My Mobile Monopoly Review – Scam Yes Or No?

Name: Mobile Monopoly 2.0
Price: $49 – plus Upsells/Downsells
Owners: Adam Horwitz
Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

Ok What Is Mobile Monopoly 2.0?

The mobile market is huge and it is growing everyday. More and more people are using smart phones and tablets then traditional desktop computers.

And to market to these users you need the right marketing approach and the right tools.

Mobile monopoly is designed to help business owners to market their products/services though mobile devices.

And claims they have “cracked” the code to this market.

Other than cracking open your bank account. I’m not so sure about this program.

In this review I’m going to go over MM 2.0 and outline exactly who this program is for.

The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Monopoly

The Pros

  • They have a good amount of videos on many different topics
  • It has that live feel – like with an over the shoulder training
  • The program covers more advanced marketing techniques

The Cons

  • Way too many upsells and downsells during the sign up process
  • It’s much better if you have your own product to market to this demographic
  • Not the best program if you’re just starting out online
  • The videos have a lot of overlap (redundancy)
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Ok So Who Is Mobile Monopoly 2.0 For?

Well first off mobile monopoly is not for the beginner. It is better for those who have more experience with internet marketing.

Much of the training assumes you have the requisite knowledge. So if you have no idea what the terms PPC, CPA, Affiliate Marketing or Instagram you’re going to feel a bit lost and even feel over your head.

Also you will want to have some sort of advertising budget. A lot of the training is centered around paid advertising.

Advertising programs like AdMob requires a minimum $50 deposit for ads. And like any paid advertising there is risk to your money – paid advertising does work but there is no guarantees on your investment.

So keep that in mind.

Any Tools Any Training?

As soon as you join mobile monopoly you have instant access to 9 different sections.

Which includes:

  • Quick Start
  • Free Traffic
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Paid Search
  • Email Profits
  • Pay Per Call
  • Go Local
  • Create Apps
  • Software

In total this sections include over 90 training videos including PDF downloads.

There is also live training available. However since the launch of this program the live training has become less and less almost to the point of none taking place at all.

Members also have access to software and tools that allows you to create squeeze pages and combine webinars with real time.

But Are You Getting Everything You Need? 

Unlike my top ranked product you don’t get everything. the $49 monthly membership give you access to the core of mobile monopoly but to get the meat of the program.

Well that’s going to cost you $67 per month.

Not very cool if you ask me. It should be one price for everything.

How’s The Support?

As a member you have your own dashboard. And from this dashboard you have access to your account including support.

The support system is a ticket based system so you don’t have direct access to Adam.

And since this program had a very time in the spotlight. It has since fizzled out. Don’t expect a quick response time to any support as it has now been sourced out.

And don’t expect a response from Adam himself.

So What’s The Real Cost?

The basic membership is $49 per month, but during the sign up process you’ll find an upsell of a $67 per month membership and this is just the start of the upsells.

These other upsells range in price.

I don’t like the bait and switch style of marketing – to me it screams scam.

Just sell the product for one price, don’t suck me in for a low price and then tell me if I want all the goodies I have to pay more.

And since most of the marketing is centered around paid techniques you’re going to need a budget.

And for things like PPC and Mobile advertising you’re looking at about $500.

A far cry for just $47 per month.

My Final Thoughts About Mobile Monopoly 2.0

The training is quite good and anyone that can afford to have an advertising budget and follows the training could find success with this program.

The thing that bugged me the most was all the upsells and downsells. I don’t like that at all – it’s very scammy.

Plus not telling people that they are going to need an advertising budget to use most of the techniques in the members area – not cool.

This should be explained in the promo video, not after someone has paid the entry level membership fee. Classic bait and switch. Again not cool.

Oh and don’t get sucked in by any other people promoting this program claiming HUGE profits in their first week of using the program.

These people just want you to buy the program through their affiliate link. So take what they say with a grain of salt.

Mobile Monopoly At A Glance…

Name: Mobile Monopoly 2.0
Price: $49 – plus Upsells/Downsells
Owners: Adam Horwitz
Overall Rating: 3 out of 10
Verdict: LEGIT – but on the lower end. Plus too many upsells and downsells, plus you need a good advertising budget.

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