Make More Money in 2013 And Beyond -

Make More Money in 2013 And Beyond

To make more money in 2013 and beyond you need to start doing this…


As soon as you stop trying to sell you will make more money.

Think about it, do you like to be sold?

Of course you don’t so why would think anyone else would?

Why have you become a sales person?

Well most people have become as sales person because that’s what they were taught to do, but they soon discover it does not work for the long term.

I’m going to tell you something that you probably already know but may not be implementing.

You need to build a Relationship with your visitors, you need to build the know you, like you and trust you aspects of your marketing, then and with even better results will people start buying from you.

You have to think in the terms of not making money now (I know that sucks) but in terms of how can I help my visitors and people on my list first and then the money will naturally come, and a lot more.

You’ve heard this marketing term “The Trusted Authority”, that’s what you need to become in whatever market you are in. You need to be the go to guy/gal when it comes to the information and resources in your market.

You see once you’re seen as the trusted authority in your market, you don’t need to sell. People will buy from you because they trust you and value your opinion.

And once you have this relationship of trust they will buy from you over and over again.

But here’s the rub, you CANNOT abuse this relationship, it’s very hard to gain a customer but it’s so EASY to lose one. So be mindful of your relationship.

So How Do You Build This Relationship?

By freely giving of yourself and the knowledge and resources you have about your market. This can be done through your site, blog, newsletter or social media platforms.

And when I mean give I mean GIVE, freely give the best information and resources you have and then once you have done that give even more. You will reap the rewards 10 fold.

So what market are you in? What information or resources could you provide to people that would absolutely blow them away with the value provided?

Not sure, ok ask yourself what would you have liked to know about your market, become the visitor to your site, what are you looking for?

Once you answer that, then give it away. Do that and you will make more money then you ever did in 2013 and beyond.

May 2013 be your best year to date.

And you know anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me.

I believe in you!

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