Is Backlinking Dead? Or Is It Just The Way You're Doing It? -

Is Backlinking Dead? Or Is It Just The Way You’re Doing It?

To me backlinking is not dead as a matter of fact I believe backlinking is even more important today then it was let’s say a year ago.

It’s not backlinking that’s dead it’s the methods being used that are.

I’m Being Punished!!

Every so called SEO guru and almost every online marketer is screaming that their backlinking strategies are not working and that they’re getting not only themselves penalized by Google but they’re getting their clients penalized as well.

Well maybe it’s because of the way they’ve been generating backlinks.

Spending $5 on Fiverr to get some putz to use a script that inserts them to some blog network using the same IP address may be one reason. Stop doing that you’re just killing your site!

Or maybe buying some software program to do the work for you. You know push a button and all is done for you – very foolish for thinking that.

Maybe you’re still using article directories and follow blog commenting – after all you did spend all day spinning articles so you can’t let them go to waste. Really, you still think this is a good idea?

It’s The Content

Ok we’ve heard it time and time again that content is king, and when it comes to backlinking this statement could not be more true.

It’s the quality of the content tied to the backlink that’s important.

Remember this: Google will NEVER punish a quality site. This includes yours!!

If you have great content that has great informative useful information and any links you may have that are natural, this includes your whole sites link profile, then you have nothing to worry about.

Look at all the sites that did get hammered in the last update from Google.

Almost every article directory, Yahoo Answers, Livestrong just to name a handful. It’s not the link itself that hurt them it’s the shitty content attached to that link that did them in.

Remember It’s The Quality – Not The Quantity

Gone are the days of having 100’s of links and not caring where the link came from. I’m talking to everyone still using Fiver for link building. STOP!!

It’s now more important then ever to focus on the quality of a link. This being one of great content, high authority and is relevant.

For Example:

Google does encourage guest posting but only if the post brings value to the reader.

If you’re guest posting just for the main reason of generating links – this is going to come an bite you in the ass big time. Your post will be penalized and in turn your site.

Google is taking a very hard line on low quality posts and is cracking down big time on people trying to manipulate the system using thin or irrelevant content that more often then not has a ton of anchored links.

This is why if you’re using guest posting as a way of creating backlinks you MUST be very mindful of where you’re posting. You’ll be rewarded or punished by your association to the site you’re posting on.

And don’t forget your site. Not only is your guest posting quality a factor in your ranking but the quality of the content on your site is a huge factor in Google’s equation.

The bottom Line Is:

it’s the Quality, Quality, Quality of the content and where that content resides that’s the most important factor of backlinking.

I hope you found this helpful if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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