Is Pure Romance A Scam? Can You Make Money Selling Sex Toys?

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Let me get this out of the way right now and answer the question – is Pure Romance a scam? Absolutely not.

Pure Romance is a legit company offering women the opportunity to start their own online business by promoting Pure Romance itself and selling not only lubricants, creams, and sex toys. But selling their line of wellness, bath, shower, and beauty products.

Sounds promising. Sounds like this could be a great opportunity. But is it really? Well after doing some digging into this opportunity. There’s one BIG red flag that you really should take note of before making your final decision about this opportunity.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Pure Romance. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

A Little History Of Pure Romance

Pure romance was founded in Ohio in the basement Patty Brisben’s house in 1993.

And with the latest sexual health education, the best beauty products and the hottest bedroom accessories using the in home party plan to sell her products as well as offering women the opportunity to start their own business using the MLM business model.

Her company has grown into a $350 million dollar business with over 45,000 partners from all over the world.

The Products

pure romance products

Their product line is listed in the following categories:

Bath and Shower

Here you’ll find their line of conditioning shave cream, hydrating body oil, shower gel and bubble bath, shampoo and body wash. All products are priced at $22.00 and $24.00.

Beauty and Body

Here you’ll find products such as body lotion, fragrance mist, skin bronzer, skin firming cream, cologne, bath salts, etc. Product prices range between $22.00 and $79.00.

Lubricants and Creams

This is their line of personal lubricants and creams. Prices range between $18.00 to $49.00.


Here you’ll find different essential oil blends, CBD infused bath salts, testosterone boost, and other lotions and oils. Prices range from $30.00 to $79.00.

Sex Toys

This is their line of vibrators, sex toys for couples, anal toys, and toy care products. Toy prices range between $30.00 to $249.00.


Their line of lingerie currently consists of 19 different pieces. Ranging in price from $20.00 to $109.00.

Sexual Wellness

Here you’ll find products such as weighted vaginal exerciser balls, cleansing wipes, toy cleaner, lubricant, etc. Prices range between $19.00 and $99.00.


Just as you would think this is their line of different massage lotions, oils, and accessories ranging in price for $20.00 to $119.00.


Here’ you’ll find couples sex toys that include products such as vibrator c rings, strap on, prolonging gel, etc. Prices for these products range between $20.00 to $149.00.

For Guys

Here you’ll find different products to help men masturbate. Prolonging cream. As well as bath and body products such shaving cream and body oil. Product prices range between $18.00 and $69.00.

Bondage and Roleplay

Here you’ll find door swings, handcuffs, tickle whips, nipple clamps, blindfold, and a sex sling. Prices range between $15.00 and $99.00.

The Cost Of Getting Started

To see what it cost to get started I simply went through the process short of actually buying anything.

So, at the time of this review you have 2 starter packs to choose from. Each pack comes with the same marketing materials. The only difference between each pack is the amount of products you get.

The marketing material includes:

  • Catalogs (10)
  • Order Forms (10)
  • Replicated website
  • 90 day free trail of the Pure Romance Media Center that has all your marketing resources. After the free trail it’s $15.00 per month.
  • A guide to learn social selling online
  • Invitation to a special inventory program
  • The opportunity to attend World Conference

Standard Starter Pack 

The value of this pack is $350.00. You get a 57% discount for this pack. So, the cost to you is $149.00. With this pack you have the choice between 2 different products lines.

standard pack options

Deluxe Partner Pack 

The value of this pack is $995.00. You get a 56% discount for this pack. So, the cost to you is $439.00.

Deluxe Partner Pack 

This pack includes:

Basic Instinct, Body Boost, Hydrating Body Oil, Bosom Buddy, Conditioning Shaving Cream, Just Like Me Lubricant, Refreshing Fragrance Mist, Like A Virgin, Miracle Oil, “O” Vanilla Frosting, Uncovered Firm & Smooth Skincare Pack, Brain Health Boost, Soothing Aftershave Mist, Heart Massager, Opening Act, Cleansing Mist 8 oz., Main Attraction, Double Feature Adventurer, Toy Tote.

Once you’ve picked your pack you can keep shopping or head straight to the check out. At checkout since you’re new you’ll need to create an account and complete the signup process.

All in all, it’s very straight forward.

Making Money With Pure Romance

If you’re thinking you’ll find their compensation plan on their website, you’re out of luck. I searched for a link and there isn’t one. Which really is a pain in the ass to anyone who is thinking of joining this business.

Tell me, wouldn’t you like to see what you have to do in order to make money with this business?

Maybe you’re at the stage like many people and not ready to make any kind of commitment until you see what’s required of you to make this business succeed.

Because from what I can see until you spend money on one of their starter kits you don’t have access to their compensation plan. Which is found in the back office of your replicated Pure Romance website.

But not all is lost. I did find one – but it’s a old one. It’s from 2016. You can view it here if you like.

Now for me a 2016 compensation plan is a little too old. Maybe there have been updates since then. So, I went to my favorite resource YouTube. And I did find a video done on Feb 17th, 2020 giving a quick explanation of the compensation plan.

Now I also wrote out what was explained in the video. Or if you like you can watch the video by clicking the image below. Either way you’ll understand what you need to do in order to make money.

Youtube Pure Romance

Like all MLM compensation plans you’re have 2 ways of making money. Retailing products and the recruiting people into your business (downline).

Making money through retail sales is pretty straight forward. Depending on what rank you’re at. You’ll receive a buying discount. The difference between your buying discount and the retail price of the product will be your profit.

From what I can see there are 5 ranks that can be achieved within this compensation plan.

Consultant – 30% buyer discount

Advanced Consultant – 40% buyer discount. There are 2 ways you can get the 40% discount. Sponsor 1 person into your business or sell $500 in career retail sales.

Sr. Consultant – 45% buyer discount. To get this discount you need to sponsor and activate 3 people onto your team.

Associate Director – – 45% buyer discount. To get this discount you need to sponsor and activate 6 people onto your team.

Director – 50% buyer discount. To get this discount you need to sponsor and activate 8 people onto your team.

Note: you must maintain and have the needed active associates on your team to keep your discount.

Team Builder Bonus and Lifestyle Bonus

By reaching certain monthly personal sales you can earn team bonus money each month you maintain the required sales volume to earn that bonus.

Advanced Consultant – reach $1000 in personal monthly sales and get a $100 bonus.

Sr. Consultant – reach $1500 in personal monthly sales and your team does $1000 in retail sales for a total of $2500. You’ll get a $200 bonus.

Associate Director – reach $2000 in personal monthly sales and your team does $3000 in retail sales for a total of $5000. You’ll get a $300 bonus. And if you sponsor 1 person in a month you’ll get an extra $300 as a lifestyle bonus.

Director – reach $2500 in personal monthly sales and your team does $7500 in retail sales for a total of $10,000. You’ll get a $500 bonus. And if you sponsor 1 person in a month you’ll get an extra $500 as a lifestyle bonus.

Advancement Bonus

This bonus is for Sr. Consultant and Director. In order to get this onetime bonus, you must maintain the rank for 3 consecutive months.

Sr. Consultant – $500.00 bonus. Plus, your sponsor gets a $500.00 bonus.

Director – $750.00 bonus. Plus, your sponsor gets a $750.00 bonus.

So, Can You Make Money With Pure Romance?

Of course, you have the opportunity to make money. However their own income disclosure statement shows that you really won’t make money.

Remember the one BIG red flag I mentioned you should take note of? This is it.

If you look at their statement for 2020, which shows the average earnings of their partners. A combined 88.1% made a whopping $413.00 for the entire year. That’s $34.41 per month.

But look at the median average income. I circled that in yellow. It’s even worst. The median average for earning for partners for 2020 is $111.00. Which translates to $9.25 per month.

This income disclosure statement alone tells you that you’re not going to make any money with this business opportunity.

This is not surprising when it comes to MLM business opportunities. This story of not making any money is told over and over again.

pure romance Income Disclosure

How Do You Build This Business?

To excel at this business, you’re going to need exceptional network marketing and sales skills.

And that’s because this business model is based on in home party and online party sales. So, you best be great at selling face to face. If not your business is going nowhere.

And if we go back and look at the income disclosure statement it shows most women who got into this business never saw success. No surprise, that’s typical with all MLM business opportunities. Not just this one.

So, What Do People Have To Say About Pure Romance?

When it comes to the company you’ll find people that have nothing but good things to say. While other have nothing but negative things to say.

And that’s only natural when it comes to any company. However, you still want to source out the opinions and experiences of other people and add that to your decision making.

Two great resources to get good feedback both positive and negative are Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot.

So that’s where I went and I found exactly what I just mentioned. People were praising the company and it’s products.


While others had complaints about the products, delivery, and other issues,


What I Like

#1) Desirable Products

I like their product line. Beyond the sexual products. They also have a little something for every women when it comes to wellness, bath, beauty, and shower.

#2) Longevity

The company has been around since 1993. That’s a great accomplishment. You don’t stay in business for that long unless you’re doing something right.

#3) Return Policy

If you receive a defective product you have 30 days from your invoice date to exchange that defective product for a duplicate item.

#4) BBB Accredited

Pure romance has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and hold a A+ rating.

What I Didn’t Like 

#1) This Is MLM

Makes no difference what the products are. The business model is based on multi-level marketing. A business model that has one of the highest failure rates. Less than 1% of people who get involved with MLM will see any real success.

#2) Expensive Products

As with all MLM companies the products they carry are overpriced. And the only reason they are is not because they are any better than other products found elsewhere.

It’s because they need that extra margin so they have the money to pay out on commissions and bonuses.

#3) Marketing Model

The way you’re told to market the product is through home parties and online parties. While that may work in the short term. I don’t see this as a long term marketing strategy.

You’re going to have to be very skilled at networking in order to make this work. When I listened to the video explaining the compensation plan. She mentioned if you’re at the Sr. Consultant level you would probably be having 3 in home parties and 6 to 8 online parties.

To get to that rank is one accomplishment. Which according to their income disclosure statement only 2.3% of all partners have reached. Honestly ask yourself, do you have the network marketing skills to find the people to set up 9 to 12 parties in a month?

If you’re like most people the answer is probably not.

#4) Awkward Market

I’m far from prudish when it comes to these types of products. But I’m not sure it’s not going to be that comfortable selling a vibrator or other sex toys to the people you know. Not to mention selling sex toys to people you don’t know.

I just see this as a very tough face to face market to be in. Most people don’t like selling in the first place. Now you’re selling sex toys. Not the best recipe for success in my opinion.

#5) Gotta Love Sales

If you don’t have excellent sales and network marketing skills. Or you’re not willing to develop them. This business is a nonstarter right from the beginning. Because without those skills your business is going nowhere.

#6) Lots Of Competition

The products they offer are found everywhere. Both in retail stores and online. And not only can these products be found everywhere. They can be found for a lot less money.

And if people can find products such as these for less money. So, what incentive can you give people to buy them from you for more money?

My Final Opinion

On the surface this may look like a great opportunity. But when you dig deeper into it. This is a terrible opportunity.

And it’s not because of the products. Products like these do sell well. It’s the business model (multilevel marketing) you’re forced to be in that’s going to kill your opportunity for success.

Not only do you have to meet and maintain certain qualifications each month in order to get a discount and qualify for bonuses.

The only way you have a shot of making this business a success is if you can set up a constant stream of online and offline parties every month. And I would guess that’s probably in the neighborhood of at least 12 per month.

Which means you’ll need to have exceptional network marketing to get those parties. And the sales skills to make the most from those parties. No pressure.

Ask yourself, do you really want to become a salesperson? Does this sound like a fun way to build a business you don’t even own or control 100% of all for an average income of $9.25 per month?

So of course, I wouldn’t recommend getting involved with this business. The cons out way the pros.

Now, you do have other options available.

MLM is certainly not the only one.

If products like these are of interest to you. You don’t have to join this or any other MLM company in order to build a successful online homebased business.

You can build a very successful online business around these types of products. Or any other product or service for that matter as an Affiliate Marketer.

And as an affiliate marketer you’re in 100% control and ownership of your business.

No having to meet goofy monthly qualification in order to get your commissions. No recruiting. No having to become a salesperson. And you’ll definitely never have to do an in home or online party to make money.

I’ve been a fulltime affiliate marketer since 2005. And like many people I was involved with an MLM and found out the hard way that everything I was told regarding the opportunity was far from the truth. And not the golden opportunity people hype it up to be.

And after a year of working my ass off to build my MLM business. The writing was on the wall. So, I quit. And that’s when I discovered Affiliate Marketing.

Look, I have no idea if affiliate marketing will be the business model you decide to follow for making money online. I just want to be sure you know there are far better options for doing that then MLM.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can build your own thriving online business. Here’s the best resource for that.

I believe in you!

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