How You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates -

How You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Let’s start at the beginning. Before you can sell anything online you need to find out who your customer is, what they want to buy and why are they buying it.

But here’s where most marketers make their biggest mistake. Most marketers try to sell products and services to people that they think they need instead of selling products and services that people want.

BIG difference!

You have to really understand your customer before you try to sell them anything!! Every single person and that includes you goes through certain stages before buying any product or service.

And those stages have been called “The Buying Cycle”

Now there are 3 stages to the buying cycle

1) The “Research Stage”

Most people take the time to do a little research about the product or service they want to buy. Sure there are many people that do what is called “Impulse Buys” but for the most part people do their homework.

How they do their research is varied, it could be through friends and family, going to the book store, any type of print media and let’s not forget the Internet.

The internet is the primary method of research for most people. You see many people can get the basic information about any particular product or service from friends, family, print media and so on. But once they have that info it’s off to the Internet to do some hard core homework.

Next is The “Decision Stage”

In this stage there are two types of people. First there are people that just know what they want and they go out and buy it. But most people will do more homework, and these means they start comparing the product or service they are interested in with other products and services to see which one is best for them.

And finally we have The “Action Stage”

This is where the rubber meets the road sort of speak. At this point it is very hard to derail someone from making a purchase. They have done their homework and they are ready to spend some money.

This is where you want to catch people in the Action Stage, and here is where we answer the question…

How You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates?

So how do you do that?

Ok let’s use golf as our sample here. Big market and if done right there is big money to be made.

You have a website and you have some traffic from your keywords “golf”, “golf balls” or “golf clubs”. First of all just buy those keywords for traffic generation I can tell you that your conversion rate is in the toilet.

And the reason it’s in the toilet is because you’re catching people way too early in the buying cycle. The people coming to your site are in the research stage of their buying cycle, there’re not ready to buy just yet.

So let’s catch them deeper into the buying cycle. So now it’s your turn to do some homework. Let’s use “golf clubs” and let’s do some more digging.

Ok after a little work you discover that people are looking for drivers and putters. But this is still to broad of a term, these people are still researching, we want people in the action stage.

So off we go to do some more digging and now we find there are a whole whack (sorry for the pun) of people looking for a Ping G15 Fairway Wood.

This is a laser targeted customer that is a serious buyer. And how do we know she is a serious buyer? Just the search term alone is your clue. Only a serious buyer would do a search for a Ping G15 Fairway Wood.

Researcher: Golf clubs

Buyer: PingG15 Fairway Wood

By thinking like the buyer of your product or service and refining your search terms, which are your keyword phrases. You will naturally increase your conversion rates because you will be catching people later in the buying cycle.

Now all you do is take those long tail keyword phrases and use them in all your marketing, PPC, classified ads, articles and so on, and you’re good to go.

Just by following the natural steps every buyer takes you will automatically and naturally skyrocket your conversion rates.

If you concentrate on increasing your conversions, you could have a small amount of laser targeted traffic coming to your site and make more money then someone that has a ton of broad traffic.

Simple math; better conversions means more money!!

I believe in you

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