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Leverage – The Path To True Wealth

I was walking my dog this afternoon, like I do every afternoon. And I was thinking what should my next post be about?

And then I starting thinking about Leverage and how leverage really creates true wealth.

leverage time for money You see like many people they’re caught in the trap of trading hours for money.

And the biggest problem with that is no matter how talented you are.

Your hours are finite – so no matter what you’re still going to run out of hours.

Leverage Is The True Path To Wealth

One of my favorite books is called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And in his book Hill interviewed some of the most wealthy people on the planet.

I’m taking about Firestone, Woolworth, Carnegie, Rockefeller – those were the big players of his time.

And all of these people used the concept of leverage to build their wealth. They did not trade their hours for dollars.

Now think about our wealthiest people of today; Gates, Dell, Jobs, Walton (walmart) they certainly don’t trade dollars for hours. They built and still build their wealth using leverage.

Let me put it another way.

Pick your favorite musical artist – it can be anybody.

When they create a song they only do it once. But they get paid every time it’s downloaded, every time someone buys their CD, every time it’s played on the radio. Every time it’s used they get paid.

And this is called a Royalty.

They can be doing other things and still be making money on something that they created years ago.

Another example is television. Once a show gets syndicated the actors are set for life. Because once their show has been syndicated that means they will receive royalty checks.

Remember the Seinfeld show? Jerry Seinfeld and his co-creator Larry David have earned over $400 million dollars in syndication royalties. With the series earning over $3 Billion in repeat fees since the last episode.

That’s the power of leverage!!

So How Can You Create Leverage?

I have a few favorite business models for creating leverage.

Information1) Informational Marketing

With this you’re selling your IP – your intellectual property, you’re leveraging your expertise.

So what could that be? It could be anything really.

Let’s say you’re involved with Self Improvement and you have a method for people to achieve goals. You could write a book, create a special report, a PDF, DVD’s, and so on.

Now you leverage that by selling your information through different mediums. Such as a membership site, joint venture partnership, email marketing and so on.

You’ve created the content once and have now you’ve created a residual income because every time your information is sold you get paid.

No more trading hours for money.

Here’s another way to create leverage in your life….

affiliate marketing 2) Affiliate Marketing

This is how I’ve personally created leverage in my life. I have been making a full time income online as of 2005 as an affiliate marketer.

That’s why I can take my dog for a walk in the middle of the afternoon and still be making money. I stopped trading hours for money.

Affiliate marketing is absolutely the best way for ANYONE to create leverage in their life.

The great thing, well there are a lot’s of things that are great about affiliate marketing such as:

  • You don’t need a product
  • You don’t need experience
  • You don’t need to worry about customer service
  • You don’t have worry about processing payments
  • You can sell anything!!
  • You can create a HUGE residual income (work once get paid over and over again)
  • Your income level is unlimited!!
  • You just cash the checks!!
  • And there’s even more advantages to affiliate marketing
Not Sure What Affiliate Marketing Is?

In a nutshell as an affiliate marketer you’re an online commission salesperson.

Now don’t let the word salesperson freak you out. It’s not like your a car salesman or some sales person at a furniture store.

As an affiliate marketer you’re simply talking about a hobby something that you have a passion for, and then simply recommend products or services that align with your hobby or passion.

If you’re a regular visitor you’ve heard me say it a thousand times.

“You can easily turn your hobby or passion into a full time online income”

And this is how you would do it, with affiliate marketing.

I have a more indepth article about affiliate marketing if you need to read more about how affiliate marketing works.

Ok What Now?

I’ve given you 2 models that you can use to escape that prison of trading hours for money. Chances are you’re reading this after you’ve traded your hours for money.

Honestly for most people the easiest path for creating leverage is by becoming an affiliate marketer. You can begin building your affiliate marketing business in your spare time.

And like I said before, you can easily turn your hobby or passion into a full time income. I know one fellow that loves Parrots and he now makes a full time income from Parrots.

I know another fellow that makes a full time income from the video game Madden Football. So no matter what your hobby or passion is you can create an income with it.

targetIt All Start Here

If you’re going to become an affiliate marketer it all start with the proper training, support, tools and resources.

And you know that my number one recommendation for all that is the Wealthy Affiliate.

So many people have come and continue to come to the wealthy affiliate with a dream of stopping the cycle of trading hours for money.

And everyday people are breaking that cycle with the training, support, tools and resources that are available within the wealthy affiliate.

I’ve been a member for 3 years now and I will be a member for the rest of my life.


Because it’s that good!!

Plus since I’ve been a member I have Tripled my monthly income with what I have learned and continue to learn from this community. Now I want to triple it again!!

I’ve also forged business partnerships with other members that I otherwise would have never had the opportunity to do. And yes these partnerships have and do make me money every month.

Honestly it’s completely up to you, I’m just sharing with you want I know works.

You can keep trading hours for money. Or you can add leverage to your life and break free of that prison.

Really, what do you have to lose to find out more of what the wealthy affiliate has to offer you? Absolutely nothing!! Plus it’s absolutely free to join the wealthy affiliate.

So you really have nothing to lose now do you?

I hope you found this information helpful and of course if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

I believe in you


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