Is Inbound Closer A Scam? No – But Some Things Do Stand Out

inbound closer

Welcome to my review of Taylor and Payton Welch’s “Inbound Closer.” I found out about inbound closer through an online ad and it certainly got my interest.

However, because of my experience online and yes, I will admit because of my skepticism of make money opportunities. The first thing I asked myself was – Is inbound closer a scam? Or is this a true opportunity for people to make legit money.

Now, after digging into this program there are aspects of this program that are good. And parts that are not so good. But with any true opportunity that’s par for the course.

So, with that said, let me share with you what I found out about this program.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Inbound Closer. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

So, Who’s Behind Inbound Closer?

The guys behind inbound closer are Taylor and Payton Welch. Both of whom are very successful online marketers and high ticket salesmen.

Taylor and Payton Welch

Taylor is in partnership with Chris Evans and they have a company called Traffic and Funnels, which is a digital marketing consultancy company.

As for inbound closer, Taylor is in partnership with his brother Payton. Now Payton is the face of the company. He’s the fellow you see in their sales pitch video and he’s also the guy that does most of the training.

Now many people have called these guys scam artists, but I don’t agree with those claims. I think the reason they get this label is from the sales videos they create for programs like inbound closer.

The video definitely has all the telltale signs of the program being a scam program.

For instance, they tell you to forget about all the other ways of making online because their way is the best, it’s faster and easier.

Plus they make a lot of bold claims about their program. Including statements like:

  • You can make money in as little as 21 days.
  • Work just 1 to 2 hours per day.
  • Earn $1000’s in commissions each day.

So, What Is An Inbound Closer?

Ok, let’s say you’re browsing the internet and you see an ad that catches your eye regarding a making money online program.

So, you click on the ad. And after gving your email address and becoming a “lead”. You’re taken to a page that usually has a video or even a webinar giving you an overview of how this making money program works.

And at the end of the video or webinar you’re provided with the option of getting more information about the program.

Now this person you’re going to call it usually called a “coach” a “mentor” or an “advisor”.

And when you schedule your call the person you talk to will try and sell you on the program, as well as try and upsell you to even higher ticketed items.

The person you are talking to is an Inbound Closer. A Salesperson for the program.

Now as an Inbound Closer. Sorry I’m going stop using that term because it’s not an actual industry term. Inbound closer is a term Taylor came up with. I’m going call it what it is.

You’re a Salesperson. A Telemarketer if you will for clients of high ticket items. (Psst – you have to find these clients that have high ticket offers for sale).

But with this type of sales, you’re not cold calling people. People are calling you. And you’re the person people will be speaking to via the phone to close sales on high ticket items.

And these high ticket items can cost from a few $1000 to tens of thousands of dollars and even higher than that.

And at the end of the day, you’ll earn commissions from all your sales. Usually between 10% and 20%. Yes, it can be higher, but 10% to 20% seems to be the average. And it’s because these products cost so much, that’s why you have the opportunity to make big daily commissions.

Sounds so easy right?

Well not so much. In order to make these types of commissions you’re going to have to become a very, very skilled salesperson. And have the ability to push through a LOT of No’s before you get to a Yes and close the deal.

So, the question at this point is.

Are you prepared to become an on the phone salesperson and do what it takes to make this type of business work?

wealthy affiliate

So, What Do You Get With Inbound Closer?

Daily Commission Check Blueprint

This 2 part training is designed to help you get your first high ticket client in the first week.

The training includes:

  • Where to find these clients.
  • A 7 step check list to identify the perfect high dollar client.
  • A word for word getting client script.
  • How to create a hands free getting client funnel.

Inbound Closing Accelerator

This is the inbound closer system. It’s a 21 day training program for becoming a successful inbound closer (a kickass salesperson).

This training includes such modules as:

  • A plug and play inbound closing script
  • The buying pocket
  • The 7 figure mindset formula
  • Becoming rejection proof
  • Irresistible tonality
  • The one question close
  • The 3 pillar reflex closing system

Bonus #1 – Post-Call Recordings and Breakdown

These are calls broken down and analyzed by 7 and 8 figure earners.

Bonus #2 – The Inbound Closer Mastermind Group

Here you’ll have access to other members where you can roleplay, ask questions, get support, and strategize with other closers.

Bonus #3 – Your First Client Case Studies

Here you hear how a 22 year old made $21,000 in first 2 weeks and how she did it. Plus, you’ll hear from 8 other closers talking about how they got their first client in less than a week.

So, What’s The Cost?

inbound closer price

Surprising cheap considering what you’re getting. The cost for this training is only $97.00. And that’s a onetime payment.

Is There Any Upsells?

Yes, there is. If you want to go beyond the Inbound Closing Accelerator program, they have an Inbound Closer Certification Program available that will cost you $997.00.

Now I discovered the information about this particular upsell on another website that has a review of inbound closer. And they outlined what comes with this certification program.

The training in this program consists of 6 modules:

  • Becoming The Person Who Deserves Success
  • The Closer’s Mindset
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Introduction To Closing
  • Closing With Confidence
  • Mastering Objections
  • Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer

This certification program also gives you access to hundreds of pre-vetted clients looking for inbound closers.

Can You Make Money? Does It Work?

Yes, you can make money because this type of sales works. However, like any method for making money, it’s only going to work if you’re willing to do what it takes to make it work.

And please understand. You being told you can replace your full time income in as little as 21 days. That’s the exception not the rule.

Especially if you’ve never done any sort of sales before.

Here’s The Things I Like About Inbound Closer

#1) You Can Make A Ton Of Money

If you’re willing to put in the effort to make this business work. You do have the real opportunity of making big money. But don’t be fooled, it’s going to take hard work.

#2) You Don’t Need Experience

While having sales experience will give you a head start with this business. You don’t need any. So, if you’re willing to learn, can take direction and are ready to bust your ass to make a go of this. Then I can’t see you not succeeding at this.

#3) Money Back Guarantee

If you decide you want your money back for any reason at all. You have a lifetime money back guarantee available to you. All you need to do is email their support team and ask for your refund.

Or you can call Taylor’s assistant directly. You don’t have to give a reason and you will get your money back.

Now, this is only for the inbound closer program. Any additional upsells that you may purchase may or may not come with a similar guarantee.

Here’s The Things I Don’t Like About Inbound Closer

#1) The Sales Video

The video (Payton) makes some pretty bold claims regarding the ease of becoming an inbound closer and the how fast you can make money.

Such as:

  • Using nothing but a phone and a 6-page pdf
  • Daily commission checks of $980
  • Replace your 9-5 job in as little as 21 days
  • Easily earn $30,000 per month

Like all videos of this nature, they tell you every other way of making money online is hard. Then they tell you their way is the best way, that it’s easy and anyone can do it.

Then at the end of the video they try and guilt you into to buying their program by saying if you don’t do anything you can settle for your average life because nothing is going to change unless you buy their program.

inbound closer average life

Sure, you may not like where you are financially right now. But don’t get sucked into these sales tactics. I know it’s hard but you have to take your emotions out of your decision making.

Yes, while there is the opportunity to make money and maybe quickly. Understand that making money fast with this program is the exception not the rule.

So, a lot of what you’re being told is on the edge of being misleading.

#2) You Have To Do The Prospecting

The inbound closing accelerator course for $97.00 does not provide clients.

You’re the one that will have to go out and find clients that have high ticket items for sale that want or need high ticket salespeople such as you. And finding these clients is not going to be a walk in the park.

And I can see getting that first client being really tough, especially since you have ZERO experience as a closer.

#3) You’re Becoming A Salesperson

While there is absolutely nothing wrong being a salesperson. I can tell you it’s definitely not for everyone. But again, the sales pitch leads you to believe that becoming an inbound closer is easy to do. Again, a little misleading.

#4) Competition

While this is a true opportunity. The competition in this industry is fierce. You’re going up against people that have a ton of experience. So, making those daily commissions checks is not going to be easy at all.

The Real Expectations Of Inbound Closer

I want you to step back and look at this opportunity for making money with both eyes wide open. Yes, there is the opportunity but you must really understand what’s involved in order to make this work.

And the real question is. Are you prepared to become an on the phone salesperson? I mean really consider that.

You’re going to have to get on the phone with people everyday and convince them to part with a big chunk of change. And not everyone is going to do that. So, you’re going to be hearing “NO” a lot of times because no one closes at a 100%.

I’ve done sales and on average a good salesperson will close between 20% to 30%. And then there are the really skilled salespeople that can close over 75% of the time.

But remember to become a good salesperson you’re going have to push through a lot of those “NO’s” and that can get pretty discouraging. So, you must be prepared for that.

It’s going to take time to build your skill level as well as your confidence. And if you’re truly prepared to do what it takes to make this opportunity work. Then yes go for it and I hope you make a ton of money.

But also keep in mind you’ll always have to be closing (ABC) to make money.

On The Flip Side

Now that you have a better understanding of how a inbound closer works and what’s involved in making this opportunity work.

Maybe you’re not that keen on becoming an on the phone salesperson. And if so, let me share with you how I’ve created a full time online income.

As I mentioned at the start of my review, I’m an affiliate marketer.

Now just like inbound closer I earn commission from the products and services I promote.

But unlike inbound closer I don’t have to hunt down clients and try and convince them to let me work for them as a salesperson (closer).

And I’ve never had to get on the phone with anyone to sell anything. With hard work and dedication I’ve created a passive monthly income of over $16,000 per month as an affiliate marketer.

Now affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick thing. It is going to take time for you to build your business.

But the opportunity is there to earn as much and even more than following the inbound closer program.

Now is affiliate marketing the business model that’s going to be best suited for you? Honestly, I have no idea. But if you’re still on the fence about starting with inbound closer.

Why not see how affiliate marketing compares to inbound closer and then you can see which of these 2 methods will work best for you.

And my best recommendation for learning how to build a thriving affiliate marketing business is Wealthy Affiliate.

And unlike inbound closer you can get inside wealthy affiliate absolutely free and check everything out.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate, click here.

I believe in you

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