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Periscope Live Streaming App – Watch For The Scams

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Let me ask you?

How many messages do you get in a week about the latest greatest new shiney object to hit the market? Including the message that if you’re not using it, you’re going to be left behind?

One, three, maybe five or more?

I mention this because now there’s this new app called Periscope. And the messages are everywhere about it.

So now along with Facebook, Podcasting, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogging, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus. I know have to Periscope.

Are you fricking kidding me!!

Tell me when is it ever going to end?

Personally I find most social media a complete waste of time and quite honestly white noise. Useless information from boring people that have nothing better to do.

I think I’ll survive not periscoping. I think I’ll survive not seeing some putz eat sushi live.

But here’s the problem. Here’s where the crap scam products start popping up.

Go into the forums and you’ll find people asking “what’s the best periscope training program?”.

As we speak there are scam artists creating $47 ninja periscoping programs. I bet you’ll see Periscoping For Profits coming out for only $97 and you can upgrade to Periscoping Hacks for only $27 per month.

And on and on, with one bullshit scam product after another all about Periscope. Heads up I’ll probably be doing a review on one of these crap products.

Look if you want to Periscope then sure by all means do so. But you don’t need to get sucked into one of these bullshit scam programs.

Just jump onto Google and do a search and everything you need to know on how to periscope is there for free.

Believe me the information that’s going to be sold in these useless programs is probably the same information you can find spending a few hours doing some research online.

The only difference is these programs will just a add bunch of useless bloated content added to make it look like it’s got vaule.

Oh god the thought just hit me, there will be a bunch of useless WSO programs. (warrior special offers) Code for complete crap scam programs from the warrior forum.

And don’t fall for copywriting that includes things like “secret” – “never before seen” – “one time offer” – “closing down soon”.

It’s all bullshit!! No new shiny object for you!!

Ok, let’s see what the members have for you today.

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This Week’s Questions & Answers

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This question was asked within our Everything WordPress classroom.

Every time (yes – every single time) I have an update to my site, I update whatever needs to be updated. Then, this message pops-up (almost every single time) Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a few minutes.


During the upgrade – theme, plugins, … – WordPress is switched into automatic maintenance mode. It is just a flag in the settings which prevents the page from showing up. That’s it.

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This question was asked within our Website Development classroom.

Is whoisgaurd necessary for online security?


Only benefit is that it stops people spamming you & finding out who the owner of the domain is. . At the end of the day, probably just down to personal preference. I have it enabled on a couple of sites. But most show an abbreviated version of my name & an incomplete address plus a rarely used email address…

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This question was asked in our Email Marketing classroom.

What’s the best plugin for readers to sign up to newsletters?


Use an opt-in list and autoresponder. Offer free information and ask for their email address. The email address is automatically placed in your contact list and the autoresponder sends the info you promised. You can also…

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This Week’s Tips And Updates From Our Members

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