Is Swagbucks A Scam – Or A Real Opportunity? -

Is Swagbucks A Scam – Or A Real Opportunity?

swagbucks logo Name: Swagbucks
Price: Free
Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson,
Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

So What Is Swagbucks?

Well simply put swagbucks is an online loyalty rewards program which gives users different amounts of virtual currency that can be converted to real rewards at the “Swag Store”.

The selection within the store includes, electronics, cloths, video games, gift cards, etc.

Swagbucks is not a scam but keep reading and find out way it’s not a viable way to build a thriving online business.

Who Is Swagbucks For?

Well it’s for everyone really. If you’re using your computer you can earn rewards for things you’re already doing.

So How Does Swagbucks Work?

There are a bunch of ways you can earn rewards with swagbucks

You can earn with Swag Codes, Games, Referral Program, Tasks, Sweepstakes, Swagbucks TV, Shopping, Daily Goals, Trade-In and the most popular is the Tool Bar.

Simply using their search tool bar you can earn swagbucks for doing what you’re already doing online and that is searching for stuff.

What’s It Cost And How Do You Earn Swagbucks?

It’s completely free to join swagbucks. It’s limited but they also have a free mobile feature as well.

As I mentioned earlier there are many ways to earn with swagbucks but the most popular method is simply using their search bar tool.

You’re already doing plenty of searching online so why not get paid for it right? Yeah don’t expect to get rich by no means with swagbucks.

Each swagbuck converts to around 1 cent US. That’s a lot of searching to make even $1.

But it is known that it’s not the number of searches you do it’s the amount of time spent of each of those searches that earn you more swagbucks.

www.netwiseprofits.comWhat I Like About Swagbucks
  • It’s free to join
  • Earn rewards for things you’re already doing online
  • 11 ways to earn money with their program
  • Can spend your swagbucks in their online store for lots of different things including gift cards
  • Mobile site with the use of a smartphone
  • You get 30 swagbucks as soon as you sign up
  • Easy to use interface
What I Didn’t Like About Swagbucks
  • It will take you forever to build up a sizable amount of swagbucks
  • The search toolbar is not very reliable and can bring unrelated results for a search
  • You don’t get swagbucks for every search you do
  • Gift cards are limited. You only can have 5 of each particular type
  • Mobile site has limited features and discounts
  • You can’t earn money – only points to buy things from their store
toolsWhat Tools And Training Is Available?

Because of the straightforwardness of the program it’s very self explanatory.

However they do have several in depth training and video tutorials that cover all the aspects of swagbucks.

And for mobile uses they simply download the free app to their smartphone and thier good to go.

Simply put it’s easy peezy.

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How’s The Support?

As a member you can contact customer service though email if you’re having an issue with the site or you have a question.

As a member you also have access to a lively swagbucks community through Facebook, Twitter and forums on the swagbucks website.

You’ll also find the owners interact with the members through YouTube videos as well as short videos on the site.

My Final Verdict

swagbucks thumbsupSwagbucks is fun and can be a neat little distraction. But realistically this is no way to earn any real amount of money – and certainly not a way to build a thriving online that generates a full time income.

The return on swagbucks is so low it will take you a very long time to build up any amount of points that can be redeemed in their store or gift card.

And if you do earn enough for a gift card you can only get one for around $25 for each one you would like.

So I say sure use it as a distraction but don’t waste to much time with this program.

Bottom line- this is a legitimate rewards program but you’ll you can’t make any money with it.

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

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