Is Stampin Up An MLM, Pyramid Scheme, Or Opportunity?

stamping up

Hey this is Leo, thanks for dropping by to check out my Stampin Up review. So, is Stampin Up a pyramid scheme? No, it’s not a pyramid scheme.

Okay, is Stampin Up an MLM? Yep, it’s an MLM. And with that Stampin Up is offering people (you) a home-based business opportunity.

So, today we’ll look at where the company came from. Their compensation plan, that’s the making money part. And what you have to do in order to build your business (earn money).

And I’m pretty sure after you finish reading my review you be able to decide whether this business opportunity is for you are not.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Stampin Up. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

The Company 

Stampin up is a multilevel marketing papercraft company that sells high-quality craft supplies with the company being headquartered in Riverton, Utah.

Now being a papercraft company definitely puts them in a very unique niche compared to other multilevel marketing companies that tend to be in the overcrowded and competitive health and wellness niche.

The company was founded in 1988 by 2 sisters, LaVonne Crosby and Shelli Gardner. And today you’ll find stampin up in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The company is also member in good standing with the DSA (direct Selling Association). And being a member that means they have to follow the code of ethics of the DSA.

The Products

stampin up products

Stampin up has a nice variety of products for that crafty person. These products include:

  • Ink & Coloring
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Product Suites
  • Stamps
  • Adhesives
  • Die-Cutting
  • Embellishments & Ribbon
  • Embossing
  • Kits collection
  • Kits – Paper Pumpkin (this is a subscription service)
  • Logo merchandise
  • Punches
  • Scrapbooking
  • Tools & Storage

How Much Is It To Get Started?

To become a distributor for Stampin Up you’ll need to order a starter kit. This starter kit is $99.00 and has a value of $125.00.

This starter kit is completely customizable. You can put anything into your kit as long as it adds up to $125.00. And you’ll also receive a business supplies pack containing materials you need to run your business.

Stampin up starter kit

As a demonstrator you also receive a replicated website where you can direct your customers to purchase products as well as have people sign up into your business.

You get this replicated website for free for the first 2 months. And then it’s going to cost you $12.95 every month thereafter.

Stampin Up Compensation Plan

The Stampin Up compensation plan is actually pretty easy to read compared to other compensation plans I’ve seen from other multilevel marketing companies.

And as with all multilevel marketing compensation plans there are bonuses and rewards available to you once you reach certain levels within the compensation plan.

There are 8 levels to their compensation plan with everyone starting out at the Bronze level. And to reach the other levels there are minimum requirements needed to get to those levels.

Here’s a screenshot of the different levels within their compensation plan and what’s required by you to reach each level through recruiting, selling and leadership.

stampin up titles

As for the rest of their compensation plan here’s the different bonuses that they have available to you. You can read the full version of their compensation plan here.

Instant and Deferred Income

Instant income is received instantly when any order with with commissionable product is entered. Deferred income is if a customer uses a credit card.

stampin up instant and deferred income

Volume Rebates

These rebates are paid monthly and depending on the amount of product you sell you can earn a volume rebate between 4% and 13%.

stampin up volume rebates

Team Commissions

Team commissions are simply a percentage of the team members sales awarded to the team leaders for building a team. And these team commissions are paid monthly.

stampin up team commissions

Performance Bonus

Performance bonuses are paid to demonstrators who achieved excellence in recruiting, selling, or leading.

stampin up performance bonus

Stamping Rewards

These rewards are here to encourage people to host events and place large orders.

stampin rewards

Flex Account Earning

This is a rewards program where demonstrators earn flex points for selling, recruiting, leading and tenure.

stampin up flex account earnings

To maintain your status as an active distributor you need to have $300.00 in sales every 3 months. And these sales can come from personal purchases as well as any products that you sell to customers.

Now this where a lot of distributors that get involved with multilevel marketing companies can get into trouble financially.

If you’re not hitting that sales goal a lot of distributors will end up buying products themselves in order to stay active.

And what can end up happening this cycle can continue and distributors find themselves getting deeper and deeper in debt as well as having product they’re not selling.

Stampin Up Income Disclosure Statement

Unfortunately stamp up does not have an income disclosure statement. And it’s a shame that they don’t because with an income disclosure statement you can see the average yearly earnings of active distributors.

And then you can take that data and include it in your decision-making. And without an income disclosure statement you’re missing a crucial piece of information.

But that’s okay because I’ve done reviews of many other multilevel marketing companies like Jeunesse and Color Street just to name a few, and they all pretty much say the same thing.

And that’s 99% of people that get involved with a multilevel marketing company made little to no money. In fact, there is a report on the FTC’s website that shows 99% of people actually lose money. Not very inspiring I know but that’s the reality of MLM.

Now I did find a stamping up distributor that did a YouTube video that shows her income and expenses working this business. And this is a really good video because it gives you a realistic view of what it’s like being a distributor.

In the video she reveals that she earned $3407.88 in one month. Which is really good it’s nothing to sneeze at that’s for sure. But after her expenses of running and building her business she took home $1326.63.

So, what does this show you? It shows you that becoming a distributor is going to require a lot of work.

Now $1326.00 is a nice additional income and can really help out a lot of people. But, if you’re looking for that replacement income so you can walk away from your current job and be your own boss.

You’re going to have to work even harder than this distributor.

So have to ask yourself. Is it worth it? Or is there a way that you can work smarter and not harder?

You can click the image below and watch her video on YouTube.

youtube video

What About Training And Support?

Stampin Up provides dozens of training resources that will give you project ideas and tips to help you run every aspect of your business. You will also receive a quarterly publication called Stampin’ Success as well as Demonstrator Support agents.

You also have access to Which is Stampin Up’s exclusive community where you can get ideas, support and connect with other demonstrators.

And ideally you will also receive training and support from the person that got you involved with Stampin Up.

How Do You Build Your Business?

The business model for building this type of business is based doing workshops and holding in-house demonstration parties.

As a demonstrator you can organize your own parties and take advantage of the hostess rewards that are available. Or better yet to expand your business you would like to find hosts that can invite their friends and family.

The challenge I see for many demonstrators is once they get through their connections of friends and family and hosting these in-home demonstration parties. Finding new hosts is going to get harder and harder.

As a demonstrator you’re going to have to get creative with your marketing strategy for finding these new hosts so you can widen your reach and build your business.

You definitely want to take advantage of the internet when it comes to building your business. With tools like Zoom and Facebook you can definitely widen your reach when it comes to hosting these demonstration parties.

You might even want to consider creating a weekly online crafting class. You could even start your own private Facebook group for people that are on your team building a business.

What I Like 

#1) Low Startup

Compared to other multilevel marketing business opportunities it’s fairly inexpensive to get started with Stampin Up.

#2) Focused On Sales

Unlike other multilevel marketing companies where there are heavily focused on recruiting. Stampin Up is more focused on you selling their products than recruiting people.

#3) Establish Company

Stamp Up has been around since 1988. So, if you do decide to get involved with this company you know you’re getting involved with a solid company that’s going to be around for years to come.

What I Didn’t Like

#1Must Love Sales

In order to excel with this type of business model you’re going to need exceptional sales and network marketing skills to build your business.

#2) It’s An MLM

It’s been proven time and time again that the multilevel marketing business model is a failed business model for 99% of the people that get involved.

#3) Not Your Business

I don’t think a lot of people realize that you actually don’t own your business. Because if Stampin Up closes down all together or decides to terminate the distributorship program. Your income is gone. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

#4) Competition

You can find less expensive versions of their products at places such as Amazon and elsewhere. Making selling these products a challenge.

My Final Thoughts

If you like Stampin Up and you’re into stamps and crafts. And have the necessary sales and network marketing skills to build this type of business. Then by all means join Stampin Up.

Now with that said, remember I said you could work smarter not harder?

Personally, working for Stampin Up and after seeing that ladies video showing her take-home pay after all the hard work she put in. That’s not working smart – that’s working hard. Way to hard.

If you want to work smarter then you may want to take a look at Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing you don’t have to become a salesperson, nor do you have to recruit anybody to build your business.

I was involved with a multilevel marketing company for over a year. And after busting my ass for over a year and not really having anything to show for it – I quit.

That’s the best decision I ever made because that’s when I discovered affiliate marketing. And since 2005 I’ve been making a full time living online as an affiliate marketer.

And the cool thing about affiliate marketing is you can build your business around any hobby or passion. Even if your passion is crafting you can build a thriving online business as an affiliate marketer.

And one thing I really want to stress is that as an independent affiliate marketer you own and control 100% of your business. It can never be taken away from you. You’re the boss, you call the shots.

Honestly I don’t care how you decide to make money online. But when you leave here this is one thing that you must promise yourself.

No matter how you decide to make money online you must be sure that you’re in 100% control and ownership of your business.

You don’t want to get involved with the business opportunity with the threat of that business being taken away from you at any time.

Now, if you like to learn more about how you would build an online affiliate marketing business. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

They have the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art interactive step-by-step training platform online. Along with all the support, tools, and resources to help you build your business.

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Thanks for taking the time to read my review I hope you found it helpful.

I believe in you!

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