One Reason You’re Struggling Online

So you’ve put in another marathon session to build your business and you have many more of these marathon sessions to go.

Hey I applaud your dedication – but these marathon sessions can be one of the reasons you’re not getting as far ahead with your business as you want.

Did you know you can actually achieve more by taking more breaks?

Say what?

As an entrepreneur I know what it’s like to where 10 different hats and look at my day and say “There is no way I can get this done”

Or I’m famous for trying to do 5 things at once, and finding I never really get much of any of it done. I’ve gotten much better at not doing that any more. And because I don’t do that any more I’m getting more done.

You Need To Take Regular Breaks 

Along with better planning I now make sure I take regular breaks from working on my business.

And I have to admit it was really hard to do at first, I thought I was wasting time. And even when I managed to pull myself away from my computer – I found myself thinking of what I need to do when I get back to it.

And I really never gave my brain time to recharge. When I came back to my computer I was no more recharged or relaxed.

But now that I take regular breaks and I mean breaks where I don’t think about work and I truly relax and recharge I can’t imagine not taking them.

You Can Increase Productivity

Studies have shown by taking regular breaks throughout the day can improve productivity and mental acuity, reduce fatigue, relieve joint or muscle pain, and increase overall alertness.

A lot of little breaks can go a long way to increasing your performance. Did you know that just a 15 second break every 10 minutes reduces fatigue by 50%?

Schedule Regular Break Time

Like anybody you probably have a list of things you need to get done during the day – just make sure you add your break time to that list. By doing this you’ll find you’ll get more things completed on your daily to do list.

For me I find that I get unproductive after 2 hours of work – so I make sure every 2 hours I take a 30 minute break – and that means I get away from the computer and do something else – and that something else has nothing to do with work.

I can talk the dog for a walk – does both me and the dog good. I can take a nap, tackle things on my houses to do list. Or do that little bit of running around to the store and stuff.

Distractions Are Good

By taking regular breaks you’re distracting your brain from the same hard focused task. It gives your brain time to rest and recharge. And that’s a good thing – a very good thing.

You’ll find after a good break you are more focused and more productive.

If you haven’t taken a break today – do it now – your brain and body will thank you for it. Oh, and make sure you do it again and again everyday.

I’m off to take my break now.

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I believe in you!!

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