John Thornhill Ambassador Program Review. There Are A Few Red Flags

Welcome to my John Thornhill Ambassador Program review.

Ok, done-for systems typically end up on people’s radar because people are looking for ways to make money online as quickly as possible and with the path of least resistance.

The perfect combination. Yes in theory, but can it be done? Does John’s Ambassador Program give you the opportunity to make money online faster and on the path of least resistance?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out.

Now before we get into things I just want to let you know that I’m not an affiliate of John’s Ambassador Program so if you do decide to purchase John’s program I’m not going to earn a commission or benefit in any way.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of the John Thornhill Ambassador Program. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my opinion, and any recommendations or conclusions are my own, which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

Ok, Let’s Meet The Man Behind The Ambassador Program

John Thornhill Ambassador Program Review

As you’ve probably already guessed John Thornhill is the creator of the Ambassador Program.

John has been a digital marketer for 19+ years and in that time he’s become a top 1% ClickBank vendor. He’s also one of the top sellers at JV Zoo as well.

Now John is the real deal, unlike some products that you can find within ClickBank and JV Zoo that have unknown creators and are promising the world John’s products do have verified results.

Along with the ambassador program, some other programs John’s created include the 90-day power seller challenge, own your own e-book business, butterfly marketing secrets, and resale rights blueprint.

And his flagship program is called Partnership To Success which he claims has a 100% success rate for those who’ve completed the course. Now that’s pretty damn impressive if it’s true. Sorry, I’m skeptical.

Now, I mention his flagship product Partnership To Success because the Ambassador Program is the sales funnel to get people to join John’s Partnership To Success program.

The Sales Funnel

Okay, as I’ve mentioned this is a done-for-you system so everything needed to make money is already set up for you.

So, the quick overview of this sales funnel is that you’re going to get a registration page, a thank you page, the webinar pitching the Partner To Success program, and the checkout page.

And because this is a done-for-you system your only job is to drive traffic to your webinar page with the hope that people will register for the webinar. And as soon as they register for the webinar there now at the beginning of this sales funnel.

registration page

So, What Do You Get As One Of His Ambassadors?

The Funnel License Itself

So, when you buy this program you’re actually purchasing the license to use John’s funnel. And I’ll get into the pricing and the commissions that you earn in a minute.

Johns Done For You Free Report & High-Converting Opt-In Page

Now you can send people directly to the registration page for the webinar. But as John mentions doing that you’re probably leaving money on the table because a lot of people might not be ready to buy.

So, to increase your conversions and also to build that know, like, and trust factor with people. You’ll be given a custom report that’s branded with your affiliate link and a high-converting opt-in page. John does not mention what this report is.

So, instead of sending people directly to the webinar page, you send people to this opt-in page which allows you to build your mailing list with highly engaged prospects that you can then can convert into paying customers.

And you don’t have to worry about the email sequence because John also includes a 9-part follow-up email sequence for you.

Own Custom Built JV Page

This is a custom JV page where you can recruit your own affiliates. And, every time one of your affiliates you recruit makes a sale you’ll earn a commission.

Now there seems to be a typo on the sales page in regard to the commission that you earn. On one part of his sales page, it says you receive 50% of the profits plus 50% on any of the back and sales.

affiliate commission

But later on, down on the sales page, it says you’ll receive a 25% commission every time one of your affiliates makes a sale.

affiliate commission

Now at the bottom of the sales page, there is a link for support so if you do decide to buy John’s Ambassador Program you’ll probably want to clarify whether you’re earning 50% or 25%.

Ready To Go”Email Follow-Ups

John’s going to give you 365 days of follow-up emails promoting some of the highest-converting affiliate offers out there. These would be the other programs he’s created.

All you need to do is import the campaign into your autoresponder account add your name as the sender and then queue up the messages. Note: you must have an Aweber account.

Proven Funnels Video Walkthrough

This is a 27-minute video training walking you through the 12 steps you need to implement this funnel. So basically, you’re going to look over John’s shoulder and see how to set up this funnel.

Traffic Trifecta

Now, none of this is going to work unless you can get traffic to your opt-in page or if you’re sending them directly to the webinar registration page.

And John realizes that, so he has included some of his traffic secrets that he and other Ambassadors are using.

Now I have to admit on the sales page it’s kind of vague in regard to the type of traffic you will be taught.

But he does mention using a personal Facebook profile. He talks about how you get featured on big brand websites like CBS, Yahoo finance, and more.

He talks about a little-known traffic strategy that some of his top affiliates are using. And he mentions that has nothing to do the content creation, social media, and running Facebook as. So, who knows what it is?

He talks about how a fellow ambassador name Adrian built a new kind of list that has a 4 times higher open rate and he grew this list of 1896 subscribers and just 60 days.

He does say that his traffic training is going to show you how you can bring in at least a thousand visitors in the next 30 days.



John will allow you to post one guest post per month on his blog for an entire year. And within your guest post, you’re allowed to include a link to your free report or to the webinar sign-up page.


Every time you publish a new guest post he will promote your guest post to his 100,000+ email subscribers.


He’ll also promote every one of your guest posts to his social media following which is currently more than 20,000 people.


After you purchase the program for the next 90 days he’ll place a rotating banner ad promoting your webinar on his blog.


Again, once you’ve purchased the program what he’ll do is include a rotating signature at the bottom of every broadcast email that he sends out for the next 90 days.

Now the ad links to a 7-day trial offer for the Partnership To Success coaching program.

And after the trial ends customers are automatically billed $197 per month for the next 12 months. So, you’ll earn a 50% recurring commission every month for 12 months.

How Much Is John Thornhills Ambassador Program?

When it comes to purchasing John’s program he gives you 2 payment options.

The first payment option is a one-time payment of $497. Or if you like you can pay $49 right now and then 11 monthly payments of $49.

Obviously, if you make the one-time payment you’re going to save money. Because if you make 12 payments of $49 you’ll end up paying $588.

So, if you decide to purchase this program and if you can swing it, it makes more sense to make the one-time payment than making monthly payments.

payment options

Refund Confusion

no refunds

Now the reason why I say there is some refund confusion is that on John’s sales page he says there are no refunds. And he gives you a few reasons why he says there are no refunds.

He says if things get tough for you and you decide to quit he can’t get the time back that he invested in you. And for him, no bigger crime is than stealing his time. I get that.

And then he’s wanting to weed out what he calls the” shiny object seekers”. And those are the people that are looking for that magical pill that will automatically start pouring money into their bank accounts. I can relate to that too.

Now where the confusion comes in for me. This product is a ClickBank product and the checkout process goes through ClickBank.

clickbank checkout

But ClickBank has a 60-day money-back guarantee for all their products. But as ClickBank says it’s at their discretion.

ClickBank return policy

So, I say to you if you’re going to purchase this ambassador program you’ll probably want to clarify whether there is no refund or you have a 60-day window when it comes to a refund.

Your Commissions

The partnership to success program sells for $1997.00. And your commission from any sales you generate using this webinar funnel will be 50%. Now on the sales page, John says you can earn up to $1182.00 per sale.

So, with the opportunity to earn up to $1182.00 per sale, I think it’s safe to say along with the partnership to success program there are going to be up sales within this funnel.

He also says that you can earn an additional 50% commission on any backend sales.

So, it’s obvious that this program can be very lucrative if you do what it takes to make this work.

What’s The Upside To The Ambassador Program?

When it comes to John’s Ambassador Program there are only 2 things that I like about the program.

First, John is the real deal. He’s a very successful digital marketer. He’s in the top 1% of successful vendors on ClickBank and the top vendor on JV Zoo.

He has 19+ years as a successful online marketer and as a coach. So, if you do decide to buy this program you not buying this program from some so-called self-proclaimed want-to-be guru that probably hasn’t made a dime online other than trying to sell programs showing how to make money online.

And the second thing that I like about this program is if you’re inexperienced or new to online marketing. And you don’t know how to build a website or you don’t want to build a website. You don’t want to learn how to create a high-converting funnel.

You don’t want to go through the process of learning how to create a successful webinar. And you don’t want to learn how to choose good affiliate products.

Basically, you don’t want to learn how to do marketing. And all you want to do is focus on generating leads.

Then this is probably a pretty good program to buy. Because John is giving you all his assets so that you can make money.

John is doing everything for you. He’s doing the selling, he’s doing all the telling of the partner to success program through the webinar, and takes people all the way through the checkout process for you. And you get paid as his affiliate.

And in order for this to work all you have to do is drive traffic to either your opt-in page or the webinar registration page that’s it.

Now For The Downsides Of This Offer

Okay here are the things that I don’t like about this program.

Through this program will you learn to be a great all-round marketer? Nope.

And the reason why I say that is all you’re learning is how to generate leads.

Through his program, you’re not learning how to become an online marketer. You’re not learning how to write emails. You’re not learning how to close the sale; you’re not learning how to write good sales copy.

You’re not learning how to build a website. You’re not learning about conversions. You’re not learning how to increase conversions. You’re not learning how to add value to an offer.

You’re not learning how to set up and do a webinar. You’re not learning anything about SEO (search engine optimization ).

Basically, you’re not really learning how to market. You’re just generating leads.

And the other big thing that really stands out for me.

Because this is a done-for-you program and you’re using all of John’s assets including your opt-in page and webinar page which by the way are being hosted by him.

If John decides to pull this program down. And it’s very possible that he can do that. He might have a change of direction or for whatever reason, he could shut this program down.

And because you’re using all the assets that John has provided to you through the ambassadorial program if John decides to shut this program down (knock on wood that he doesn’t).

If that happens you’ve lost your entire income stream and there’s nothing you can do about it because this is not your business. None of these assets are yours.

All you’ve done is paid for the license to use John’s assets.

I’ve been making a full-time living as an affiliate marketer since 2005 and I’ve seen programs such as these get pulled down by the owners all the time.

Is The John Thornhill Ambassador Program A Scam?

So is this program a scam? Absolutely not. John is offering you the opportunity to use all his assets to make money using this funnel to promote his Partner To Success program.

So, What Do I Think?

Well, when it comes to done-for-you programs I’m not a fan.

Not only are you not learning marketing in its entirety. You’re not building your own business (asset). Something you have completed ownership and control of.

You’re building your “business ” using all of John’s assets.

And as I said at anytime John for whatever reason could shut things down.

And if that happens your income is gone. And because you have ZERO control of your business there’s nothing you can do.

Now I don’t want to be a Debbie downer here.

Yes, you can still buy John’s Ambassador Program BUT I would not make his program your primary income stream.

If you’re serious about building an online business with affiliate marketing as the revenue model.

Then you must build your own business (asset). You must be 100% in control and ownership of your business. This way you’re not putting all your income eggs in one basket.

As an online marketer, you want to have multiple income streams. This protects you.

Now, I hope it never happens. But if John shuts down this program your entire income is not affected because you have multiple income streams.

Also by building your own online business you’ll learn about online marketing. Giving you skills that programs like John’s aren’t teaching you.

Alright, that brings us to the end. Thanks for taking the time to read my review I hope you found it helpful.

If you have comments or questions you can leave them in the comment section below.

And if you would like to learn how to build your own successful affiliate marketing business that you have 100% control over here’s the best resource for getting the proper training, tools, and one-on-one support while building your business.

I believe in you!

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