How To Make A Landing Page - Here's 11 Tips -

How To Make A Landing Page – Here’s 11 Tips

landing pageI’ve often been asked how to make a landing page. Now years ago, making a landing page was a lot harder but with the tools available to you today it’s so much easier to build these pages.

So today I thought I would share with you the steps I go through when making my landing pages and the landing page tool I use.

So Why Is It Called A Landing Page?

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage and it’s used for online marketing and it’s called a landing page because it’s where a visitor “lands” when coming from some type of paid advertising, such as a Bing PPC (pay per click) campaign a Google AdWords campaign or any other form of paid advertising.

There are 2 types of landing pages, you have…

Lead Generation – and as the name states these are used to gather lead information such as names and email addresses.

Click Through – these are used for e-commerce. This page has a simple call to action.

Today I’m going to be talking about a Lead Generation landing page to build your mailing list. Buliding an optin list of targeted responsive subscribers needs to be part of your total overall marketing strategy.

And the reson is, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use. Believe me, it’s so much easier to sell to someone that you have a relationship with then someone you have zero relationship with.

The average conversion rate for a e-commerce landing page is between 2 and 5%. Now that varies due to the market you are in, the offer you have and of course your audience’s behavior.

However, email conversions with a warm targeted mailing list can be 30% and higher. So the goal is to get people on your list where you have the opportunity to build that relationship and have a shot at those higher conversions.

So it goes without saying having a successful optin (landing) page is going to be crucial for building your list. Now there are many differnt designs for landing pages, but the elements of the page don’t vary.

So for the rest of this tutorial I’m going to use this sample landing page to reference the different elements.

landing page sample

Elements Of A Successsful Lead Generation Landing Page

1) An Eye Catching Headline – Your headline has to grab your visitors attention right away. Many marketers call this the “hook”. Your headline must outline the benefit your offer has.

So in my example landing page the benefit is that my free report will show you the best way to create landing pages

2) Keep Your Page Clean – When it comes to your optin page less is more. You want to keep the layout simple and visually appealing. Forget the flashing images and all that garbage.

In my example landing page it came with a ocean background. It’s nice and clean with no distractions. Or you can have a neutral colored background. But don’t have for example black background with a red font. (Don’t laugh there are still people that think black and red looks good, baffles me to no end)

And use web friendly font styles such as Tahoma, Veranda or Arial. In my example landing page I’m using Arial.

3) No External Links – Never have any external links on your optin page that take people off (away) from your page. You don’t want your visitor to get distracted by anything and end up leaving your page all together.

The only links that you have on your page are the ones that are linked to your Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact page. And have these at the bottom of your page, they are accessible but they don’t distract the visitor.

That’s one thing to remember you don’t want to distract your visitor from the offer (message) of your landing page.

4) Create Curiosity – Provide a benefit but leave it unclear. A great saying I heard to describe this is “Useful But Incomplete”. You want your visitor thinking “This sounds like exactly what I’m looking for and even if its not. It’s no big deal because it’s free”

You’ll notice in my sample landing page I have 3 bullet points where I can add benefits of my free report as well as creating curiosity about my free report.

5) Only Ask For What You Need – All you need is someone’s “First Name” and their “Primary Email Address”. You don’t need any more then that. I’ve even have had landing pages that have just asked for an email address. Can’t get less than that.

As soon as you start asking for more than that such as addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and such you’ll get nobody’s info.

Things like addresses and phone numbers are only asked if someone is purchasing a product, and it’s not you asking that information on your landing page it’s the payment processor such as Paypal.

The landing page I’m using has what’s called a 2 step optin. As soon as the visitor clicks the download button a popup appears, and this is where they enter their contact info.

Here’s what the popup looks like for this landing page:

landing page sample step 2

6) Have A Privacy Statement – Even when just providing an email address people want to know their information is safe.

So, make sure you let your visitors know that their information is going to be safe and you’re not going to sell, rent or give it to anyone for any reason. The best place for this is right at the bottom of your optin form.

You’ll see that the privacy statement in my example landing page is at the bottom of the page but it’s also in larger text so it stands out.

7) Include A Contact Link – Make sure you have a way for people to get in contact with you. People may have questions. It also shows people that you’re not hiding and if they need to get a hold of you they can.

8) Your Page Has Only One Function – Your lead generation landing page is not there to sell or pitch ANYTHING!! It’s only function is to gather contact info. Nothing else!!

When it comes to your landing page your visitor has ONLY two choices:

They either give you their contact information to get your free “whatever”


They leave your page without giving you their info.

9) Offer Something Of REAL Value And Offer It For Free – In order to get people to give you their contact information you have to give them something of real value.

And this free “thing” cannot be found anywhere else other than at your site. Things you can give away are an eBook, a report, an online course or even some software.

10) Remind Your Visitor It’s FREE – Make sure you remind your visitor that what they are about to receive is absolutely free and they have nothing to lose.

In my example landing page I mention it a few times. First in the headline and then as part of the text in the download button.

landing page sample free

11) Test, Test And Test Again – Increasing your subscriber rates is an on going process, so you always want to be testing your page. Just make sure when you make a change you only change one element at a time.

So if you decide to change the header, only change the header. Because if you change more then one element you won’t know which one had a positive or negative effect on your page.

My Best Tool For Building Landing Pages

The tool that I use for building my landing page is Thrive Architect and you can find out more about Thrive Architect here. The sample landing page template is just one of over 220 templates you can choose from.

Here’s a snapshot of one my landing pages I created with Thrive Architect. This is a 2 step optin landing page. I’ve used this page with great success for my Bing PPC campaigns.

landing page sample mine

I also have it as part of my homepage for this website. My homepage is not a true landing page because people can link off the page and get into my site, so this is called a soft-landing page.

My Final Thoughts

As I said building a responsive optin mailing list is a strategy you should include in your marketing efforts, but it is an advanced technique, because it does involve Pay Per Click advertising which costs money.

And I don’t recommend going the paid advertising route until you have the foundations of building a successful online business under your belt first. So, if you’re just starting out online I recommend checking out my #1 recommendation for building and growing a successful online business.

It will show you how to turn your hobby or passion into a thriving online business. This is the same program that helped me add an additional $7900 to my monthly income. Click here for the exact same steps I followed.

And then when you have that solid foundation for building your online business under your belt you can easily add advanced marketing techniques such as building a mailing list to your overall business building strategy.

I hope you found this information useful. If so feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me.

I believe in you!

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