My Top Affiliate Marketing Program

my top affiliate program

I’ve been making a fulltime income online as an affiliate marketer as of 2005.

And I get asked all the time what would I say is my top affiliate marketing program that I’m promoting right now?

So, since this is a recurring question, I thought it would just be easier to write a post and share with you my top affiliate marketing program.

And that’s Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I want to tell you why I am so passionate about promoting Wealthy Affiliate. It’s because wealthy affiliate does give people the tools and training, they need to turn any hobby or passion into an online income.

Weather that be a business that’s just a side gig to earn some extra cash. Or if the persons goal is to create a full time online income.

Also, this is the same community that has helped me grow and build my affiliate marketing business into a multiple 6-figure a year income.

So, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I’m associated with the best company and the best program (community) that can truly help people achieve their online financial goals.

Ok, let me go over their affiliate program.

A 50% Recurring Commission Structure

All of the affiliate programs I promote have a recurring commission structure.

Meaning you get paid over and over again every month. This is how you build a residual income.

With this affiliate program there are two levels of affiliation. There is a free membership affiliation and then a paid membership affiliation.

To begin promoting wealthy affiliate you first need to sign up with wealthy affiliate. It’s free to join as a member with an upgrade option to a premium member.

Now the money you’re going to be earning as an affiliate comes form people that you have referred to wealthyaffiliate who decide to upgrade to the premium membership.

Let me explain the membership costs so you’ll have a clearer understanding of the commissions available to you as a free member.

If someone decides to upgrade to a premium membership the first month as a premium member comes at a discount and that’s $19.00.

As a free member your commission for that discount month is $4. If your referral decides to stay as a premium member the membership is $49.00 for each month they decide to stay a premium member and you’ll receive a recurring commission $11.75 per month.

Referrals also have the option of purchasing a yearly membership, and for that as a free member promoting wealthy affiliate you would earn $117.50 for each yearly sale.

Now if you want to earn even more money you have the option of upgrading to a premium member yourself.

And in doing so not only do you have complete access to what wealthy affiliate has to offer. And if you’re not sure of everything they have to offer I’ll be covering that in a moment.

Now when a referral upgrades from a free membership I (you) receive $8 for the first month membership. And a recurring commission of $23.50 per month or $235 for each yearly sale.

These commissions are HUGE and add up to a BIG monthly income, which you can keep growing and growing!!

Let’s do some easy math:

  • 50 referrals is a $1175.00 recurring income per month
  • 100 referrals is a $2350.00 recurring income per month
  • 200 referrals is a $4700 recurring income per month
  • 300 referrals is a $7050 recurring income per month

And the skies the limit!!

Compare that to one of the more popular affiliate programs – Amazon. Which by the way as of April 21, 2020 they have reduced their commissions even more to Amazon Associates to a commission structure between 4% and 10%.

That means if you were promoting a product that was of the same value $49. You would earn a whopping $4.90 per sale if you earned an 10% commission.

And that would be for a one time sale not a recurring income. That’s pretty sad if you ask me. And most associates make on average a 3% commission.

Honestly, I never understood why people spend so much time promoting Amazon products or other products for that matter for such a small return for their time and effort.

As an affiliate marketer you need to work smart not hard.

Active Affiliate Managers

kyle and carson When you’re promoting any affiliate program you need to have affiliate managers that are there for you.

So having access to your affiliate manager(s) is crucial.

Well these guys (Kyle and Carson) are some of the best guys I have ever worked with.

They’re goal is to see you succeed and to make sure that happens you have several channels you can use to get in touch with them.

As a premium member you can contact them through Live Chat, Private Messaging, Blog Posts, The Affiliate Classroom, Personal Profiles and more.

You have access to two of the most successful online entrepreneurs on the planet.

Remember they have a vested interest in your success. When you make money they make money.

I have worked with many affiliate managers and some where the most useless people I’ve ever had to deal with. And because of that I have left those affiliate programs.

Building a business online has enough challenges I don’t need to be working with some idiot affiliate manager to make things harder for me, and neither should you.

Kyle and Carson are the best affiliate managers I have worked with – these guys are honest and reliable. And they do everything they can to make sure you’re successful with their affiliate program, your business.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The wealthy affiliate is a community. And the focus is on providing people all the training, tools, resources and one-on-one support so anyone can build a very successful online business around your hobby or passion.

Along with that training and all the resources. Kyle and Carson have created the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp specifically designed for teaching you the most effective ways of promoting wealthy affiliate.

You’re going to learn how to engage with your visitors, help them and then successfully convert them into happy wealthy affiliate members.

This bootcamp consists of 7 training levels. Each level consists of 10 lessons for a total of 70 lessons.

The first level bootcamp training course is absolutely free for everyone to take. If you want access to the rest of the bootcamp training you would or any referral would need to upgrade to a premium membership. But it’s so worth it.

Not only for the training and all the resources that are avialable as a premium member, but your commission are higher.

I also want to mention to fully understand what wealthy affiliate has to offer you. Not only as an affiliate but for someone who wants to build a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

You should after you’re done here read my complete review of wealthy affiliate. And you can do that by clicking here.

affiliate bootcamp

Your Affiliate Dashboard

affiliate dashboard

Here you have complete control over your affiliate campaign as well as all the data you need to see how well your campaign is doing.

Let me explain each link found in your affiliate dashboard.


This is an overview of the affiliate program outlining the commission structure your affiliate link and other affiliate information.


Here you wil recieve notifications whenever your refferals are active within wealthy affiliate. Such asking a question, posting goals or sending you a private message (PM is a premium feature)


Just like the name implies here is where you’ll find the statistics of your affiliate campaign(s).

From a yearly view down to the week you can see the Clicks, Referrals and Sales you’ve made. Including the amount of your next paycheck.

The wealthy affiliate pays out your commission on the first of every month through PayPal.


Here you can see your referrals, when they became a member (free or premium) as well as have a link to their profile.


In addition to the messages that are sent out by Kyle and Carson. You can create your own automatic follow up messages for your referrals.

Once someone joins the wealthy affiliate you can greet them with a welcome message. As well as a few other follow up messages.

When your referral upgrades to a premium membership your referral will receive a new welcome message from you that you have created. And you’ll also have access to more followup messages that you can create.

All of these messages are preset for when they are delivered – and cannot be used to bombard or solicit your referrals for other things.


This is a link to the BootCamp Training.

Links and Tracking

In this area you’ll find your 3 main affiliate links.

  1. Your Main Affiliate Link
  2. Your Premium Page Link
  3. Your Create Account Page link

You also have the ability to create custom sign up pages. You can use an image on your custom sign up page or you can use a video if you want.

You can then track each custom sign up page you have within your affiliate dashboard to see how well they are converting.

I have many different custom sign up pages that I use. Here’s one of my custom homepages. My custom sign up page

You can also create comparison tracking to any wealthy affiliate link. Comparison tables allow you to compare Wealthy Affiliate to other programs or services.

And if you’re doing any pay per click marketing you can set up conversion tracking for those campaigns.

Part of the appeal of the wealthy affiliate is that everyone can become a member for free. And part of that free membership includes 1 free website and free hosting for that site. The website is built by members using the free website builder called Site Rubix.

And a great marketing strategy is to promote the free membership that includes the free website, the free hosting, the free web builder, along with the training and support offered by the wealthy affiliate.

So, within the tracking area you can create tracking ID for the Site Rubix free website builder. You can then place that code on your site and people will see the SiteRubix plugin that will allow them to choose a SiteRubix domain to build their free website. Here’s what it looks like.


This is pretty self explanatory – in this section where you have all sorts of banners and images you can use as part of your marketing campaign.


One other great aspect of marketing the wealthy affiliate is that everything within the wealthy affiliate can be used as part of your marketing campaign.

So lets say you wanted to share one of my many training videos. Well you can.

Everything in the wealthy affiliate will have an affiliate link associated to it. And this affiliate link has your affiliate ID in it.

sharing wa content

So if you decided to share my training video with your audience, people could watch my training video, and you would get the referral credit if the person decides to join the wealthy affiliate.

Here’s how that works.

Once on the page that has my training video (or anything you’ve shared) if they try to navigate to other parts of the community they would be presented with a popup sign up page telling them to be able to move about the community they can join the wealthy affiliate for free.

You can create a lot of referrals just by sharing the information inside the wealthy affiliate.

Las Vegas Incentive Program

If you have 300 premium referrals within a calendar year you’ll receive all an expense paid trip to Las Vegas to hang out with Kyle and Carson and other winners.

Here is what is included when you reach the “300” Vegas Incentive.

  • Flight Expenses Paid (up to $600)
  • Hotel Accommodations Fully Paid
  • Awesome WA Swag Package (high end goodies)
  • 3 Day Interactive Super Affiliate Conference
  • Meet With Other Uber Successful Super Affiliates
  • 2 hour Private Meeting with Kyle & Carson
  • A Spectacular Vegas Show
  • Drinks, Fun, & Maybe Even a Little Gambling 🙂

The Marketing Potential Is HUGE!!

You hear this all the time.

“The making money niche is too competitive”

It is to people that don’t have the training available to them that the wealthy affiliate offers it’s affiliates. And in reality NO niche is too competitive.

There is a huge market of people that the wealthy affiliate appeals to. Below is part a list of just some of the people the wealthy affiliate appeals to.

It’s from one of the training modules – Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate If you want to see the complete list just click the link.

Remember I just talked about sharing content from wealthy affiliate to increase referrals? That link above to the target audiences is my affiliate link.

So, when you click on it you will see that content but if you try to navigate to other parts of the members area that popup will appear.

Go ahead and click the link and then try to navigate to somewhere else and you’ll see the popup.

And there’s a lot more to this list!!

Let’s Sum Things Up

Ok if you’ve come this far let’s me go over the pro’s and con’s of this program.


  • 25% commission for free members ($4, $11.25 (monthly) or $117.50 yearly)
  • 50% commission for premium members ($8, $23.50 (monthly) $235.00 yearly)
  • Recurring commissions (residual income)
  • Extensive training
  • Involved and helpful affiliate managers
  • Several avenues of support including 24/7Live Chat
  • Huge markets to promote to
  • Trusted and established brand
  • Unlimited growth
  • Create a business you could pass down to your children
  • One-On-One support from me!


  • You have to be a premium member to earn the higher recurring commission.

Well that’s it.

I hope I answered your question as to why the wealthy affiliate is my top affiliate marketing program to promote. And will be for the rest of the time that I’m an affiliate marketer. So basically forever.

No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert affiliate marketer I truly believe you’ll find it to be not only one of the best affiliate marketing programs online. But the best resource for anyone wanting to turn their hobby or passion into an online income.

create a free wa account

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can Chat Live with me one-on-one inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!!

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  1. H i Leo good Post BUT still feel WA is gear for people in USA all i saw at WA was young souls being Competative i feel you are not like that But a lot are i finish by saying thank you for help when i was at WA because you did want to help also like the way you have your website Netwiseprofits set up Thanks again …..Cheers kevin

    • Hi Kevin,

      The WA does have mostly US and Canadian members but their affiliate program like most affiliate programs can be marketed to anyone anywhere in the world.

      That’s the beauty of this program it makes no difference where you live – as you can market to anyone – anywhere.

      And as for competition – you will find that in any market. You simply have to find your own voice. Meaning tell your story, and by doing that you will connect with the people you are suppose to connect with who have the same or similar story.

      Thanks for your comment and thank you for the kind words. And as always anytime you need a hand feel free to give me a buzz


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