How To Find Your Niche Market – It Super Easy

finding your niche

Before I get into how to find your niche market, let me say this:

First and foremost, building your business online should be FUN!! You certainly don’t want to end up creating another job for yourself.

You’ve heard the saying – if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

And it’s absolutely true.

I want you to wake up each morning excited about your business. Because if you’re excited about your business the more productive you’re going to be. And the more productive you are, the more successful you’re going to be.

I personally live by the motto:

If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, then what’s the point of doing it?

And I absolutely love being an affiliate marketer – because it allows me to make money doing the things I’m passionate about.

And I want the same for you.

So today we’re going to go through the steps for finding your niche. And by doing this we’re going set the foundation for your online success.

So, What’s A Niche?

Now for some people this word “niche” is confusing. And there is no need for that.

As defined by the dictionary: A niche is a distinct segment of a market.

In other words, it’s a group of people looking to buy something specific within a market.

So, when you hear the word niche, I also want you to hear the word “audience” because that’s really what a niche is – a specific audience.

So, from now on when you think niche – think audience.

Finding Your Interests And Passions

If you want to achieve outstanding success in your online business you need to choose a niche that gets you excited.

Like a hobby, a passion or even something you have a huge interest in and you get excited when you talk about it and want to learn more about. By doing this you’re going to choose a niche that’s right for you.

And that’s very important because you’re going to be in your niche for a long time and you certainly don’t want to be in a niche you have little or no interest in.

Building a successful online business is hard work and at some point, while building your business, you’re going to have challenges.

And when a challenge comes along you certainly don’t want to be in a niche you really don’t care about. Because if you are, the chances of you quitting increase big time. Especially if you’re just starting out.

But if you’re in a niche that keeps you excited each day. Those days when you are tested with your business. The chances of you folding your tent and walking way are far less likely to happen.

And I’m speaking from experience when I tell you this.

There have been many occasions when I’ve wanted to pack it in. But my passion for my niche helped me work through those frustrations and I kept moving forward. Plus, I also knew my why.

When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s a powerful resource that will help you keep moving towards your goals when you have those challenging days.

Ok, Let’s Find Your Niche

If you’re like a lot of people you’re probably interested in a lot of different things. And because of that many people can struggle deciding on a niche.

So, if you’re not sure which direction to go. Here’s a simple process that can help you if you have several interests.

Here’s some prompts to help you out.

  • What do you look forward doing in your spare time? (hobbies)
  • What websites do you frequent?
  • What mailing lists are you on?
  • Is there a topic that your friends and family always come to you for answers?
  • What gets you excited?

Now make a list of everything that you have a passion for or are really interested in. And from that list, circle the top 3 things that get you really excited. And out of that list choose one.

And don’t worry about the other things on your list you can always build separate businesses around those niches later if you want. For now, you just want to focus on the niche you just picked.

Plus, you don’t want to be focusing on more than one niche at a time when you’re just starting. If you do that, you’ll find you’ll not be very successful in any niche because your time will be split.

The reality is it only takes one website focused on a single niche to create a thriving business online.

Time To Narrow Down Your Niche Further

Now I don’t want to confuse you, yes, we have been finding your niche. But at this point from the topics on your list you’ve probably identified your market more than your actual niche.

Here’s what I mean.

When you made your list of your interests and passions those where probably very broad terms.

For example, this list:

  • Dogs
  • Yoga
  • Cooking, etc.

Those are Markets, not niches. Remember a niche is a distinct segment of a market.

So now you need to dig down into your market to discover your actual niche.

So, let me give you an example of a huge market. And then show you the niche’s that you could target within that market.

A very popular market is Health. But the health market itself is very general and is way too broad.

As with any huge market. When people are searching for solutions, they’re searching for a specific solution. There are not doing a search in Google for Health.

So, let’s take that list and define some niches in those markets.

So, for example:

The Yoga Market:

Men over 50 wanting to lose weight using yoga is a targeted niche with the health market.


The Cooking Market:

Gluten free recipes for weight loss is a targeted niche with the health market.

Other examples of huge markets where you can find all sorts of very profitable niches are:

  • Pets
  • Self-Improvement
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Investing
  • Making Money Online
  • Gadgets & Technology
  • Personal Finance

Time To Do Some Research

Now that you have a niche it’s time to do some research regarding your choice.

To have a profitable business you first need to find problems your audience is experiencing and determine if you can provide infromation and resources that can solve their problems.

So, you need to understand the pain points of your audience.

So how do you do that?

Go to online communities such as Quora or Reddit and read the comments and questions being asked by your audience.

Go to related and or relevant websites and read the comments and questions being left by the visitors on those sites.

Talk to people. Talk to your friends and family and ask them questions. What are they feeling, discover their pain points.

Do keyword research. Use the information you’ve gathered from the other sources mentioned above to uncover related pain point related search terms.

You can use free tools such as the Google Ad Words Keyword Planner. Ubersuggest or Jaaxy for your research.

And when doing this research keep track of your data. Because this is the same keyword information that you can use to create content for your website.

Now, I did a complete tutorial on how to do keyword research for content marketing. And you can follow that tutorial here. But before you do let’s keep finding your niche.

Research Your Competition

Competition is good. In fact, you want some healthy competition. Because if there’s healthy competition it shows you that you’ve probably found a profitable niche.

So, jump into Google and start looking at your competitors’ websites and see what they are doing.

You’re looking at the type of content they are creating. Is the quality there or is it weak? Who’s their targeted audience. How engaged is their audience?

Do you see any gaps that could be filled by you? Can you come at things from a different angle? What kinds of pain points do they address?

By understanding your competition, you can see how you can do things differently and stand out from everyone else.

Determine The Profit Potential

During your research you should have an idea of the profitability of your niche.

It’s very important to know if the niche you’re in has a need and people are willing to pay for what you have to offer.

Now, one of the best markets you can place yourself in, is evergreen markets.

And if you’re not sure what an evergreen market is. This is a market that is always in demand and tends to outperform other markets on a consistent basis.

And example of an evergreen market would be Relationships, Money, Health, etc. People are always looking for products, resources, solutions in these types of markets.

You can continue with your market research by heading to Google trends to find trending topics and highly searched keyword terms. And of course, to can do this research for the market (niche) you have chosen.

This will let you see if your niche is stable, is it declining or is it rising. And this should go without saying. But you don’t want to choose a niche that is declining.

You want to build your business around a niche that’s going to last along time. Again, think evergreen.

Here’s an example. As you know I’m an affiliate marketer and I also personally coach people who want to get into affiliate marketing.

As you can see “affiliate marketing” has been consistently showing interest over the years. This is the advantage of being in an evergreen market.

affiliate marketing google trends

Time To Find The Right Product(s) For Your Niche

Ok, now that you have your niche. It’s time to find the right product(s) that aligns with your niche.

This is another important step in your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Because not all products are created equal and where you source these products from are not equal either.

So, to learn about how to choose the right product for your niche. I put together 8 simple steps that you can follow so you can be sure you’ve found the right product for your niche.

Now maybe you already have a product(s) in mind. And if you do, that’s fantastic!

However, you may want to still have a look at the 8 steps I’ve outlined regarding the right product selection for your niche. And you’ll find these 8 steps here.

My Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve discovered your niche. The next step in your online journey is to build your website.

Once you’ve done that, you need to start taking the steps to drive traffic to your website so you can start generating revenue. And to get that traffic flowing starts with consistently creating exceptional content that helps people and lets you stand out from the crowd.

Now generating traffic through content creation takes time. The traffic is not going to appear overnight. It takes time for the traffic to develop. But with patience and being consistent, you will be rewarding for your hard work.

And if you you’re just starting your online businees or you need further help building your online business you should take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

Everything you need to build and scale your online business can be found there. Including personal one-on-one help for me.

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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