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Paparazzi Accessories Information

Paparazzi Accessories is another one of those make money from home business opportunities centered around selling their products and presenting people with the opportunity to join you in the same business opportunity you would be involved with if you decide to get into this business.

Now I’m not sure how you heard of Paparazzi Accessories. Maybe a friend introduced you, or you found them on your own. Either way its brought you here today. And that’s a good thing.

Because today I’m going to share with you all the Paparazzi Accessories information I have about this business opportunity.

And I’m sure once you’re done here you’ll have the info you need to decide if this is a business you want to jump on or not.

So, let’s get to it shall we?

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Paparazzi Accessories. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

Ok, A Little History

Paparazzi Accessories which was known as Paparazzi Jewelry is multilevel marketing company that sells inexpensive costume jewelry. Along with that they also offer a homebased business opportunity to anyone who’s interested.

The company was founded in 2010 by couples Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve. With company headquarters in Hurricane, Utah.

The Products

Paparazzi Accessories products

Paparazzi Accessories has a wide range of products that are available in the following categories:

  • Hair accessories
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earring
  • Rings

All of their jewelry costs only $5.00. Other than their Zi Collection of necklaces and matching earrings costing $25.00 each.

You can find the whole Paparazzi Accessories collection here.

Just a heads up Paparazzi Accessories are not the only MLM’s in this market. Companies such a Stella and Dot, and Trades of Hope are selling similar products.

Becoming A Consultant With Paparazzi Accessories

It’s pretty straight forward becoming a consultant.

1) Find a Consultant

If you don’t already have a sponsor finding a sponsor is very easy. Go to the Paparazzi Accessories website and on the join page simply search for a consultant in your area. And you do that by entering your zip code.

Once you have a sponsor it’s on to step 2.

2) Choose Your Starter Kit

You have 3 kits to choose from:

  • Preview Pack: $99.00 – this contains 35 pieces of jewelry. With a retail value of $175.00.
  • Small Home Party Kit: $299.00 – this contains 120 pieces of jewelry. With a retail value of $600.00.
  • Large Home Party Kit: $499.00 – this contains 200 pieces of jewelry. With a retail value of $1000.00.

Once you’ve picked your starter kit it onto step 3.

3) Check Out

Complete the sign up process and start building your business.

Paparazzi Accessories check out

You’ll also receive a replicated website where you can send customers to buy products as well as send people who are interested in joining your organization.

The Compensation Plan – The Making Money Part

Their compensation plan is pretty straightforward.

As with all MLM compensation plans you can make money just retailing the products. You’ll buy products at wholesale and then sell them for the retail price of $5.00.

Except for their Zi Collection of necklaces and matching earrings which sell for $25.00 each. You’re commission ranges between 35% and 45%.

Now, Paparazzi Accessories does not use a dollar value when it comes to commissions earned. Instead, Personal Volume is assigned to all commissionable products.

This value is 2 PV for every $5.00 (retail). Since standard product retails for $5.00 Each has 2 PV. Except their Zi Collection which carries 10 PV.

Ok, moving on.

Show Rebate

If you do a large show and purchase 1000 PV or more in a single order. You’ll receive a 10% show rebate and will be included on that months commissions check.

Business Building Bonus

Each time you enroll a new consultant you’ll earn 15% of the starter purchase. You must be active in order to earn this bonus.

Unilevel Bonus

Their compensation plan is a unilevel compensation plan. Which means everyone you enroll goes under you on one level. And then any of the people you have sponsored enrolls someone they go on your second level. And so on and so on.


You can earn between 5% and 10% of your organizations activities up to 3 levels.

  • A star consultant will earn 5% on level 1.
  • A Director will earn 10% on level 1. And 5% on level 2.
  • A Premier Director will earn 10% on level 1. And 5% on level 2 and 3.

Generation Bonus

Once you reach the rank of Executive Director or higher you can earn additional bonuses up to 3 generations of your organization.

Paparazzi Accessories Generation Bonus

Legacy Bonus

Once you reach the rank of A-Lister or higher you can earn 1% and 2% of the volume generated in your organization up to 3 legacies.

Paparazzi Accessories legacy bonus

Infinity Bonus

As the rank of Luxe Jetsetter, you can earn an additional 5% on the volume generated by your entire team down to and including the next Luxe Jetsetter or higher.

When you reach the rank of Impressionista this bonus increases to 1%. And when you reach Iconic Impressionista you can earn an additional .5% on the volume generated between you and the next Luxe Jetsetter in your organization.

Cash Bonuses

When you get to the top 3 ranks and maintain that rank for 2 consecutive months you will earn a 1 time cash bonus.

  • Luxe Jetsetter – $25,000
  • Impressionista – $50,000
  • Iconic Impressionista – $100,000

Will You Make Money With Paparazzi Accessories?

The question everyone wants the answer to. Are you going to make money? Well sure the opportunity is there. The reality however is no not really.

This would be a good hobby or side hustle at best. But you’re certainly not going to make any significant money doing this. And their own income disclosure statement proves that.

Take a look:

Paparazzi accessories income disclosure statement 2020

If we look at the first 2 ranks Consultant and Start Consultant you’ll see combined that 74.31% of all consultants are averaging a monthly income of $36.28. Not what you can call life changing money.

And even when we go to the next rank which is Director only 18.57% of all directors are only making $186.63 a month on average. And remember these incomes are not taking into account the money these consultants are spending to build their business.

So, it’s very safe to say the people at the Consultant and Start Consultant ranks are definitely losing money every month.

And the directors are making even less than what’s reported here. And as we continue to move up the ranks yes the income does get higher but the percentage of consultants that’s earning that income keeps getting lower and lower to the point of less than 1%.

Taking emotion and whatever sales pitch you’re being fed about this opportunity. This income disclosure statement alone proves this is a terrible business opportunity.

What Are People Saying About Paparazzi Accessories?

Well like any company you have happy campers and then very unhappy campers.

Now when I really want to get a good feel for a company I always head to the Better Business Bureau. There you will find both positive and negative reviews.

Of course, I found both. Some love the company, the products, and the opportunity. It’s the negative ones I look at.

I know people are going to be unhappy with the products, delivery issues, business issues. That’s a given you can’t please everyone.

But that’s not what I’m looking at. I want to see how a company engages with their consultants and customers. Are they jumping in a making a concerted effort to solve the issues people are having.

And guess what? At the time of this review out of the 41 outstanding complaints. Paparazzi Accessories has not answered a single one.

That tells me this company has no interest in engaging with customers or consultants. Probably accounts for their F rating.

Now let me ask you. Do you really want to get involved with a company that is not engaging with their customers and/or consultants to solve problems and challenges?

I know I would never get involved with a company that does not have my back and my best interest in mind.

Paparazzi Accessories complaints

People Can Receive Free Jewelry Just For Hosting Parties

As a host simply find a consultant. Or if you already know one you can receive free jewelry hosting either an in home party or hosting a online party.

Paparazzi Accessories home party

Paparazzi Accessories online party

What I Like

#1) It’s Real

This is a real homebased business opportunity.

#2) Affordable

The product line is very affordable so you shouldn’t have any trouble retailing them.

#3) Established Company

Paparazzi Accessories has been around since 2010. And in the world of MLM companies this is a great achievement since most MLM companies don’t make it past 5 years.

What I Didn’t 

#1) Terrible Earning Potential

Everything is $5.00. Well, except the Zi Collection those are $25.00. But the rest of their product line sells for $5.00. Which you make 35% to 45% commission. So, at the top end you’ll make a whopping $2.25 per sale.

Do you know how much jewelry you’re going to have to sell to make any real money?

Let’s say you want to just make $500 per month. You’re going to have to sell 222 pieces each month.

But let’s not forget the money you’re going to spend building your business. So, you’ll need to sell more to make that $500.

And yes you can earn money from your organization’s activities. But don’t bank on that to happen. Remember the income disclosure statement?

On average only 2.88% of all active consultants are earning $587.00 per month. And that’s at the Premier Director rank.

#2) Must Be A Salesperson

The success of your business relies on your being a great salesperson.

You’ll need to be diverse when it comes to selling these items. From the home parties they suggest, to organizing online events though platforms such as Facebook. To even setting up shop at a fair or flee market. All require you to be and good salesperson and comfortable in front of people.

And for most people this is way out of peoples comfort zone. And this is why most people will fail with this business.

Note: I wrote this during the covid-19 pandemic. So, hosting any type of home party is not a risk anyone should take. But if you’re reading this years after I wrote this and we’ve overcome this pandemic and things are in the rear view mirror disregard this recommendation.

#3) Recruiting

In order to have a shot of making any significant money with this business you’re going to need to recruit people into your organization.

And the recruiting will never stop because you’ll find over 50% of the people you do manage to get into this business will quit within the first year.

#4) Monthly Minimum 

In order to be considered an “Active”. Which means you are eligible for commissions and bonuses.

As a consultant you need to sell 50 PV (personal volume) each month. That translates into 25 piece of jewelry every month. And with over 70% of all active consultants earning less than $24.00 a month. The majority of consultants are losing money every month.

There is also a yearly 200 PV requirement to remain a Paparazzi Consultant. If this is not met your account will be terminated, and your position will be removed from the Commission Tree structure.

Here’s What I Think Of Paparazzi Accessories

Unless you’re comfortable speaking with people, have a natural affinity for sales, and can handle rejection well. Then is not a business you should get involved with.

Ask yourself, do you really like the thought of having to constantly sell to people and constantly have to recruit people into your business in order to make money?

Be honest. If the answer is NO then this and any other MLM business is not for you.

Look, it’s not that this business opportunity is a scam or it’s not viable. It is. But it’s only viable for a small percentage of people. And I’m taking less than 1% of people.

Now if I’m way off the mark here you feel you have the sales and recruiting skills needed to make this business a success. And if you like what you see. Then go for it.

So, what are your options if MLM is not for you?

Well, you have more options than you think. But it also depends on what you’re looking for.

If you just want to make a few extra bucks a month that don’t require any commitment nor offer a passive income you could take online surveys for instance.

You’ll definitely not get rich doing this that’s for sure. But it’s a fun way of making some extra money. You can do that through site like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

However, if you’re looking for a business that can satisfy and even exceed your financial expectations. The I would recommend Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing you can build a wildly successful business around one of your interests, passions, or hobbies. You don’t have to become a salesperson. Nor would you ever have to recruit anyone to build your business.

And the reason why is you’re not joining a MLM company to make money. This will be your business 100%. It’s yours and yours alone. You’re in total control of your business.

You see, with an MLM business you don’t own or control your business. The MLM company does.

And when it comes to affiliate marketing I’m speaking from experience. I’ve been earning full time income as an affiliate marketer since 2005. And there are no limits as to how BIG you can grow your business.

If you would like to learn more about building your own thriving online affiliate marketing business you can do that here.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope this review gave you a better understanding of the Paparazzi Accessories business opportunity.

I believe in you!

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