How To Find Keyword Ranking In Google -

How To Find Keyword Ranking In Google

find keyword ranking So you’re bopping along adding new fresh engaging content to your website. Of course this is after you’ve spent time doing the proper keyword research for your keywords.

Am I’m talking about low hanging fruit keywords. One’s that have little competition and good search volume.

If you’re not familiar with low hanging fruit keywords or how to do proper keyword research. You’ll find detailed training I did covering all of that right here.

And now after all your hard work you want to see where your keywords (content) is ranking in google. Because the goal of creating great content, besides providing quality information for your visitors is to generate traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website and the more traffic you have the more successful your website will be. And the way to generate more traffic is to get your content (keywords) ranked at the top of the search engines.

Now after doing your keyword research you’ll know the competition of your keyword but how do you check and track the ranking of your keyword(s) to see how they are doing in the SERPS? (search engine results page)

There are a few ways you can do this.

I’m going to use my own content as an example. I did a review on June 8th 2015 about The Directory Of Ezines. So let’s see how my content is doing in the rankings so far after just one month.

browser-iconsUsing Your Browser

One method is to use your browser. This is the method I use. I find it fast and very accurate.

Now you don’t want to just put your keyword right into your browser you want to make sure you switch your browser to Private or Incognito Mode.

The reason being if you just put your keywords into google or any browser you’ll not get accurate results.

You see your browser remembers your search history so it will bring back results more in tune with what you want to see not what you need to know.

You don’t want that, you want the true results of your rankings.

And before you ask. No clearing your cache will not help. You need to be in private or incognito mode.

Now each browser is different so opening things to private or incognito mode is different as well. I use Google Chrome as my primary browser.

So to open chrome to incognito mode simply click on the Menu icon at the top right of the browser. A drop down menu will appear, now click New Incognito Window.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + N keys at the same time. Either way a new incognito window will now open up.Menu icon

And if you use Firefox simply click the Menu icon in the top right of your browser. It looks just like the google chrome icon. When the drop down menu appears click on New Private Window.

And just like chrome, you can use the following keyboard shortcut by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + P keys at the same time.

If you’re using a different browser you can simply do a search in google to find out how to open your browser in the incognito mode or private mode.

You can use this search term:

How do I open (name of browser) in private mode

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Let’s See My Results

Ok so I used the incognito mode in chrome and I put my keywords into the search bar and here’s my results.

incognito results
Not bad I’m on page 2 in the 3rd spot for this search term. So I’m moving up pretty fast. Not long I’ll be on the first page and my traffic will increase.

Now personally I don’t obsess over my rankings. I know some people that check their ranking everyday. To me that’s a complete waste of time. Not much if anything is going to happen in a day not even in a week really.

For me I’ll check my rankings once per month. That’s good enough. So in the middle of each month I set time aside to check my rankings for my keywords.

I have an excel spreadsheet which has a list of my keywords, the number of competing pages, the number of average searches and the amount of traffic I can expect when I hit the first page of the search results.

You may be asking how do I get all this information about my keywords? I have the help of a very powerful keyword tool called Jaaxy.

I did a complete tutorial about proper keyword research and in it I use Jaxxy. You can see Jaaxy in action in that tutorial here. Or you can try Jaxxy for free for the first 30 search terms.

Oh I should mention that inside Jaaxy you can also check the ranking of your keywords with the Site Rank tool. It will show the results of the first 20 pages in the search results.

So here’s my results using Jaaxy. It also shows I’m on page 2 and that my content has climbed up the rankings by 5 positions.

Jaaxy site tool

Neat Little Website

Another way to check your keyword rankings is to use a free website rank checker.

Now there are a bunch of these types of sites online but I have found this one to be the most straightforward and easiest to use and it’s bang on accurate.

It’s called appropriately enough What Page Of Search Am I On.

The link above will take you there and here is the sites URL:

It’s very easy to use. You simply put your keyword(s) and your URL into the form fields and then click Search.

search site

And here’s the results of my search using my keywords. Again this shows I’m on page 2 of the search results for my keyword term.

search site results

Ok That’s It

So there you go, a few different ways of checking your keyword ranking in Google. Like I said I don’t obsess over my keyword rankings.

Checking once per month is fine for me, you may be different but there is no need to go crazy when it comes to checking your rank.

Now if you’re still struggling with understanding proper keyword research and keyword rankings. I have training here that you can go through. You’ll find the links to all my free training in the top menu of my site.

Or you may want to take a moment and check out the wealthy affiliate. You’ll find very in depth training on this as well as complete step by step training on how to build your own a thriving online business.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you found this information helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with your audience.

And of course if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

I Believe In You!

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