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Q&AHey, welcome to this weeks Q&A’s, tips, updates and success stories from the members of the wealthy affiliate.

I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t get an email from someone telling me they are thinking of quitting.

They’re tired of working so hard and not seeing results from all their hard work.

On one hand I get it, on the other I don’t. And the reason I don’t is that “quit” is simply not in my vocabulary, it’s not an option. Read my profile and you’ll see why.

And the reason it’s not in my vocabulary is I have developed a different mindset than people that think quitting is the best option.

Your mindset is the ultimate determining factor in whether you succeed or fail at ANYTHING!!

You want to know the true secret of success? This is it. I did a very indepth post inside the wealthy affiliate all about mindset and the power of words.

If you’re struggling or even thinking of quitting, please take the time to read my post and make sure to check out the comments. I put Read This beside the link.

Ok, let’s see what the members have for you today.

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This Week’s Questions & Answers

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This question was asked within our Pay Per Click Marketing classroom.

Using ppc and squeeze pages for email sign ups?


Yep you sure can. I do it all the time. I personally use a LeadPages for this type of PPC campaign. Just make sure you have a great lead magnet (free offer) to get people onto your list.

You can read the complete thread by clicking here.


This question was asked within our Search Engine Optimization classroom.

How do I cite various comments by people on forums?


You can copy paste a part of the comment, maybe a beginning. Than add author’s name / nick, the name of the forum and the link to the particular comment.

I think that all forum solutions have an ability to link to individual posts. Usually this is a small rectangular icon somewhere near the title or the date of the post

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This question was asked using this members personal blog inside the wealthy affiliate.

Monetizing YouTube Video Question


I’ve been video marketing for years and never used adsence, you would need hundreds of thousands of views to make any money. Complete waste of time in my opinion.

Best thing to do is get people off YouTube and get them to your site and the let your site make the sale. I use YouTube as a traffic source not for monetization.

You can have links right inside your video. Set up your External Annotations in your YouTube channel to have these links.

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This Weeks Tips And Updates From Our Members

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