Make Sure Your Using Protection

website protection This post comes from an event that happened a few days ago to my friends website.

He got hacked.

But just not one site ALL his sites got hacked.

And in a matter of moments his whole business was at a stand still.

And because of the style of hack his host provider took down his sites for a while because of the load of band width.

So there’s some salt getting tossed in his wounds.

After much work and a few very tense hours his sites were back up and running. But just think of the time and money that was lost because he thought he was well protected.

A tough lesson to learn, and one I hope you never have to learn the hard way like my friend.

So like I always do I shared some very valuable tools and resources inside the Wealthy Wealthy that I use to protect all of my websites.

Below you’ll find a link to that article.

But before you head there (and you should) remember this:

It’s Not “IF” Something Will Happen To Your Website – It’s “WHEN” Something Will Happen.

Here’s the link to my article

Happy Easter!

I believe in you!

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