PaysForever Review – A Straight Up Pyramid Scheme -

PaysForever Review – A Straight Up Pyramid Scheme

paysforever Name: Paysforever
Price: $39.00
Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

I’ve received a bunch of emails from readers asking me if I knew anything about a program called Paysforever and is it a scam, and could I do a review about it.

Of course I can.

Before I get into this review let me just mention if you have a program you’re not sure about email me with the details of the program and I can do a review about it for you.

So What Is Paysforever?

Well first off yes I’ve heard of Paysforever and no I would not call it a scam by it is definitely a classic pyramid scheme.

So if your goal is to build a thriving online business this program is NOT the best way to do it.

Let me explain why.

So How Does Paysforever Work?

Like most pyramid schemes your job is to recruit people into the program – no more – no less.

And like most pyramid schemes there is no product. And Paysforever is no different it has no product of any kind.

Again all you do is recruit people.

I will however give the owner(s) of this program credit. They don’t hide the fact there is no product. They flat out tell you your only job is to recruit people.

So all you do is recruit people? Sounds simple enough right?

Yeah no so much – keep reading and I’ll tell you why this is usually never works out for most people.

What’s It Cost And How Do You Make Money?

The total cost for the program is $39. There are no upsells or anything like that. Once in the program for every person you recruit you make $20.

But you don’t make any money on your first recruit because the first $20 commission goes to the person that recruited you.

However every person after that first sale you will make a $20 commission and if anyone of your recruits makes a sale you’ll earn a $20 commission.

And that’s the pay program. Pretty straight forward.

What I Like About Paysforever

Yep believe it or not there are a few things I like about this program. First off it only costs $39 to get involved.

And second they flat out tell you all you have to do is recruit people. Which is refreshing. All be it this is not the best way to build a long term business online at least they are totally upfront with you.

Yeah they do imply that there is the potential for big money and residual sales but it’s not in your face.

Usually there is is some hyped up sales page or over produced video showing cars, boats, and mansions and some putz telling you how much money you can make.

What I Didn’t Like About Paysforever Other than it’s a pyramid scheme which is a BIG enough reason all by itself.

This is not a long term business!!

Think about it. You’re going to have to make sales every day to make money. And I say “you” because you cannot rely on your downline to earn additional commissions for you.

One of the biggest mistakes in business is relying on other people to make money for you.

Sure some people will be all fired up for a while but most people will eventually stop pursuing things, it’s just natural and then others won’t even get started.

But let’s say you’re not going to rely on others and you’ll just hope your downline makes some additional commissions for you.

Meaning you’re going to be doing all the work, which is fine, nothing wrong with that at all.

But let’s do some math shall we.

Let’s say you can make 1 sale per day, which is $20 – which translates into $600 per week – which earns you $7280 per year.

That’s not so bad for a part time income, but that’s if you can make 1 sale per day. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

And what if you want to make this into a full time income? That means you’re going to have to make 5 to 10 sales per day.

That’s even harder to do.

And where are these sales going to come from?

If you’re like most people you’re going to approach your friends and family and reach out using social media to get those first sales rolling in.

Ok now what are you going to do once those prospects die out? How are you going to get more recruits?

You do get a replicated website but there is a HUGE problem with a replicated website.

With everyone having the exact same one page site with no depth or fresh added content as everyone else in the Paysforever program.

Google sees these sites as duplicate content spammy sites. So your site will never see any natural rankings of any kind.

So unless you’re ready to spend money on an aggressive pay per click campaign this means your site will not be found naturally any where near the first page of any of the search engines.

So with no traffic to your site this means no sales. And no sales means no money.

What Training Can You Expect?

Sorry to burst your bubble Paysforever has no real training.

paysforever bonusOh sure they have a so called $1500 bonus pack that’s suppose to help you out.

But these are out of date low quality PLR training materials that can be bought everywhere.

In fact you can buy Network Marketing Monster for $4.97 through JVzoo.

Viral traffic secrets can be found in the Warrior Forum for $9.95 (it may be higher now this was a penny sale) and you can even buy it on Amazon.

And as for the rest they are just more of the same low quality old training guides.

This is a far cry form the $1500 price tag they have claimed these bonuses are worth.

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How’s The Support?

What support.

The only support you’re going to have is from your sponsor.

And there is no guarantee that you’ll have that support. Your sponsor is not required to help you in any way shape or form.

And why should they, as long as you’re making sales he/she is making $20 from all your hard work there is no need for your sponsor to help you.

That sounds fair, right?

My Final Verdict

If your intention is to build a long term solid thriving online business this is certainly not the program to be building your future on.

There is no long term business here. Sure you could fool around with this program and make a few bucks – maybe, but why bother.

And even if you did play around with this program it’s going to take a ton of work to make any real money.

So no I don’t recommend going near this program, it’s a complete waste of your time.

It is far better to focus your energy on building your own thriving online business – not some fly by night pyramid scheme.

Ok, Where To Go From Here?

If you true intention is to build your own thriving online business you need the proper tools, resources, support and the most up to date training.

Not a program that will get you no where and just waste your time.

If you’re serious and are tired of all the scams and bullshit programs take a minute and compair Paysforever to my #1 resource for building a successful online business.

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the Paysforever program? If you do, I would love to hear about it.

Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others! If you found this review helpful and enjoyed it please share it.

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