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How To Use YouTube For Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing youtubeToday I want to talk about how to use YouTube for affiliate marketing by using it as a free traffic source to your website and what I’m up to with this site and YouTube.

We all need traffic to our websites in order to build our affiliate business.

And yes there are plenty of ways to generate traffic. You have PPC, Content, Media, Facebook, Google+, AdSense, Ezines, heck I could go on and on. But I think many people are missing the boat when it comes to YouTube.

Now I’m no stranger when it comes to using YouTube to send free traffic to my websites. In fact I did a case study about one of my affiliate websites using just YouTube videos as my free traffic source.

And by just using YouTube for traffic that one website is generating on average $65,000 per year in affiliate income. And all I do is create 1 new video every 2 weeks. Now of course it did not start out that way. In the beginning I was creating a video per week.

But because of the consistency of creating videos, which as of today I have create 155 videos. All I have to do now is create 1 video every 2 weeks and my traffic is still consistently coming to that site.

Here’s Where I’ve Dropped The Ball

I have a YouTube channel for this site, and yes I was creating videos for a while but for whatever reason I stopped creating videos and focused more on creating written content for this site.

And that’s not a bad thing. Creating content is certainly not a waste of time. It does over time generate free traffic to any website. But here’s the thing. I enjoy creating videos more than I do writing content.

So I’m now going to start creating weekly videos and get that wonderful free traffic from YouTube coming to this site.

The Future Of Content Marketing

Remember content is not just the written word, content comes in many forms and video is 1 form of content and video marketing is the way of the future when it comes to content marketing.

Still need a little more convincing?

Here are some stats regarding the future of video marketing. This is a screenshot from an article posted on Feb. 3rd, 2017 on Forbes. You can read the entire article here.

video marketing stats

Even Mark Zuckerberg sees video as the next “Mega Trend“. In fact back in 2015 when Zuckerberg attended the annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco and he said “Fast forward five years, it’s going to be video,” If you look out even further, it will be more immersive content like AR and VR.”

Well were 3 years in from him saying that and Facebook is becoming more and more video focused.

Now one thing that’s not mentioned is that videos typically rank faster and higher than written content. And I speak from experience. With the videos I create for my other site I have countless first page rankings in Google.

So Here’s My Plan Moving Forward

Starting on Tuesday September 5th 2017 I’m going to upload 1 new video to my YouTube channel every week.

Now these videos are going to be on average less than 2 minutes long and I’m going to add some of these video to my already published content posts/pages. And speaking of content, it’s the content that I have already created here on my site that’s going to be my source for my video content.

I’m also going to add the link to the video on my Video page which I already have added to my sites menu.

I’ve already created 1 video and by Monday I’ll have another video created. I’ll update this post on Tuesday with the process of creating the videos and how I’ll be using Cards and End Screens to get people off YouTube and to my site.

I’ll also cover how I do the SEO (search engine optimization) for the videos as well as the construction of the videos. So make sure to come back for these updates.

Here’s What I’m Not Going To Worry About

Typically when people use YouTube they are focused on getting as many subscribers as they can to build their channel. And that’s ok, but I’m not focused on subscribers. Yes if I get subscribers that’s ok, but my focus is to get people off YouTube and to my site.

Ok that’s it for now, you now know what I’m going to be up to. Today is Friday and it’s the start of the weekend, in fact it’s the start of the Labour Day long weekend. So enjoy the weekend. And I’ll have that update for you on Tuesday.

Ok Here’s Tuesdays Update

So I have uploaded my video to my YouTube channel. I created a new playlist where I’m going to put similar videos. This video is from my mini course where I go inside wealthy affiliate.

I’ve also placed the video on my wealthy affiliate review page as well as placed a link to the video on my video page.

I create all my videos using Camtasia. I have both the old Camtasia 8 and the new Camtasia 9. I have both because you can’t do certain things in Camtasia 9 that you can do in Camtasia 8.


As for uploading the video to YouTube and the SEO for the video. I have this in greater detail in my case study post using just video to make an additional $65,000 with YouTube.

But let me quickly go over it here. First when I created the video I saved the video file in the keyword phrase I want to rank for, this also ends up being the title of the video when you upload it to YouTube.

I then pasted my script for the video in the description area, as well as included links to my site and I also added my keyword phrase and YouTube link to teh video to the end of the description.

You always want to take advantage of the description area. YouTube gives you up to 5000 characters for your description. YouTube uses this as part of their ranking algorithm, plus you can naturally add more keywords about your video.

I also created a custom thumbnail. This is the image that will be seen in the SERP’s (search engine results page). You want a custom thumbnail as it can be used as a call to action to get people to watch your video.

This is my custom thumbnail:

my custom thumbnail

I also added tags to my video making sure I used the keyword phrase as the first tag and then my websites name second and other relevant tags.

how to use youtube for affiliate marketing

I then added links at the end of my video using the End Screens feature in YouTube. Now I created my video so that I could add this links to the end of my video. I did not use Cards for this video as it was a screencast video and I was using the End Screens option.

I then shared my video on my Google Plus account as well as my Facebook business page.

And that’s it. I will do this with every video I create. However I may add the video to my post content as a condensed recap of the content and some I may not.

So let’s see what happens, of course I’ll keep you updated on things.

I believe in you!!

Before you go feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

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