Is 12 Minute Payday A Scam? It Sure Is -

Is 12 Minute Payday A Scam? – It Sure Is!

12 minute payday Product Name: 12 Minute Payday
Owners: Justin and Steve James
Price: $47 – Plus Lots Of Upsells
Ranking: 1 Out Of 10

Well here we go again. Another program claiming overnight internet wealth. I have to admit it’s getting pretty annoying with all these useless programs polluting the online world.

Justin’s and Steve’s 12 minute payday promises to deliver you $2035.38 every day and in just 12 minutes. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Well, it would be, if it wasn’t anything more than a huge fricking scam. Keep reading as I jump in and show you exactly why you should avoid purchasing this product.

So, What Is 12 Minute Payday?

At its’ core, 12 Minute Payday provides you with squeeze page templates that are designed to capture email addresses from visitors so that you can sell them products in the future. Basically your building a list and then doing email marketing.

This is a reliable method of making money online and has been for some time. I even do it. But the way they teach you do do email marketing is just a recipe for failure.

But beyond sitty training at every turn you’re being pitched to buy another product or service, it’s one upsell after another. These guys could care less if you succeed they just want to suck as much cash out of you as they can.

Who Is 12 Minute Payday For?

12 Minute Payday is designed for people who want to get into email marketing by having a capture page (squeeze page) build a list and then market to that list.

Again, this is a great practice when you’re building an online business, but there are a lot better ways to go about doing it than the methods that are being taught in this program.

www.netwiseprofits.comWhat’s The Price of 12 Minute Payday?

This is where things began to get really sketchy when I first started looking into this product.

When you land on the initial sales page, you are presented with a price, but instead your asked for your email address. This allows the seller to continue to try and sell you products by sending who knows how many emails in the future.

If you provide your email address on this page, you are met with an offer to buy 12 minute payday for $47.

If you either do not provide your email address, or try to leave the page after providing your email address, you are met with the first of two downsells which offer the same product for $37.

While this is a fairly common practice, it’s also pretty scammy for the people who opted to buy the product at full price initially.

If you don’t agree to buy the product for $37, you are met with yet another downsell to try it out for only a one-time payment of $9.

I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty angry if I found out I could’ve bought the same product that I had spent $47 on for only $9.

Once you’re inside of the members’ area the first thing you’re hit with is a phone number. And this number is to a so-called “millionaire mentor”.

I’ve seen this before. You don’t want to call this number. All it’s going to be is some high pressure sales person trying to get you to buy some overpriced useless mentoring program or some other bullshit product that you don’t need.

Here Come The Upsells

Your payment whether it was $47 or $9 gets you only 1 squeeze page and 1 follow up email. If I want the other squeeze pages I have to pay for them.

The first upsell is an email autoresponder service for $25 a month. First, there are numerous autoresponder companies out there that are a lot cheaper and are known for delivering a quality service, such as Aweber and Getresponse just to name a few.

Aside from the necessity of having an email auto-responder, you’re also presented with more upsells throughout the training. I should say a TON more upsells.

You’ll see what I mean when I talk about the training and tools they offer.

toolsWhat Training And Tools Can You Expect?

There are 4 modules of training in the members area.

Module One – Getting Started

Basically this is just a welcome page telling you what to do next. Plus you have access to your 1 squeeze page template.

You’re also hit with your first upsell which I mentioned earlier. This is the overpriced Autoresponder for $24 per month from GVO.

Heads up GVO is another notorious scam product. It seem that birds of a feather do stick together. One scam promoting another scam product, why am I not surprised.

Module Two – Setting Up Your System

In this module you’re going to set up your email capture system which includes setting up your autoresponder.

Creating Optin

Just like it says, here you’re going to create your autoresponder optin for your squeeze page template. And also shown how to place the code for your autoresponder into your squeeze page template.

Commission Account

Here you are shown how to set up an account with Clicksure.

The big problem that I have with Clicksure is they are known for notoriously scammy products from people who have been kicked out of Clickbank or failed to be approved on any other affiliate network.

This is a network you don’t want to have anything to do with.

Manage Clicks

All this is – is a link cloaking and tracking service. Something you don’t really need. And if you do, you can find very high quality programs and plugins that can do all this for free. Just do a search in Goolge.

But Justin and Steve make it sound like it’s a must. And of course they do because they make more money off you. There are 4 different plans available that range form $9 to $99 per month.

Traffic Pool

For $34.95 per month the boys say they will send buyers to your website (squeeze page). Bullshit!! Just another attempt at getting money from you.

Never buy traffic like this. You have no idea who is getting sent to your site, and I’ll bet my next commission check most of these people are NOT buyers.

It’s just brunt out mailing lists being sold over and over again.

Total waste of money.

Module Three – Making Money

In a nutshell these are paid traffic options and are a complete waste of money.

For example they have a program called Webfire for the bargain basement price of only $347. This program is suppose to get you listed at the top of the search results in Google for your chosen keyword.

And they also have a program called 6 Figure Traffic that’s not worth mentioning, well I guess I did. Bottom line it’s total crap just like Webfire.

Programs like this are a complete waste of money. No program can get you to the top of the search engines using keywords. I don’t care what they say, it will never happen.

Module Four – Bonuses

In this section you’ll be offered some so-called free bonuses. But you know that’s not true. At every turn these assholes are gouging you for money, so why stop now – right?

Increase Income 500%

This is simply a link to another scam product called Pure Leverage And of course you have to pay.

Peer Network

Here you’ll be connected to places that do ad swaps. Basically you’re placing your ad on someone else’s mailing list so you can promote programs and products to that list.

And yep, there is a price to all this. As much as $359.95 for 12 months or you could pay as little as $29.95 for just one month.

But using ad swaps from lists you know nothing about is a HUGE risk and more often than not a complete waste of money.

Only do ad swaps with someone you know.

Avoid Scams

Ok this takes balls. A scam telling you how to avoid scams. Do I need to say more?

Mail Creative File

This is a swipe file of pre-written scripts you can load into your autoresponder. The only real usable bonus in the whole fricking program.

supportHow’s The Support?

The support at 12 Minute Payday, aside from refunds, is completely non-existent. There literally isn’t even a support email for the product.

Basically, if you need help during any step of the process provided at 12 Minute Payday, you aren’t going to get it.

You’re on your own. That alone should tell you how shitty this program is.

What I Liked About 12 Minute Payday

There was only one thing that I really like about 12 Minute Payday and that was the fact that it has a core concept that is known to work. Email marketing.

However the way that you’re taught by these guys how to go about being successful using this method is totally wrong.

What I Didn’t Like About 12 Minute Payday

There were several things that I didn’t like about 12 Minute Payday including:

  • Initial Email Capture – Before you can even see the price of the product, the sellers try to capture your email address so that they can send you additional offers in the future.
  • Multiple Downsells – When the same product is offered at multiple price points, it makes me feel as though initial buyers who buy at the base price, are simply being ripped off.
  • Forced Upsells – Upsells that are a necessity in order to use a core product are something that really bothers me. In this instance, you could spend a lot of money just trying to use the system.
  • Fake Testimonials – The testimonials that are included in the sales video are from professional actors on Fiverr.
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My Final Opinion

my opinionWhile email marketing is a great way to generate revenue for your online business.

The method that 12 Minute Payday teaches you can result in wasting a lot of money and not seeing any profit from your efforts.

Having an email list is not a personal ATM. These guys have you believing all you have to do is get subscribers and then hammer them with offer after offer.

This is the fastest way to piss off an email subscriber as well as the fastest way to get people to un-subscribe from your email list.

You need to build a relationship with your email subscribers, and once they know, like and trust you they will buy from you and they will do it over and over again.

They way these pinheads are teaching you is just a waste of time, energy, effort and more importantly money! You’ll never have a truly responsive mailing list that can create a full time income.

Also one of the biggest things that stood out for me besides all the upsells to other useless products and scam programs is there is ZERO training on how to use Free methods of driving traffic to your squeeze pages.

Paid traffic is great when done right, but it’s not the only way.

All they are doing is forcing you to spend more and more money. Money many people don’t have to spare.

Even if you paid at the lowest price of $9, what they show you in regards to setting up an autoresponder you can learn for free , how to set up a website (squeeze page) you can learn for free.

Simply do a search for this information, you don’t have to pay for it and you certainly don’t have to buy all the crap these guys are pitching.

Which brings me to my next point. Since this program is such garbage – and these guys are recommending you to other products. How can you trust what these guys are recommending?

You can’t, that’s my point!

Just avoid this program it’s complete garbage. You’re not going to make thousands of dollars, but I can guarantee you – you will lose thousands of dollars.

If you are wanting to learn email marketing, and learn how to get the traffic for it for free, rather than buying ads, there are far better places you can learn to do all of that – and more!

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about 12 Minute Payday?

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others from getting scammed by Justin and Steve James.

And if you found this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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