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Making Money Writing Articles – A Fantastic Stay At Home Career

If you like writing, then aarticle writing great way to make money online is writing content for people that need content. And this could be articles, blog posts, Kindle books eBooks or reviews of a product or service. Sounds great! But how do you go about making money writing articles?

Well it’s really not that hard, especially with all the resources available to you.

But Before You Start Freelance Writing

There seems to be a scary trend where people are selling themselves short as freelance writers and accepting low paying jobs just because everyone else is. The magic number seems to be $5 per article, are you fricking kidding me!!

You really have to understand most of these writers can’t write their way out of a paper bag. And some writers have even gone so far as using spun content and passed it off as original. Thank god it’s getting harder to pass crap like that off to clients thanks to plagiarism detection programa and software.

However, if you’re a decent writer, you DO have a great chance in this marketplace. The first thing you need as a writer is have the unshakable confidence in your writing ability.

With that being said, there is not really much you can do if your writing sucks. Writing is a craft that must be practiced in order to be mastered.

And if you’re not willing to put forth the time and effort it takes to master this craft, all you’re going to be is another content slave for $5 an article.

There are tons of opportunities other than these low paying waste of your time gigs, you just have to know where to look for them.

And also, NEVER be afraid to compete with other writers for a gig. It’s up to you to convince the client that your writing is worth more. And like I mentioned earlier, that means having confidence in your ability.

Freelance Writing Resources


All of these resources pay writers differently, so before you freelance for any of these sources you know what you’re going to be paid before you write 1 word. – I really like constant content because it really separates the low-level writers from the top-notch writers.

In constant content you must create and price your content first. Sure there is no guarantee that your content will sell. But, if you’re a solid writer, a lot of what you write WILL sell.

Here’s a little tip; concentrate on the popular topics, and make sure you check out the ‘Requests’ section, this will give you some ideas of the type of content that’s needed.

If you have the skills there is no problem for you to sell your content for $.10 per word. Remember the buyers in this marketplace WILL pay more for top content.

Like most people they aren’t looking for the rehashed crap that so many so-called ‘writers’ pass off as good content on the internet. People want quality, and there are plenty of people looking for quality.

Upwork – Upwork, can be an excellent place to find new clients. With upwork you need to make sure you craft a decent proposal.

Also another tip is to follow up via private messaging. A lot (most) people are simply too lazy to do that and I have found it works great using this tactic.

Just like in constant content make sure to check out the projects posted by users (these would be your potential clients), this will give you a great idea of what they are willing to pay as well as how many projects have they awarded in the past.

More Freelance Writing Resources – This is probably one of the most popular crowdsourcing marketplace website, and it’s not just for writers but for all types of freelancers. – Textbroker is specifically for content. It’s the mediator between you the writer and the client. I’ve used Textbroker for content and I was very pleased with my writer. – Like textbroker iWriter is for content. As a writer you can write articles, you can do-rewrites for clients and you can also write eBooks and Kindle books. – This is Brian Scott’s website, which is a freelance writing service that allows writers of all skill levels and experience to find paying freelance writing jobs. – This is a UK based company and like other marketplace websites, it gives access to businesses to a verity of freelance writers. – This is a hub where people/business can find top quality writers and you being the writer can find writing jobs. – Great site that posts new writing jobs just about everyday.

control Your In Control

Weather you’re using a freelance service or selling your services from your own website, you’re the one in control.

Never settle!!

There are people out there that will pay for your skills, when I first started I have to admit I did the same as everyone else and took low paying jobs. And I know back then it’s because I wasn’t confident enough in myself, so I thought people would not pay a higher price for my content.

Yeah that’s changed big time. Now I will not write a 1000 word article for less than$20. And I get these meat and potato gigs all the time. I call them meat and potato because these are basic content jobs, and these are the ones that are steady.

And then I have content I charge $300 for and I have content that can cost as much as $1000 and I get those gigs all the time as well.

You have to understand if you think all you can get are clients that are willing to pay only $5 an article that’s all you will attract.

Another thing you need to keep in mind MANY clients have bought $5 articles and they know how crappy they are, and they are fed up with them. Take advantage of this.

I have even gone so far as to write a partial article using the content the clients wants to show off my skills. I have gotten tons of work this way.

Simply put do not lower your standards, you have to believe you are the best, and if people want to use you, they have to pay your price.

Remember you dictate the price NOT the client!! Sure you can negotiate on the price if need be, but you’re not going to give your skills away.

I have had people say to me “I’m not paying that” and my response to them is “That’s fine, but that’s my price”. Then they go pay some putz $5 per article and see than the so discover the crap article(s) they end up with.

Some come back because they want quality and now are willing to pay for it And I believe the others that don’t come back is because they’re embarrassed to admit they we wrong and realized I was right when I told them “You get what you pay for”. Or, who knows maybe they are satisfied with garbage articles.

But no matter what, don’t you worry there are plenty of people who are willing to pay for your quality content. So don’t be fighting for a $5 payday when you can get 5 times as much.

I hope you found this information useful. If so feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me.

I believe in you!
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