Never Worry About A Google Slap Again -

Never Worry About A Google Slap Again

Many people got slapped by Google when they did their updates; and I’m referring to the Panda updates.

If you NEVER want to worry about what Google does there is a very simple solution, stop trying to game them.

And I mean stop using tactics for the short term and start using strategies for the long term.

A short term tactic would be going to fiverr and having some person you have never met and buy 500 backlinks from them. This is the STUPIDEST thing you can do. Sorry one of the stupidest things you can do.

Do you really thing Google is not going to catch on? Of course they are. Yep you may get a quick result, but it’s going to last as long as a snowball on a hot sidewalk and you will pay dearly for it.

Another tactic is creating a 100 mini sites and trying to earn $100 from each of them. And unfortunately this is a pipe dream sales pitch that is still conning people.

Yep they use to work 3 years ago – but now Google hates them and I mean hates them.

Funny story an expert or success (call him what you want) told his list he was going to create 100 adsence sites and make money this way.

A crazy tactic and one he should have kept to himself not only because of its high failure rate but it is not a strategy.

These are just a few tactics that are a waste of time and believe me there are many more. But like I said if you never want to worry about Google and you want to have a powerful long term strategy – your focus should be on one authority site.

And yes I said one – get one going and making money before you think of creating another one – that’s even if you want to or have to. Do this the right way and this one authority site can be your golden goose for a full time income.

Google absolutely LOVES authority sites.


Content that’s why.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve have probably noticed that in the last few years Google has shifted its focus and rewarding authority sites. Panda and other resent updates have played big roles in that shift. And this is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

So what does it mean to have an authority site?

1) Your content. You know that Google loves content – but just not any old content.

You want to create engaging and informative content that your reader wants to absorb. And don’t worry about the length; in fact the longer your content pieces are – the better.

Say what you need to say and do it well and make it thought provoking.

Google sees this, and you’ll be rewarded. But just not by Google you’ll be rewared by creating a devoted following of readers and also gleening even more readers.

Also having content rich posts allows you to include your long tail keywords as well as providing the opportunity for cross linking – meaning you can link to even more content within your site.

2) Be like a rabbit and produce content all the time. If you’re not producing content on a regular basis two things are happening.

It’s telling Google and your readers you really don’t have much to say or contribute. Your reader wants information, they crave it so your job is to provide it.

In the beginning you should be posting at least 3 times a week – get your content out there. If can keep posting at that rate do so, but never stop – you can post just once a week and you’ll be fine.

3) Get your content out there, so this means use other channels. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. Turn your content into Videos – no matter what you choose – as Nike says – just do it.

4) Use other traffic sources. Don’t just rely on one traffic source, the more the merrier. Comment on other blogs relevant to yours. And don’t just comment “That was a good post, or great content”.

That will guarantee that your comment will never be accepted. Add value, ask questions but don’t be a lazy marketer like 90% of the people out there.

Use article marketing, try PPC, advertise on other blogs, Facebook advertising – don’t limit yourself.

5) Go where your target market is. And where is that?

That would be forums.

There are forums for every single niche out there. Find 2 or 3 of the best forums and get in there.

But remember you are NOT there to pitch or sell, you’re there to help – honestly expect nothing in return. And make sure you help more than everyone else. Create a eye catching signature link and then go to town.

But don’t limit yourself to just forums; there are live events you can attend – be a guest speaker on a webinar – podcasts – guest article writer. Go where your audience is.

The point to this is to stop using temporary tactics – this is the sure fire method to failure.

Start using long term strategies – and the simplest and most beneficial strategy is becoming an authority with your site. Yes it’s going to take time – but the rewards will be greater and for a lifetime.

I would rather use a long term strategy then use short term tactics and keep starting from scratch every few weeks or months and be losing sleep over the next Google update wondering where my site is going to end up after being bitch slapped – AGAIN!! – thanks but no thanks.

By focusing on an authority site you will never have to worry about the next Google update.


Because you’re playing by the rules and you’re giving your readers and Google what it wants. Which is top quality, engaging and relevant content.

Think about it – isn’t that what you want from the sites you subscribe too?

I believe in you!

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