My Bring The Fresh Review – Sorry Not So Fresh Any More -

My Bring The Fresh Review – Sorry Not So Fresh Any More

bring the freshProduct Name: Bring The Fresh
Price: $47 Plus Upsells
Owner: Kelly Felix
Ranking: 2 Out Of 10

The sales page over and Bring The Fresh is a pretty interesting one. I say this because unlike typical marketing systems that promise you millions of dollars instantly.

Bring The Fresh simply puts the prospect of being successful solely into your hands.

If you’ve seen their new sales page, then you’re already aware of exactly what is said.

“There are only two types of people who come here, those who want to make money, and those who want to make excuses.”

It’s a very interesting sales tactic, but does Bring The Fresh really deliver a quality training environment?

Read on below to see exactly what I discovered in my Bring The Fresh review.

So What Is Bring The Fresh?

Simply put bring the fresh teaches you how to set up a “niche” affiliate website with what are called “money pages” to promote products or services where you earn commissions from those products or services you’re promoting.

Back in 2010 this was revolutionary, not so much any more. Not so fresh anymore.

Who Is Bring The Fresh For?

The program is targeted towards beginners, but if you’re just starting out and with a lot of the outdated information inside the members area, you’re going to have a really tough go of things. Simply because you’re not going to know what is out-of-date and what’s not.

And not knowing what’s good and what’s bad, you’re going to apply some of these outdated strategies and find you’ll end up struggling just like a lot of the other members are.

Now if you’re a more seasoned marketer you’ll be able to see what’s good and what’s bad. And with that said you’ll see that this is not the best program to be modeling if you want to see real success online.

No sense in working hard when you can work smart.

bring the freshSo How Does It Work?

Well like I mentioned earlier you’re going to be taught how to set up a niche site the has a money page on it. These types of sites are usually 7 to 10 pages in size.

So you have one money page and the other pages are actually posts written around keyword phrases so they can get ranked in the search engines.

And all these posts are linked to the money page, which is typically a review of the product or service your promoting.

But here’s the problem.

These types of websites don’t rank very well anymore since the latest Google updates. Google is looking for sites that have lots of content, are engaging and are authority sites. Not dinky little niche sites.

So as the concept is good but training and execution of building out an real site that is heading towards being an authority site is not there.

What’s The Price?

This product is available for a one time purchase price of $47. It’s kind of deceiving however, as when you get inside you’ll see numerous different mentions of upsell products within the training videos.

For example, remember the premise of the training is to gather backlinks?

Well Kelly just happens to own a backlinking service and it only costs you $150 per month. $150 for a service that will do more harm to your site then good.

You have no idea where these backlinks are coming from. If you’re still going to take the chance on buying backlinks save the $150 and go to Fivver and you’ll get the same quality at a better price.

Kidding, don’t use any backlink service unless you’re hell bent on destroying your business. Or you just love throwing money away. Heck if you’re going to throw your money away give it to me – LOL

What Training Can You Expect?

The training comes from the 124 page PDF – Bring The Fresh’s “Guide to Everything”. Great in it’s day. So out of date today.

Why do I say that.

Like I just ranted about Kelly’s prefered method of getting your site ranked is through backlinks. Now yes backlinks do help with your ranking but NOT just any old kind of backlinks.

Back in the day when this information was relevant, having a lot of backlinks would drive up your rankings and where the backlinks came from were not important, it was the number of backlinks that was important.

Well that doesn’t work today. Since the last few Google updates (panda, penguin) your backlinks have to come from HIGHLY relevant sites.

So having 10 backlinks from a gardening site to your automotive site is completely useless and will do nothing to help your rank.


Kelly also has videos to support the PDF book. But they are of no use really since they are just backing up the out of date information in the PDF.

Now with that said, if you are a newbie you will learn a lot of stuff, the only problem is that these niche sites don’t work anymore unless you have money to spend on PPC to get on the first page of Google.

The Member Forum

What I do like is that the members area does have a forum. Building a successful online business can be lonely and having a place to interact with people is a good thing.

You can learn all kinds of stuff and you have a resource to bounce ideas off people and ask questions.

But like any forum you’re going to find a lot of garbage, so you need to know what to watch out for. Especially outdated advice and information.

Plus you’ll come across a lot of people that are struggling using the outdated information being provided. So overall sure having a forum is great.

But having a community not just a forum that is up to date on the latest tools, information and resources to build a thriving business is a hell of a lot better, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s where I have the edge on most marketers (maybe even you) I belong to a community not an out of date forum.


I do like this part of the members area. Kelly has some updated videos with interviews with other successful online marketers. I think you’ll find these very informative and interesting.

Are There Upsells?

Yep, there are all kinds of upsells. For example once you’ve started watching some of the training videos, you’ll quickly see that there are other tools and software you need to buy to follow the training.

You can quickly find yourself investing thousands of dollars in order to be successful with the training. This is actually a big issue with the Bring The Fresh program or many programs like it.

You don’t get everything, you always have to spend more. And as a new marketer, most simply don’t have that kind of money to invest when they are first getting started. And why should you have to spend more?

The community I’m associated with I get everything to build a business. And I mean everything!!

How’s The Support?

Support comes in a couple of different forms. First, there is a support ticket system in place that will allow you to ask questions.

Unfortunately, it is hard to tell exactly how long it will take for someone to be able to get back in touch with you. The times can range from a few minutes to a few days depending on how busy the support team is.

The second way to get support is through the forum system in the members area. You can post a question, but often it requires several days before someone will get back in touch with you.

Unfortunately, the lack of quick customer support is lacking.

I’m spoiled I have 24/7 live chat support.

What I Liked About Bring The Fresh

  • The Training – There is a lot of training that doe provide solid information.
  • The Forum – Building a business online online can be lonely adventure so having a community to interact with is helpful.
  • The Interview Videos – These videos are really good, lots of good info and inspiration.

What I Did Not Like

  • Out Of Date Core Training – Building a niche site and then buying backlinks is not the way to build any online business. Especially after the Google updates.
  • The Upsells – Biggest pet peeve of mine. Lot’s of upsells, for example in order to follow along with the video training you need to buy other tools and software. Not to mention teh $150 per month for his backlinking service.
  • The Forum – Yeah I know I said I liked it and I do from a community aspect. The problem is that there is a lot of outdated information in the forum
  • Out Of Date Information – Did I say that already? Well it’s just that important I had to say it again.
  • The Support – Slow and not reliable at all

My Final Opinion

my opinionKelly has put together a really high quality product, but that was back when what he was teaching was relevant in 2010.

The main premise of the program is so out of date no beginner is going to benefit from this program. They’re just going to end up wasting a lot of time and money for something that no longer works. And get more frustrated and pissed off.

Sure the interview videos were great and the forum has some merit. But it’s not enough for me to recommend this program to a beginner.

I was going to say if you have experience you may find some nuggets of info, but what’s the point. If you’re struggling why would you want to spend time sorting through the garbage to find those nuggets.

You need a program that going to provide you with the latest tools, training, support and resources to build your business.

And if you’re serious about building a very successful online business then this is not the program for you. See what I mean look at the comparison chart below.

Let’s Compare My #1 Recommendation To BTF Shall We And You Decide

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about Bring The Fresh?

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make a decision whether or not to spend the money on this program.

And if you did find his review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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