doing, again this is probably NOT the best business opportunity for you.

Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam?

No, Prosperity Of Life is not a scam. Prosperity Of Life is a legitimate business opportunity. It’s not a pyramid scheme, and it’s not an MLM. It’s a 2-up network marketing business.

Are There Any Red Flags?

Yes, there are things, red flags if you will that you need to keep in mind when making your decision about Prosperity Of Life.

It’s A Big Investment

You’re going to need to invest at least $2,285 to get started, and that’s not including the monthly costs which is $163.00 for the first month and then $153.00 for every month after that.

And then the additional cost for paid advertising, which can be in the hundreds each month. And despite what you’re told paid advertising is not a guarantee that you will generate qualified leads.

What pisses me off is how people make paid advertising sound so easy and it’s the answer to everything when it comes to traffic and leads online.

It’s not easy, and there is a risk no matter who is teaching you. So remember that. Plus when it comes to paid advertising you have to be in the position to lose whatever money you’re investing into your advertising. Like I said there is no guarantee your ads will convert.

Plus every platform you decide to advertise on has its own set of rules. Facebook advertising is very different than advertising on Google or Bing. And if you don’t follow the rules you can have your advertising account terminated.

Now since I’m not in the business you better hope they have very detailed and up-to-date training when it comes to paid advertising.

Two-Up System

Now after you have invested in the business you still need to make two sales to become fully qualified. And remember you don’t earn commissions from those sales. Those two sales get passed up to the person who got you into the business.

But after that, you will earn 100% of the profits from everyone you get involved in this business. You just have to get past this hurdle. I wonder how many people do?

Pay To Play

The commission is there but ONLY if you have purchased the product. So if you are only at the M1 level and someone comes on board and decides to do that M7 fast track. That’s buying both the M1 and M7 program.

You will get the commission from the M1 product, but you won’t earn the commission from the M7 product because you are not qualified as an M7 director.

Video Testimonials

Why am I mentioning the video testimonials? Simply because every person who did a testimonial came from a background of already earning a good living. You know owning a business or a corporate job.

Where are the average Joes? Where are the people who don’t own a business or have a good-paying corporate job? Where are those success stories?

You Only Have 10 Days For A Refund

10 days to see if this business is going to work for you is not enough time to see if it does.

The reality is that getting this business up and running, paid advertising included will be next to impossible even for the most experienced marketers.

As stated in their cancelation policy: After the last calendar day of the applicable refund period has passed, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. You can read their full cancelation policy here.

You Don’t Own Your Business

Keep in mind you will be using all the assets that are owned by Prosperity Of Life. Everything that you need to run your business you have ZERO control over.

If Prosperity Of Life decides to close down or gets shut down, then you’re out of business and there is nothing you can do about it.

I don’t care what you decide to do to make money from home. The one thing you absolutely need to be is 100% in control and ownership of your business. And with Prosperity Of Life, you’re not.

You NEVER want to have someone else to be in control of you and your business’s destiny.

So Where Does This Leave You?

Well, hopefully, I have provided you with enough information so you can make an informed decision. As for me, if I was looking for a business opportunity I could see how Prosperity Of Life could be enticing.

They make it sound very easy to earn $5, $10, $20, thousand dollars or more per month. And that’s what people want to hear.

Most people are looking for a way to make a ton of money with the least amount of effort. And as long as there are people like this there will be people that will be drawn into opportunities like this.

And when that happens more often than not people soon discover they have made a HUGE mistake. And now they have lost a great deal of money. And more often than not it’s money they could not afford to lose.

Now for me as soon as I saw that this was a 2-up network marketing company, I knew this was a lousy opportunity. How thrilled are you knowing you have to give up your first 2 commissions which by the way add up to $3,656.00 before you can earn ANY money?

And also how much money are you going to spend before you can get those first 2 sales so you can be qualified to make money?

It’s just not a good opportunity. It’s great for the company, but not for most people.

So would I recommend Propertity Of Life as a good business opportunity? No, with everything I found out about the opportunity it’s not something that I could recommend to you or anyone else.

Wrapping Up

Assuming you’ve decided that Prosperity Of Life is not the business for you. May I make a suggestion?

Like so many people I struggled for a long time before I found a way of making money online that was honest and worked for me.

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? Chances are you have. Well, that’s how I’ve been making a full-time income online – as an affiliate marketer.

With affiliate marketing, you can build your business around a hobby or passion of yours. And you own and control 100% of your business.

And unlike Prosperity Of Life you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get started, nor do you ever have to get on the phone to convince people to spend thousands of dollars to get into business.

In fact, you never have to talk to anyone to build your business.

Now if that sounds more up your alley click here and I’ll show you how you can build a very successful affiliate marketing business using the same 4 simple steps that I use.

Ok, that’s it.

Thanks for dropping by. And if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

I believe in you.

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