My Online Business Empire Review – Another Big Time Scam? -

My Online Business Empire Review – Another Big Time Scam?

Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE) Website:
Price: $49 + 19 mth + Tons Of Upsells
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10

What’s MOBE All About?

My Online Business Empire has to be one of the bigger opportunities – WAIT!! – sorry – this is not an opportunity of any kind, unless you enjoy throwing your money away and sucking people into doing the same – then it’s perfect.

I mean my online business opportunity is another MLM pyramid scheme and let me explain exactly why I say that.

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • You can earn large commissions and you’re NOT interested in building a real online business and all you care about is money. And you enjoy being associated with an unethical company. Then this is perfect for you.

The Cons

  • Tons of up sells and down sells
  • Very poor customer support (if any)
  • No training on how to build a real online business
  • You have to pay an application fee just to see the program
  • Over priced low grade products
  • Is an MLM ponzie scheme
  • Have to buy their product in order sell their products

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Is My Online Business Empire A Ponzi Scheme? I’ll Let You Decide

All you’re doing with MOBE is introducing MOBE to other people so that they can sell MOBE to other people.

Unlike what the name implies you are NOT building an internet empire. You’re doing nothing of the kind – all you’re doing is recruiting people.

And to get the “privilege” of introducing MOBE and it’s products to others you need to by the products before you can sell the products. And they tell you it’s ONLY $49 – yeah right. Keep reading and see how much MOBE is REALLY going to cost you.

MOBE sounds a lot like another pyramid scam – Empower Network, and the reason it does – is because it is.

No where in their training are you being taught how to build your own thriving online business from the foundation up in a niche that you have a passion for.

You’re just told to buy more stuff so you can suck people into the my online business empire system.

This business has NOTHING to do with helping people, it’s just here to take peoples money – no more no less!!

I Hope You Like Up Sells. The Real Price Of MOBE

So you think all you have to pay is $49 to start with MOBE? Nope that’s just the start. This $49 just gets people hooked, because if people saw what they really had to pay nobody would join.

Like most MLM schemes you HAVE to buy the products before you can sell the products.

So the first thing you’re hit with is the $1997 MOBE License Rights (Full Program).

To be part of Matts 21 day top tier business you’ll have to cough up $1997 and if you can’t pay this in one lump sum, you can divide the payments into four equal payments of $597.

Now have the full rights to promote Matts garbage to people. Oh but you do get some low quality training with this bloated licensing price.

  • MOBE Licensee Course
  • My Online Business Empire (8 hours)
  • Funded Proposal (17 hours of training)
  • Affiliate Bonus (11 hours of training)
  • OPT formula (14 hours of training)

Like I mentioned earlier, in order for you to sell this stuff to people you need to buy the same garbage you’re going to be selling. And with this you’ll earn a 90% commission.

  • $97 per month- The Private Inner circle
  • $97 per month- MOBE elite earners
  • $97 per month- Done for you emails
  • $194- My Email Marketing Empire
  • $194- OPT Formula (Outsourcing Formula)
  • $291- Affiliate Bonus Domination
  • $194- Funded proposal

Oh and that’s not it, Matt has a lot more garbage for you to sell. So here’s more overpriced low quality training material. And with these you’ll earn a 50% commission.

  • $1997-10,000 Leads in only 100 days
  • $997- Online Income Revolution
  • $997- The 90 day challenge
  • $997- Six Figure Coaching secrets
  • $997- Add The Nitrous
  • $4997- Diamond Coaching Program
  • $8997- Titanium Mastermind

So when all is said and done if you’ve invested into everything he has to offer and believe me you’re encouraged to do so.

You’ll be spending $310 per month – plus you would have shelled out a whopping $23,855.95 in one time payments.

That’s a huge amount of money. So you could either put a huge down payment on a beautiful home – or throw it away on one of the biggest scams online.

I know which one I would choose and my house would have a pool too.

Not exactly the bargain business opportunity you were told at the beginning of the sales pitch. But hey this is typical of ALL MLM ponzi schemes.

And again what are you doing?

You’re just selling the same crap you just bought to someone else so they can do the same thing over and over again.

That is NOT building a business!!

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Does Matt Offer Support?

With the amount of money people are investing into his program you would think he would have the best of the best for support.

But there is nothing of the kind.

Matt has decided to create a facebook group instead. Just one more layer for him to hide behind in my opinion.

How sad is that. With all the money this guy is raking in – he won’t even invest in a real support system, he would rather use a free social network.

You may find him there from time to time, but in reality you have the blind leading the blind.

And if facebook does not work for you, you can send in a support ticket and someone will get back to you within 36 hours. Not much of a support system if you ask me.

This is a real BIG red flag for me and it should be for you.

I’m part of a true community that shows you how to build your own online business – and we have 24/7 365 live chat support. Now that’s support!!

So if you’re looking for same type of support 24/7 one on one support we have access too you’re going to be very disappointed with MOBE.

My Final Thoughts On MOBE

Let’s call a spade a spade – this is nothing more than a MLM ponzi scheme. You have to buy the product in order to sell the product, and the more you buy the more you can sell.

And it’s just another one of a ton of programs feeding off the desire of people wanting to make money online. Offering no value what so ever to the people they suck into their scam.

Alarm bells should be going off in your head right now, listen to these alarms!!

Maybe you’re here because someone is promoting MOBE to you, and the ONLY reason and I mean ONLY reason they are is because that’s all the program is set up to do.

Promote the opportunity to others – this way you can recoup what you spent and hopefully make a 90% or 50% commission and at the same time your sucking another victim into this ponzi scheme.

You’re not getting any REAL training on how to build you own real thriving online business – and I mean one you can be proud of. You’re just getting sold a bunch of pre-packaged garbage to distract you to what’s really going on.

Don’t be MOBE’s next victim. I’m not sure where you are right now in your online business journey but this is NOT the path you want to take if you’re looking to build a real thriving online business.

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My Final Over View

Name: My Online Business Empire
Website url:
Price: $49 – plus tons of upsells
Owners: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10
Verdict: TOTAL SCAM! No value, ponzie-like scheme,

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