How To Find Good Keywords

I’m just heading out for the day, actually by the time you get this I’ll be on the ski hill. Wish me luck haven’t skied in a while.

While I try not to break my neck I want to share a quick tip regarding keyword research.

Everyone is searching for great keywords, we have to so we can keep generating content. It’s just part of the whole process on content marketing.

keywordsBut it can be a challenge to find those keywords sometimes.

Here’s how I find tons of keywords, and maybe you already do this, but for those that don’t here’s what to do.

Once a month I do a keyword ranking check on my used keywords to see how I’m doing. And to do this I simply open the incognito mode of Chrome and then I enter my keyword phrases one by one and see where they rank.

I don’t check past the second page, there’s no point.

When I find my content on the first page or second page I record it, but what I also do is see who is ranking above and below me.

Now I’m not looking for the same keyword phrase I’m ranking for. I’m looking at the other keyword phrases that are ranking above and below me.

Now I do this on the first page only. I check the second page just to see if I’m getting close to a first page ranking.

And even if I’m not ranked on the first page (yet), I still check out the other keyword phrases that are ranking.

I then copy all these keyword phrases down. I then go to my keyword tool Jaxxy and check on the competition and the search volume of these new keyword phrases I’ve found.

The cool thing about Jaaxy is it gives me all this info with one click of a button, HUGE time saver – gotta love that.

Now by doing this I usually end up with 10 or 20 new keyword phrases that have low competition and good search volume.

I have a detailed post all about proper in depth keywords research so not all the keywords I find fit that criteria, remember it’s all about low hanging fruit.

But for the ones that do I have 10 to 20 new keywords I can use for my content that have a really good chance of getting ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines.


You’ve heard this saying K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid

I live by this rule.

The one thing I see so many people doing and this is the one thing that is keeping them from achieving the success the so deserve online, is they make things Complicated.

Being online, making money online is not complicated. You’ll find the more you keep things simple the more success you’ll have.

Not to mention less stress.

Not only does this apply to keyword research it applies to everything!!

leo emeryTake Me For Example 

I’ve had such a change of mindset when it comes to working online.

I’m trimming things down to make my day to day life online as simple as possible. But at the same time as efficient as possible.

You may have noticed I don’t post like a madman any more.


Because I don’t have to. Why be ruled by a fricken search engine. I’m pulling more and more away from SEO. I hate relying on Google to make or break my traffic/business.

Yes it is a big part of getting your site seen as an authority, get rankings and such. I am not disputing that. Creating content will never change, it’s always goign to be a part of your marketing.

But it’s not the only way of generating traffic. There are so many other ways. In fact I did a post inside the wealthy affiliate where I outlined how I made an additional $35,000 so far this year just using videos.

You can read that post by clicking here.

Next year, I’m going to spend my time focusing more on paid traffic. This way I am in total control of my traffic. And not be at the mercy of the search engines.

So if Google decides to do some goofy algorithm change like they always like to do or have a brain fart it will not kill my traffic. I will not be as strongly affected because SEO will not be my main source of traffic.

Plus no more waiting weeks and months waiting for traffic to slowly appear. I can now have it within hours or even minutes. Which means I can be earning money within hours or minutes.

I’ll be do doing PPC, Media Buys, Pop Up Advertising and Facebook Ads just to name a few methods.

So Next Year

So what’s up for me?

Well next year I’m concentrating on my squeeze pages and driving people into my sales funnels. I’m creating a few of my own products, again driving people to a squeeze page and getting them into a sales funnel.

This website will be my place to share what I’m doing so if you want you can follow along, this way giving you a rough blueprint of what’s happening.

I will still do reviews but not so often, my focus will be in these other areas I have mentioned. Go where the money is, that’s what I say.

My financial goal for next year is to break the 2 million dollar mark. I’ve been close but still haven’t cracked that. And within 5 years I plan on doing over 10 million.

Big goals but I can do it.

Also a lot of my focus will be my continued mentoring of people inside the wealthy affiliate and sharing what I know and learn.

I’ll be doing that more and more there then I will be doing it on my site. And the reason is simple. I have instant engagement with people through Live Chat, I see instant results and get instant feedback.

There I get to help people in the moment, not like on my site where it’s not as interactive and is slow. So I’m going to be where I’m most needed and have the biggest impact.

My goal has always been to help the people that want help.

And if you want more of that type of mentoring from me, not to mention a whole community of experts then next week would be the perfect time to join the WA.

Yes it’s still free to join, but next week they have their Black Friday special for upgrading to a premium membership and it’s the lowest price for a yearly membership they ever have.

Actually that’s when I upgraded to a premium membership is during their Black Friday event.

If you want to get in on that, I’m also including some great bonuses for you:

To get notified when the doors open on November 27th at 9:00am (pst) I’ll post a notice here on my site.

Alright that’s it, have a great weekend.

I believe in you

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