My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review -

My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Price: $37 per month + upsells
Training: Basic to Advanced
Owner: Anthony Trister
Star Rating: (1 1/2 out of 5)

The Product

Coffee shop millionaire is a program designed to teach the basics of internet marketing. The name itself gives many people the unreal expectation of what it takes to earn a million dollars online.

By simply sitting in a coffee shop you can watch all that money roll in. The program was created by Anthony Trister who by all accounts is a great salesman.

But a great salesman does not always equal a great product. Read my review below for full details.

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • There is a low investment to get started with the program
  • It is a Click Bank Product so you can get a refund very easily

The Cons

  • Many “unseen” or additional expenses that must be paid each month
  • Many complaints filed about this company
  • Not realistic in their claims – becoming a millionaire online is difficult for even the veteran online marketer
  • No support or mentoring offered to members
  • The training has not been kept up to date with the constant changes of the Internet
  • All positive reviews online are a result of a GURU launch
  • Lots of annoying and constant pay me more upsells!!
Who Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

The way this program is being marketed is the shot gun approach – so they say it’s for everyone. The training modules assume that you have internet experience – something they fail to mention.

So if you’re completely new to internet marketing you’re going to have a real hard time even starting.

You can review each training module to better understand things if you don’t get it the first time around, but with the lack of support this still makes things very difficult for most people.

What’s Included in the Tools and Training

There are 12 static training modules. And I say static because this training is not updated to the current and ever changing marketing methods of the Internet.

Each video is no longer than 70 minutes, and there is a lot of telling you what to do, but not much of showing you what to do.

The overall training tells you to outsource the work to places like Odesk and such. Things are very vague and a lot is left out so if you don’t have experience doing this you’re going to have a hard time succeeding.

They also say they will give you a “Cheat Sheet” outlining the system so you can make $21,000 in 21 days without a list and without a product. That alone should tell you the quality of the program.

Anyone with online marketing experience will tell you that is not realistic for any new comer to online marketing.

Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Offer Support?

They do have a customer support phone and email options available to all members.

You’ll be very lucky to get a response from their email support system or a call back.

They also have a facebook page. I have monitored their facebook page and I’ve seen even the most basic questions go unanswered for days at a time.

So I’m saying the support is little to none! Not what you want to have when you’re just staring out as an internet marketer.

The Price

The standard price is $37 per month plus support, which I have mentioned is pretty much non-existent.

Right off the bat you will be asked to upgrade to the “Six Figure Success Club” for an additional $297. This is a very old tactic used by many online “gurus”.

They get you to come in at a very low price and then they hit you with the “If you really want to succeed program” for more money. Slizzy tactic.

You haven’t even become a member yet and they’re asking for more money – to me this is a huge red flag.

But wait there’s more!

Your membership does not include a website, domain name or hosting. Which what you’re going to need to use this program. You’re also told to by hosting right away it’s an additional $100.

Ok so where are we so far? $37 for the membership – $297 for the upgrade – $100 for hosting – for a total so far of $434 and you haven’t even got going yet!!

If you’re not a big fan of this greasy way of marketing the CSM is not for you!

My Final Thoughts On The Coffee Shop Millionaire

I can’t recommend this product for many reasons; there is no real training and the training that is available is becoming more and more out of date and is very incomplete.

The one thing that really made me have a bad taste in my mouth is the old school guru ruthless sales tactics with the constant upsells.

Being a veteran marketer myself the video had lie and deception from start to finish. The opening statement alone screams lie “make $21,00 in 21 days”. This so unrealistic it hurts to watch the video.

Not only that the biggest thing lacking from CMS is the support. As a newbie marketer this is when you need guidance and support the most and CMS just not deliver that crucial component.

To me this program is a boarder line scam because of the unrealistic promises of earning in such a short period of time and all the upsells.

If you’re crazy enough to get involved with CMS be warned you’re going to be left to figure a lot of things out on your own and will have no one to turn to for help when you need it.

My #1 One Resource

If you’re truly interested in building your own successful long term online business promoting products you have a passion for then please take a moment to check out the community I’m very proud to say I’m a member of.

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