Is AdvoCare A Pyramid Scheme? Not Any More


If you’ve been looking for a way to make money from home, chances are you’re either heard of or have been introduced to the AdvoCare business opportunity. And because of that, you have questions. Questions like; Is AdvoCare a pyramid scheme?

Can you really make money with AdvoCare? How much does it cost to get started? How do you make money?

All valid questions, which I’m going to answer, plus more in my review.

Now, before we get into this you need to know. I’m simply here to show you the pros and cons of the AdvoCare business opportunity and give you my personal opinion about it. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you.

And with that said, let me first say, good on you for taking the time to do your own research before jumping into any business. That alone tells me your serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

Alright, let’s see what AdvoCare is all about.

Quick Overview

Product Name: AdvoCare


Price: $59.00

Founder: Charles E. Ragus

Type Of Product: Health and wellness direct sales company

So, What Is AdvoCare?

Advocare was founded back in 1993 by Charles E. Ragus and markets a wide range of health, wellness, and weight management products.

Now Advocare use to be an MLM company, but in 2019 they had to change their business model from being an MLM business model to a single level direct sales business model because the FTC determined that Advocare was operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

And as such the company has been banned from the multi-level marketing business and agreed to pay $150 million back to consumers.

Now they’re still selling the same products, it’s just the business model for making money that has changed. And I’ll get into that in a moment.

The Products

Before getting into business with any company you need to know what products you’re going to be selling as a distributor.

Now they have a lot of products, so I’m not going to get into the details of each one. If you want to check out the details of each product you can do that here.

But here’s an overview of what they do carry.


  • Here you will find drink mixes, protein bars and ready to drink products

Sports Performance

  • Here’ you’ll find muscle building, endurance, and muscle repair products

Weight Management

  • Here you’ll find weight management products such as meal replacement and dietary supplements


  • Here you’ll find probiotics, vitamins, cleanses, supplements, etc

Now as with all products of this nature because they are considered food, none of them have been approved by the FDA. Which means that Advocare does not have to prove their products are safe or effective.

You also have to remember there are hundreds of other health and wellness companies such as Herbalife, Usana and Jeunesse that sell similar products as Advocare.

So, you have to ask yourself. What makes Advocare different from all of these other hundreds of companies?

So, What Makes AdvoCare Standout?

Like all health and wellness companies each has its own flagship product. And Advocare is no different. The flagship product for Advocare is called “Spark”.

advocare spark

So, what is Spark?

Spark is a sugar free energy drink that contains a unique blend of 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that helps you boost your energy and helps you focus. And comes in 11 different flavors.

So, does it work? Well the reviews vary on that. But that’s to be expected with any product. However, in my research I found that generally the reviews are positive.

advocare amazon reviews

How Do You Make Money With AdvoCare?

Before when they were an MLM company you could make money not only retailing the product. But like all MLM compensation plans you could make money by building a downline and earn from your downline and by climbing the ranks within the companies compensation plan.

Well, not anymore. There is only 1 way to make money with Advocare.

  1. Sell The Products

Here’s how you can earn money.

As a distributor you earn a 20 to 40% from customer purchases. This would be you directly selling to people. You can also earn 5 – 20% commission from Preferred Customers.

What’s preferred customer?

A preferred customer is someone who simply wants to buy product. So, they can sign up as a preferred customer at Advocare referring you as the distributor.

The fee to become a preferred customer is $19.95. As soon as they sign up they will receive a 20% discount on all products. With the ability to earn up to a 30% discount. There is no minimum purchase required by preferred customers.

preferred customer discount

You can also earn the following bonuses as a distributor.

New Customer Sales Bonus

If you enroll 2 new customers each pay period you can earn 1 of 4 bonuses.

  1. 300 QV – $75
  2. 500 QV – $150
  3. 1000 QV – $350
  4. 2000 QV – $800

Total Customer Sales Bonus

Sell to both new and preferred customers and you can earn:

  • $50 for every 500 QV

In order to eligible for this bonus you need at least 1 new customer for each pay period. And that customer must have at least 100 QV. QV is qualified volume.

To become a distributor, it’s going to cost you $59.00, which also gives you an immediate 20% discount on products. You’ll also have access to your own microsite where you can make purchases and have customers buy products, as well as access to distributor training and distributor events.

To stay as a distributor there is an annual renewal fee for $50. There is also no minimum purchase required to maintain your distributorship or your product discount.

So, Can You Make Money With Advocare?

Now at the time of my review and because this is a new compensation plan. There are no numbers I could find giving any idea of the earning potential.

Now with that said, yes, the opportunity is there to earn money. But whether you do or not is a different story. Not everyone is cut out for direct selling. Or selling of any kind.

But for those who are. Typically, it will start with you buying the products and trying them out for yourself. Then if you want you can move to the next step and become a distributor. From there most people will try and sell the products to their friends and family.

Now approaching friends and family can go two ways. People wanting to support your new business, while others will have no interest. While some may want to try the business.

I do know from personal experience and from speaking to many other people. Approaching friends and family usually does not end well.

I also know, as a direct sales person, you better get used to hearing the word “NO”.

What I Like About AdvoCare

#1) Product Discount

If you’re into Advocare’s products as a preferred customer you can recieve an instant 20% discount on all products once you join. And also you have the opportunity to earn as much as a 30% discounts on all products.

#2) There Is An Opportunity Here

You do have the opportunity to make money as a distributor.

#3) Positive Reviews

The reviews of their products in generally positive. And even endorsed by athletes such as Patrick Mahomes of the San Francisco 49’ers.

patrick mahomes

#4) Not An MLM Anymore

There is no worse business model to follow than an MLM business model. And I’m not just saying that. There has been study after study showing that 99% of people that get involved with any MLM will lose money.

At least now with the new business model there is little chance of you losing any money because you do not have to make monthly minimum purchases like most MLM require you to do in order to receive your commissions or bonuses.

All you do now is sell the product. No idiotic qualifications to meet each month.

What I Didn’t Like About AdvoCare

#1) Expensive Products

Despite the new business model many of the products Advocare has are more expensive than other similar products you can find in stores or online such as Amazon.

For instance – Spark which is their brand of energy drink sells for $54.99. If you head to Amazon you can find similar products offering the same results for less money. For example, Pure Boost which is found on Amazon sells for $29.99. So, Spark works out to $1.83 per serving and Pure Boost is only .99 cents per serving.

So, this can be a challenge for you when trying to sell Spark and other products when people can find similar products for less money that offer the same results.

#2) FTC Lawsuit

Advocare had to pay $150 million dollars back to consumers to settle a lawsuit brought against them by the FTC resolved that Advocare was operating an illegal pyramid scheme. And because of this they were also banned from the multi-level marketing business.

That’s why they changed their business model. Not because it was a better business opportunity for you. They were forced to.

#3) Downward Trend

I went to Google Trends and I did a check on Advocare. And as you can see over the past 5 years the interest in Advocare has steadily dropped.

When you get into any business you want to get into a market where the trend is growing and/or steady. And that’s not happening with Advocare

advocare google trends

#4) Restricted Marketing

This is 2020, and marketing online is a must now and in the future. But it seems that Advocare does not want you to build your own website, promote their products and drive that traffic to your Advocare website.

Click the image below and wtach this couple share their experience of how Advocare made then take down their own websites promoting Advocare products.

youtube video

The last thing you want is to be limited in how you can market the products your promoting. If all you can do is in home parties, sell to friends and family you’re going to have a really hard time making any real money with this business.

#4) Not Your Business

Because you’re a distributor for Advocare it’s not your business. You have zero control or ownership of your business. You have to follow all the rules Advocare outlines in their policies and procedures or you can be terminated as a distributor.

When Advocare got sued, it affected over 100,000 distributers. And because of the changes Advocare had to make to their compensation plan and business model. Many of these distributers lost their business. And there wasn’t a single thing they could do about it.

I don’t care how you want to make money online. You have to be in complete ownership and control of your business right from the very start. This way you call the shots and you’re not at risk of losing your business overnight, as you are when you join Advocare.

My Final Opinion Of AdvoCare

Can you make money with Advocare? Sure, the opportunity is there. But in my opinion, I doubt you’re going to make any money let alone turn this into a full time income.

The products are overpriced and not that special. The compensation is not that great and you’re restricted to how you can market. Plus, the reputation of the company has been hard hit.

So, for those reason this is not an opportunity I suggest you get involved with.

Especially when there are far better opportunities out there.

Here’s How I make A Full Time Income Online

When you get right down to it Advocare being a direct marketing company is very similar to Affiliate Marketing. You’re promoting a product and earning a commission.

But there is a big difference with affiliate marketing compared to direct sales marketing as a distributor for a company.

  • You’re in complete control and ownership of your business – you call the shots
  • You can promote anything you want
  • You never have to sell anything to anyone
  • You never have to approach your friends or family
  • You can get your business started for free

And those are just some of the advantages of affiliate marketing.

But what I really love about affiliate marketing is that you can build your business around your hobby or passion. And it makes difference what your online experience is. You can turn your hobby or passion into a full time online income.

Now if the thought of being in complete control of your own business that’s built around your hobby or passion sounds exciting then you really have to take a moment and check out Wealthy Affiliate.

And I say that because since 2005 wealthy affiliate has being providing the tools, resources, training and one on one support for anyone who wants to build a thriving online business as an affiliate marketer.

As a matter of fact, wealthy affiliate has helped me (still does) grow my affiliate marketing business into a multiple 6-figure a year passive income.

And the cool thing is you can check out everything wealthy affiliate has to offer you absolutely free. So put your wallet away you won’t need it.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about AdvoCare and its business opportunity.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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