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Micro Continuity – What The Heck Is That?

I'll get into what specifically a micro-continuity program is in a second. But first I'm going to assume (right or wrong) that you don't know what a continuity program is.

A continuity program is a membership program. People pay a monthly fee to use or to receive information from whatever program or service they want to use.

micro continuity

For example the wealthy affiliate is a continuity program​. Your gym membership is a continuity program. Anything, where you pay a monthly fee, is a continuity program.

And, if you're an affiliate of a continuity program you already know the power of this type of program. Each month you have a residual income coming in​. You're getting paid over and over again for doing the work once.

Of course, this only continues as long as people keep paying their monthly fee.

Now, I love being an affiliate, but ​the true power of having an online business is having a business that you own completely.

As an affiliate, you're still at the mercy of the affiliate owners program. There is no guarantee, no matter who the company is, that the program will not shut down. And you have ZERO control if this happens.

Lots of people never speak about this part of affiliate marketing, but this is the reality of affiliate marketing.​ 

I'm not saying any of the affiliate programs you're a part of will shut down, but they can. And if they do,​ you're business is gone!! Your revenue is gone!! You're done!!

The fact of the matter is you want to own your own product or service. This way you have complete control of your business, and you get to keep all the money.

And, one of the most reliable ways to make ongoing money month after month online is through a continuity program.

In Comes Micro Continuity ​

So what is "Micro Continuity?"

Yes, it's a membership program but the 2 big differences are the cost and how it's set up. A micro continuity membership 
will costs the member less than $10.00 per month.

micro continuity

In fact, many very successful micro continuity sites charge $4.95 per month and are making huge monthly residual incomes.​

And, don't let the small monthly fee fool you​. A well designed and marketed micro continuity site can earn $5000, $20,000 even $100,000 per month.

The great thing about "micropayments"​ is they're not a huge decision for someone to make. 
However, asking someone to spend $50, $100 or more upfront and then asking for the same amount month after month is a huge decision for them to make.

Plus with a micropayment. it's not a decision the person needs to ask their significant other about.​With a micropayment, ​the thought process is "what the heck it's only a few dollars."

And unlike a typical membership site, which we all know takes a herculean effort to create and maintain. A micro countinuity membership is a paid newsletter. So, all you need to create your micro continuity program or micro funnel is:  

  • Landing Page (with a sales funnel)
  • Autoresponder
  • Content
  • Paypal account

That's it. And once you have your micro-continuity program set up, all you have to do is drive traffic to your landing page.

Of course, you have to track your conversions and dial in your landing page​ - but you have to do that with any sales funnel.

So Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, not only to share with you the power of micro-continuity but because I want to share with you a micro-continuity program I’m in the process of launching.

I figured I would share my adventure into this new project with you from start to finish.

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The Micro Continuity Sales Funnel

Now, this is just the big picture overview. There are many other moving parts, but like I said, I just want to show you the big picture first. I'll get into the details of each part as we get to them.

  • Landing Page (lead generation)
  • Trip Wire (product)
  • OTO (one time offer)
  • OTO (down-sell trial)
  • Thank You Page

1) The Landing Page

Like all landing pages, this page is designed solely to get people onto your mailing list. This landing page is the beginning of your micro sales funnel​. 

And, to get people onto your mailing list you have to provide a free offer in exchange for people's email addresses. This is also known as your lead magnet.

And your lead magnet can be anything you want. Just make sure it's free, has tons of vaule and you created it.

2) The Trip Wire

This term was coined by the creator of micro-continuity programs, Russell Brunson. Russell was doing continuity programs well before the internet marketing world caught on to the power of these programs.

The trip wire is your front end product. This is where you have people buy your first product​. And this product can be anything, so long as it's relevant to your niche. 

It could be an eBook, software, a physical product, a widget - like I said, it can be anything​.

3) The One Time Offer

Before people have access to the product they purchased, they are shown a OTO (one time offer). This one time offer is your micro continuity program.

The Down-Sell (Trial Offer)

If your customer does not jump at your OTO, they will be shown a down sell OTO for a trial of your continuity program.

The typical down sell trial offer would be $1 for the first month. If they stay, they would be charged monthly until they cancel.​

In my experienced with other sales funnels. I've seen down-sell offers increase total sales as much as 20%.​

Thank You Page

This is the end of your funnel.

Here's What Your Micro Funnel Looks Like

sales funnel

Before We Move On

Yes, I'm going to share all the steps of a micro-continuity program as I as I build this program. You can expect to receive regular updates on what I’ve done so you can have a guide to use for your own micro-continuity program.

I don't want anyone replicating my program in the niche I'm going into, so I'm not sharing my niche - yet.

And, the reality is you don't need to know my niche in order to create your own micro-continuity program because you can be in any niche for this to work.

It Starts Here

​Like any new niche, I did my research. And after a lot of research I'm going into the health niche.

I know the sub-niche in this area of health. Being a chef for many years, I know food and I know exercise, so this fit very nicely into my wheelhouse.

Where I'm At Right Now

I've purchased my domain name and I have finished creating my front-end product (tripwire). My front-end product is a 40-page eBook that I wrote and then had professionally proofread.

I'm very lucky I have a friend that does this and she was kind enough not to charge me to proof read my eBook. Thank you, Cathy. I will be selling my eBook for $9.95.

Now, this is my starting price point. So, it's my first test at this price. Once I drive traffic to my site I can then monitor my conversion rate. Then, I will try a new price point, say $7.95, and see how that converts.

Now I can see which price converts better. If the conversions goes down, then I'll go back to $9.95. If they go up, well obviously I would stay at the new price point. 

You always want to test and see how things change (good or bad). This is how you dial in your conversions. And, it should go without saying, you want the best conversions you can get.​

Remember I used the term "Micro-Payments​"? Well, when a reader purchases you product, they are making their first micro-payment. 

You're getting people to say yes because you got them to purchase your product. Once someone says “yes” it is easier for them to say “yes” again. So, when they are introduced to your micro-continuity program, they are more likely to become a member.

And, to increase the likelihood of people becoming members of your continuity program. your continuity program is going to be priced lower than your front-end product. So, for me, my micro-continuity program will be priced at $4.95 per month.

You can start at a different price point such as; $7.95, $6.95​ or $5.95. I picked $4.95 because well, let's face, it $4.95 is really nothing when it comes to a monthly fee. The decision barrier can't really get any lower.

And no, I am not worried about the monthly fee. I plan on building this program out to 20,000 plus members over the next ​several years.

Also, this front-end product is not where you're making money​. You're making your long term money with your continuity program itself. The money you make from the front-end product will be used to generate paid traffic to your site.


Now regarding traffic, I've been looking into lots of different paid traffic methods. And for this project, I'm going to try Video Facebook advertising.​

I've never done video Facebook advertising before, but I do have some great mentors that have provided me with all the training, tools and support I'll need to get started in the right direction. So, I feel pretty confident.

The reason I picked facebook is for 2 reasons:​

  • The huge amount of people that are on facebook
  • I can advertise by demographics, not keywords 

I should mention by using Facebook traffic I have added a step to my workload. I will have to make a facebook page.

But, that's really no big deal because all I need to do is create a simple Facebook page as I'll be doing what is called "dark advertising". I'm not going to get into that here, I'll get into that once I get into the advertising part of things.

My Next Step

​Ok, so I have my eBook written and I have my domain name bought and parked with a launch page countdown timer on it.

So my next step is to create the actual content I'll be delivering to my members. I'm giving myself a few weeks for this simply because I have other projects on the go.


Aside from creating the content (which, by the way, needs to be top notch), always remember this:

Just because you're not charging a hell of a lot for your membership does not mean the quality of your content is reflective of that price.

On the contrary - your content has to be the best you can offer people.​ So, no slacking or skimping.

Like I said, aside from the quality of the content, I need to choose my delivery schedule. Depending on your niche, your schedule can be once per month, twice per month or even once a week.

For me, I was torn between once per month or every 2 weeks. And after going back and forth, I've decided on every 2 weeks. It's no more work to create the content because I'm simple splitting what would have been my monthly content into 2 parts.

Now, when it comes to the content, I don't have to create all of it all at once. All I need to do is create enough content for the first month.

I can launch my site with just a month's worth of content. Once launched, I can simply create the rest of the content as I go; I have a 30-day cushion in which to create each months content. 

I plan on creating 1 year's worth of content. Why 1 year?

My plan is to have such good content that most people will stay for a very long time. I've done a bunch of research and during this research, I've discovered that on average a person will stay a member of a good quality membership program for 5 to 8 months.

And, these are at sites that are charging over $27 per month and more. I'm hoping that people will stay with my membership because of the low price and the high quality of the content.​

But, I have no stats at this point. Like every membership program owner my goal is to have the highest retention rate possible. 

Easy Updates

​One thing I really like about this type of membership is the ease of updating things.

As I'm in the health niche , things change all the time (good and bad). And, since my membership is a paid newsletter, it's very easy to add, change or even delete content.

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Other big built-out membership sites can have lots of difficulty making changes and things are even overlooked. In fact, I know of many big membership sites where some of the training is out of date because of the changes within the niches these membership sites are in.

With a micro continuity membership program you're very nimble and can make changes very quickly. You can discover new information today and have your membership updated the same day.

Ok That's It For Now​

Alright, so I'm off to create my content for my program. As I said, I'm giving myself a few weeks to do this simply because of my schedule. Once I have that completed I'll update you on things such as formatting of my content, setting up my autoresponder and any other things I get into.

And, if you're on my mailing list here, keep an eye out in your inbox, I'll give you the heads up before anyone else.​

I hope you found this post informative. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

And as always, anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!!

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