How To Spot A Scam -

How To Spot A Scam

Its Friday so let’s end the week with a rant shall we?

Ok by now you must know I have a severe hate for these pin head guru’s – oh sorry so-called self-proclaimed pinhead gurus pitching shit every day.

Why am I so pissed again? Well one of my friends (and you know who you are) – don’t worry she knows I’m posting this rant.

Anyway she emailed me AFTER she just spent more money on some BS promise of wealth overnight program. This is the 6th time just so you know.

I guess she’ll never learn until these cons have all her money – and it drives me crazy knowing this is happening and she is not hearing what I’m saying!!

Look I know these slick videos and/or webinars push all the right buttons – there’re designed that way. You know the routine – all you have to do is this and that, sit back in your underwear and you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams.


So I asked her to give me the link to the video she watched and I screamed “Are you fricking kidding me!!!!” when I saw it.

The video starts off with some bonehead (actor) driving up in an Escalade (rented) to this huge house (rented) and the first words out of his mouth are…

“Welcome to my humble abode”

Ok how you can tell an offer is a scam?

1) Driving up in an Escalade to a huge house (both probably rented)

2) The video spends the first 10 minutes showing you daily ClickBank incomes in the thousands of dollars and how easy it is to get this income.

3) The actor (it’s never the real product creator) tells you that he has been doing this for years and before that he was living under a bridge in his car and one day he discover this never before way of making money online – fast and easy.

Makes you wonder how he can afford to be online but not have a roof over his head… Hmmmm.

4) He just has to share this information with you because he feels so guilty for making so much money.

Trust me if someone is making $1000 of dollars per day – the reality is they will probably just keep quietly making the money, with no guilt.

5) When you try to leave the sales page there are one time offers one after another – to the point of letting you try the product for free.

Come on give your head a shake you’re smarter than this – stop falling for this shit – stop going broke $97 or $47 at a time.

I know everyone wants to make money online, and it’s possible for anyone to do that – but you will NEVER and I mean NEVER make a dime if you keep chasing these idiots promising you easy money.


Until you get that burned into your brain you will never have a snowballs chance in hell to create a profitable business online.

The next time you get an email like this – just delete it you’re not missing anything. Better yet get off these mailing lists – block their email addresses, do what ever you have to so they cannot get to you.

Making money online is not sexy, it’s not easy, it takes dedication and hard work. Remember it’s a business and like any business there are specific steps and actions you have to do each day.

If you stay focused on that you WILL be successful.

Remember I’m here to help you anyway I can – please take advantage of that, and this is probably as good as time as any to mention this.

If you need mentors – real people that will help you then I suggest you check out The Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll be surrounded by the top marketers in the world, no scams, no bullshit – just like minded people who are making money online and are will to help anyone who wants to do the same.

Why do you think I’m a member?

And if you have question – leave a comment or email me.

Have a kick ass weekend and I’ll see you on the other side.

I believe in you

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