Is Shaklee a Scam? No, But…


Welcome to my Shaklee review.

So, is Shaklee a scam? No, it’s not a scam. In fact, Shaklee is one of the older MLM companies on the planet.

And if you’re here I have to assume you’re thinking about the business opportunity that Shaklee has and you’re wondering if it really is a good business opportunity that you can make a living from.

Well, that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

Now before you go any further you need to know. I’m simply here to show you the pros and cons of Shaklee and give you my personal opinion about their opportunity. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you.

Alright, let’s see what Shaklee is all about shall we?

Quick Overview

Product Name: Shaklee


Price:$49.95 + $159. Plus, optional success packs from $276.00 to $1,000.00.

Founder: Forrest C. Shaklee

Type Of Company: Health and Wellness MLM

So, What Is Shaklee?

Shaklee is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells a wide variety of health and wellness products. The company was founded by Forrest C. Shaklee in 1956. And the company is headquartered in Pleasanton, California.

Shaklee operates in Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, China, and the U.S., and currently has over 750,000 members worldwide.

And as an MLM it does offer a business opportunity for anyone interested in having a home based business.

Now the question is. Is this a worthwhile business opportunity?

Well, that’s what I’m going to get into with this review.

The Products

Shaklee has a wide variety of products listed under the following categories:


  • Here you’ll find products such as multivitamins, probiotics, bone & joint, anti-aging etc.

Healthy Weight

  • Here you’ll find Shaklee weight loss kits, protein shakes, meal replacement bars, etc.


  • Here you’ll find anti-aging products, hydration products, mascara and accessories.


  • Here you’ll find performance packs, whey protein, energy drinks, etc.

Green Home

  • Here you’ll find household cleaning products and accessories.

Are The Products Any Good?

Well that really comes down to the person that’s using the product. Because in my research I did find plenty of positive reviews on sites like Glassdoor. But I also found negative reviews as well, which is only natural.

I also found a resource from Shaklee that links to over 100 manuscripts of studies they have done. Many of which can be found in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

With that said it’s good to take in what others say about a product or products and do your due diligence. But the real test of any product is trying things yourself. Because the products you represent will determine the success or failure of your business.

Can I say they work or not? Nope, because I have never tried any Shaklee products.

How Do You Make Money With Shaklee?

With Shaklee there are 3 ways of making money.

  1. Customers
  2. Members
  3. Business Builders

Ok, let me break things down for you.


This is simply when people purchase products from you directly at retail. So your profit is the difference between the discounted price you’ve bought the product and the retail price you’ve sold it for. The average commission is around 36%


These are preferred customers whom you’ve sponsored on your team. But have no desire to get involved with Shaklee at the business level. They simply want to use Shaklee products and as a preferred customer they enjoy a discount.

Now you will earn commissions from any preferred customer purchases. The average commission is around 16%

Business Builders

These are people (distributors) you’ve recruited into your business who also want to earn an income from Shaklee.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan only applies to business builders. And like many other MLM companies their compensation plan is complicated and hard to understand.

So I’m just going to give you the 10,000 foot view of the plan. If you want to read their compensation plan you can do that here.

Ok, there are 9 ways to get paid:

  1. Gold Bonuses – You can earn $50 or $100 when you recruit someone and they buy either a Gold Pak or the Gold Pak Plus.
  2. Power Bonus – Every time you accumulate 15 sponsoring points during your eligibility period, you earn a $150 Power Bonus.
  3. Price Differential – This is the retail profit that you make on product sales.
  4. Personal Group Bonuses – You can earn 4-20% commission from a certain volume of product sales each month.
  5. FastTrack Bonuses – You can earn extra bonuses and rewards by reaching certain Business Leader ranks in a specified FastTRACK time frame, starting with Director.
  6. Incentives – You can be rewarded with luxury trips and other rewards.
  7. Car Bonuses – Reach 3000 Personal Group Volume and personally promote a new First Generation Director, and you can begin to qualify to earn a monthly car bonus toward a new car for up to three years.
  8. Leadership Bonuses – Once you reach the level of Director. And you help develop other Directors in your business. You can earn a monthly bonus on the volume of each Business Leader up to six generations under you.
  9. Infinity Bonuses – Based on your rank and the rank of your leader, beginning with the rank of Senior Coordinator. You can up to 8% on the volume of all leaders in your organization to infinity.

The Ranks

Now like all MLM companies they have ranks within their compensation plan. So, here’s those ranks for Shaklee.

  • Director
  • Senior director
  • Coordinator
  • Senior Coordinator
  • Executive Coordinator
  • Senior Executive Coordinator
  • Key Coordinator
  • Senior Key Coordinator
  • Master Coordinator
  • Senior Master Coordinator
  • Presidential Master Coordinator

Now of course you have to meet certain requirements to reach each one of these ranks.

Now the question is. Can you make money?

Well as with any MLM the opportunity is there to make money. But the reality is most people will not make any significant income with this or any other MLM compensation plan.

And in my research, I could not find how much a new distributor earns within their first year.

All I could find was income reports once when you reach the leadership levels of director and above. So, you’re not getting the full picture when it comes to your true earnings when you just start out.

And this is important information. Not just the limited information provided by Shaklee. Plus, you also have no idea of the percentage of distributors that are making money. Crucial statistics when making a decision about this opportunity.

What if for example 85% of new distributors make less than $200 in their first year. I would want to know that because that’s definitely going to influence my decision.

This just my personally opinion. I think the reason they don’t provide that income stat for new distributors is because it does not reflect much of an income opportunity.

shaklee rewards plan

What’s The Price?

To become a Shaklee independent distributor the regular fee is $49.95 + $159 for your essential tools to build your business (Prove It Challenge). Which includes 3 free months of your online store.

Now I said regular price because at the time of my review Shaklee had a deal running where the fee was only $25 plus the $159.

shaklee prove it challenge

Once you’ve paid that you can customize your Prove It Challenge pack. And then as an option you can choose a success pack. Which range in price from $276.00 to $1,000.00.

So, without buying a success pack at the time of this review the cost with the deal is $184.00. When this deal is over the cost to you will be $203.95

What I Like About Shaklee

#1) Long History

Shaklee has been around since 1956. So, the chances of this company disappearing anytime soon is unlikely. So, you can know with some certainty if you decide to join Shaklee, you’re joining a long standing and solid company.

#2) Positive Product Reviews

In my research about Shaklee I came across plenty of positive reviews about their products. Now with that said I do want to mention that there is no way of knowing if these positive reviews are all from customers or simply distributors talking up the products.

The real way of knowing if the products are good or not would be trying them yourself prior to becoming a distributor.

#3) Tools And Support

Unlike some MLM companies I have reviewed Shaklee provides their distributors with a number of tools and support channels to help them build and grow their business.

The Shaklee Blog

  • Here you will find lifestyle content, product reviews, ingredient information and more.

Shaklee TV

  • Here you’ll find sharable videos and more.

All Tools Page

  • Here you’ll find downloadable and digital resources you can use to build your business.

#4) Environmental-Friendly

In 2000, Shaklee U.S. was approved as the first Climate Neutral Certified Company by the Climate Neutral Network.  This means Shaklee has a net zero impact on the earth’s climate. Well done Shaklee.

Shaklee Climate Neutral Certified Company

#5) 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with a Shaklee product you can get a full refund.

What I Didn’t Like About Shaklee

#1) Not FDA Approved

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to products of this nature. None of them have been approved by the FDA.

You’ll always find this disclaimer on health and wellness MLM websites:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

In other words, Shaklee does not have to prove their products work or provide any benefit to anyone.

#2) Low Success Rate

Despite all the hype and talk of all the life changing money you can make. MLM no matter what company, the success rate is extremely low.

In fact, most people and I’m talking 99% of people will lose money when it comes to MLM. And when you’re losing money you’re failing at your business.

And so you know, I’m not making up that number when it comes to losing money. The FTC did a study regarding the success rate of people that get involved with MLM.

#3) Overpriced Products

MLM companies have a lot in common and one of these things is the price of their products. And that price is typically higher than what you can find on the open market.

And the crazy thing is when you get down to it, the products from MLM companies are usually never any better than products you can find on the open market.

Now the problem you’re going to face as a distributor is this. People are looking for good products at a good price. So, if people can find similar or even better quality products for less money. In my opinion you’re going to have an uphill battel convincing people to buy your Shaklee products.

For example, Shaklee Life Shake Plant Protein retails for $57.05. They suggest you use 2 scoops per serving to get the best benefit. Which will give you a 14 day supply. That works out to $4.07 per recommending serving.

Now if you go to Amazon. I found a similar product that has the same nutritional content as the Shaklee product.

Shaklee Life Shake Plant Protein Ingredients

But here’s the big difference. Vegansmart Plant Based Organic Pea Protein Powder by Naturade costs $17.30 for the same size canister offering 14 servings. And that works out to $1.23 per recommended serving.

Tell me. If you can buy a product that offers the same nutritional value for $2.84 less per serving. Which one would you buy? I know which one I would and it’s certainly not going to be the Shaklee product.

This is stuff you have to consider when you’re thinking about joining any company. Because there is no doubt this is going to be something your potential customers are going to ask you.

Why should they buy your product when they can get the same (similar) product for less?

#4) Not Your Business

Despite you being told you will be operating your own business. The reality is you don’t own or have total control over your business.

Remember everything you’re using to build your business is an asset of Shaklee. And that also includes the terms and conditions you must adhere to when it comes to earning money with their compensation plan.

At any time, Shaklee can make changes to the compensation plan, the qualifications you need to meet in order to make money. Even the assets they provide you. And these changes can drastically affect your business. And what’s worse if you don’t like any changes they make. There’s not a dame thing you can do about it.

When you own and have total control of your business. You’re the one that calls the shots. Not someone else.

Personally, I would not want to have someone else have control over my business. Especially if this is a business that I want to build to satisfy all my financial needs.

#5) Monthly Qualifications

Like most MLM companies Shaklee has a minimum monthly requirement you must meet in order to make money. These are known as Point Value. Each product is given a point value and it’s these accumulated points that are calculated each month that will determine any commission you are owed.

Now you can earn these points by selling product or buying product yourself. And more often than not distributors will need to buy products to meet the monthly minimum requirements.

Shaklee’s minimum is 100 PV each month. This works out to around $150.00+ per month out of pocket if you haven’t reach that volume through sales or recruiting other people.

Personally, I would never get involved with a business model that forces me to spend money each month in order to get paid. Now granted the goal is to sell enough and recruit enough people where you’re not having to have this out of pocket monthly expense.

But the truth of the matter is most people never sell or recruit enough to where they are not spending money each month to qualify for commissions.

Remember the study I mentioned from the FTC where 99% of people lose money with MLM? Here’s one reason why.

#6) Recruiting

If you what a shot at making the “BIG” money. Then you’re going have to recruit people into your business (downline). So that means each and every day you’re going to have to convince (sell) people on the idea of becoming a Shaklee distributor.

And believe me that’s not easy to do. And most people just don’t have what it takes to constantly be recruiting people.

Let me ask you this. Does the thought of being a pitch person, well, salesperson get you excited? Does the thought of having to become a serial recruiter want to make you jump out of bed each day?

Does the thought of having to rely on other people to help build your business sound like a solid business building strategy?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think you want to be a pitch person (salesperson) or rely on other people to build and grow your business.

And if that’s the case then MLM is definitely not for. Sure, there are people that thrive in this environment. But that’ a ridiculously small number of people.

I have my own online business and you know what? I have never had to sell a single thing to anyone nor have I had to recruit anyone to build my business.

Who Is Shaklee For?

This is a business that’s best suited to someone that is comfortable with having to build their business primarily through recruiting other people on a constant bases. And also, be comfortable working within the compensation plan of Shaklee.

If you’re good with that, then this could be the business for you.

If not, then any MLM type of business is not going to work for you. And you really need to find an alternative business opportunity the does not rely on you constantly recruiting people so you can build your business.

My Final Opinion Of Shaklee

Look, Shaklee does have legit products even if they are overpriced. And people seem to like them. But as for a business opportunity the only way you’re going to make that life changing money is by recruiting people.

And even then, the odds of making any real money is stacked against you. The cold hard truth is when recruiting is the primary way of making money most people will fail.

But hey, if you think you can beat the odds and you’re ok knowing most people that you get involved with this are going to lose money. Then go for it.

Personally, I would never get involved with an MLM especially when there is a far superior business model for making money online.

And it’s one I am very intimate with. Because it’s how I make a multiple 6-figure a year income.

And That’s With Affiliate Marketing

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you own and control your business. You call the shots. You don’t have to recruit anyone to build your business either. Nor do you have to sell to family or friends.

As an affiliate marketer you can promote anything you want. So, if you’re into health and wellness you can build your business around that. In fact, you can build your business around any hobby or passion you have.

And unlike getting involved with an MLM. You can get your whole business up and running absolutely free.

So, if the thought of building your business around your hobby or passion and not being under the thumb of some MLM sounds a lot more exciting. Then you definitely need to take a moment and check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Now the reason I say that is because since 2005 wealthy affiliate has been providing people with all the tools, resources, training and one-on-one support for build a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In fact, it’s wealthy affiliate that has helped me grow my affiliate marketing business into a multiple 6-figure a year business. And I know for fact they can help you too.

Now the cool thing about wealthy affiliate. Is you can see everything they have to offer absolutely free. So put your wallet away you’re not going to need it.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Shaklee and its business opportunity.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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