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My Unfair Advantage Review – Good? Yes And No

unfair advantage Product Name: My Unfair Advantage
Price: $497 Per Year – Plus One BIG Upsell
Owners: Omar and Melinda Martin
Ranking: 4 Out Of 10

If you happen to stumble across the sales page over at My Unfair Advantage, then you’ve already seen its claims to be able to help you create a six-figure per year online business.

Does it really follow through with these claims? Is the training that you can receive within the members’ area of quality?

These are the questions that this review will answer below.

So What Is My Unfair Advantage?

My Unfair Advantage is an Internet marketing training course that is designed to be delivered inside of the members’ area. This course was created by Internet marketing millionaire Omar Martin with help from his wife Melinda Martin.

It’s delivered in the form of a membership that will cost you $497 per year. Is it really worth that much money?

Well, yes and no.

As you read on below you can begin to understand exactly why I was a little bit torn when I was reviewing this product.

Who Is My Unfair Advantage For?

My Unfair Advantage is supposed to be a product that can help teach Internet marketers of all experience levels how to be successful with their online businesses.

If you’re a beginner, it’s supposed to take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step from the very beginning all the way through to getting your business to succeed as much as you want.

If you’re a more advanced marketer, they’re supposed to be various tips and tricks within the program designed to help you take your business to a whole new level.

There are some areas within the training that the product truly does deliver what it promises, but there are also a lot of areas that it simply falls short on delivering what is claimed.

How Do Things Work?

This product works by providing you with various text, video, and audio courses as well as a community designed to help you succeed with your online efforts.


What’s The Price?

This is one of the first things that I had a big issue with. Yes, the price tag of $497 per year is very reasonable when you break down all of the time that Omar Melinda have spent creating this training course.

The reason that I have an issue with the price is that there is no way to try the program out without signing up for a full year. Yes, there is a 30 day refund policy, but quite often it can be difficult to obtain refunds from products such as this one.

This is insane that it will be difficult for you to obtain a refund from My Unfair Advantage, it’s just that I have found in the past with other products of this nature getting your money back from products can be difficult.

I would feel a lot better about the price point of this product,Ii there was some way to try out the system prior to agreeing to pay $500 to take it on a test drive.

Are There Any Upsells?

This was the other big issue that I had with this product. When you pay $497 a year for a membership area, you expect to get all the tools and training necessary in order for you to be able to succeed.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Once you sign up, you’re presented with the opportunity to spend $1000 a year in order to become a “Mastermind Advantage” member.

While there are quite a few supposed benefits to this membership, I feel that it is a bit ridiculous to have to shell out an additional $1000 a year in order to have all of the training and tools that this product has to offer.

In comparison when you join the wealthy affiliate, you get everything you need to build a thriving online business. Hosting, websites, tools, resources, support and up to date training.

And it’s absolutely FREE to join.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

unfair-trainingThere’s actually quite a bit of training contained within the product. It is very well organized, and offers quite a bit of information where Internet marketing is concerned.

There are also areas within the training program that will teach you how to write e-books as well as market them, and also techniques designed to help you get more traffic to your sites quicker.

There’s some training within the members area that I simply do not agree with.

For example, there’s quite a bit of emphasis placed on using PLR content in order to get more content online. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of emphasis placed on exactly how you should be using this PLR content the correct way.

If you’re going to use PLR content in order to create material for your own sites, it’s important that you completely rewrite it so that you are able to provide unique quality content to your visitors.

I don’t believe that this topic is covered in enough detail within the members’ area. In fact it’s better to just write your own content from scratch and avoid PLR content all together.

How’s The Support?

The support is actually pretty impressive, especially for those who upgrade their memberships.

With the ability to be able to contact Omar directly, as well as the ability to contact someone on his support team, you can rest assured that you will receive support pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, it all becomes a waiting game as you never know how long it’s going to take for someone to be able to get back in touch with you.

checkmarkWhat I Liked About My Unfair Advantage

There were actually quite a few things that I did like including:

  • Impressive Amount of Organized Training – Omar and Melinda have put in quite a bit of time as far as creating the product.
  • Weekly Live Training Courses – There are weekly live training courses designed to help you further advance your business with the latest up-to-date information available online.
  • Supportive Community – Omar and Melinda do offer a lot of support themselves, but the community inside of My Unfair Advantage also supports one another.

What I Didn’t Like

While there were several things that I did like about this product, there were also several that I did not like including:

  • The Price Tag – This product is a bit expensive since you have to pay for a yearly membership at the price tag of $497 per year. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of people in a situation where they are simply unable to afford to join.
  • The Upsell – Once again, if you are joining a membership area with such a high price tag, then you should have access to everything that it has to offer rather than having to pay an additional $1000 a year in order to get the full package.
  • Lack Of Live Support – While the support within My Unfair Advantage is very impressive, unfortunately they do not have a live support system like some of their competitors, such as the wealthy affiliate which has 24/7/365 live chat support.
  • A Few Outdated Training Modules – Most of the material offered with this product is very up-to-date and as previously mentioned, there are weekly live training sessions. With that said, there is also several training modules that are very out of date.

Let’s Compare This Program To The Wealthy Affiliate

my opinionMy Final Opinion

As previously mentioned, I was a bit torn when it came to this product.

While the training and tools offered within it are good. The fact that it’s at such a high price point as well as the fact that there is an upsell associated with it in order to gain full access really turns me off.

While I do feel that this product offers value to me it’s not just not worth the price tag. And not having the opportunity to test drive the product, or offer other payment options like monthly fee is another downside.


wealthy affiliate


I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about my unfair advantage?

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make a decision whether or not to spend the money on this program.

And if you did find his review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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