Keys To Success -

Keys To Success

Everyone always asks me “what are they keys to success?”

And the answer for me is simple – for me there are 3 keys to success –

1) Knowledge – to get knowledge you need to educate yourself.

And to get the right knowledge and education you need to know what you want.

If you want to get into great shape and live a healthy lifestyle – well then you need to get educated (knowledge) so you can achieve that.

If you have decided that you want to work for yourself and that building a successful business online is the path that you want to do to achieve that – well then you need the Education (knowledge) in order to achieve this goal.

2) Take Action

I know so many people that spend so much time on getting ready they never do anything. I really think that just boils down to fear.

Fear of failure, fear of making a mistake – who cares – if you’re going to fail – fail falling forward – I have failed more times then I have succeeded – but because of that I have achieved what I have wanted to achieve.

Don’t worry if you don’t have everything perfectly lined up – JUST GO – TAKE ACTION!!!!

3) The Ability To Dance

Not everything is going to go according to plan – so you’re going to have to change your approach – maybe once – maybe several times.

Simply put: is what you’re doing taking you closer to your goal or further away?

If it’s taking you close do more of it – if it’s not stop doing it and do something else.

I know many people have written books hundreds of pages long about the keys to success – good for them – most are a waste of paper. Why make things complicated.

If you want to achieve something – I don’t care what it is – then take action. Don’t over think things – that’s how you get into analysis paralysis – and you end up not doing anything.

And if what you’re doing is not working – then do something else – keep moving forward.

Probably not what you expected but that’s just me – I want to do this – ok this is what I have to do to do that – pretty simple.

People need to lose weight – people know what to so – but do people do it? NO –

To much time waiting for the perfect moment – bullshit – all it is are excuses. It’s the holidays, I don’t have the time, I can’t afford gym payments … blah, blah blah…

I know there is more going on – but when you really think about it – your either motivated enough to do what you need to do to achieve what you want or your not.

And until you get motivated enough NOTHING will change.

I talk to so many people and they tell me their challenges – and the first thing I ask them is “what are you doing to change things” and I am always surprised when they say “well not much” that’s code for “I’m not doing anything”.

Stop bitching and complaining you have NO right to bitch and complain plus no one wants to hear it anyway – I sure as hell don’t.

You can earn the right to bitch and complain when you are busting your ass while you working towards your goals. Until then shut up!!

Oops went on a bit of a rant but I stopped myself – I could have gone on for hours – ok pep talk over, now go get what you want!!

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I believe in you!

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