How To Find A Profitable Niche Market Online -

How To Find A Profitable Niche Market Online

target-nicheBefore I get into how to find a profitable niche market online, let me say this:

First and foremost building your business online should be FUN!! You certainly don’t want to end up creating another job for yourself.

You’ve heard the saying – if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.

And it’s absolutely true.

I want you to wake up each morning excited about your business. If you’re excited about your business the more productive you’re going to be and the more productive you are the more successful you’re going to be.

I personally live by the motto:

If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, then what’s the point of doing it?

And I absolutely love being an affiliate marketer – because it allows me to make money doing the things I’m passionate about.

And I want the same for you – so today we’re going to discover what gets you excited – what’s your passion and by doing this we’re going set the foundation for your online success.

So to begin this process we have to talk about niche’s first.

What’s A Niche?

Now for some people this word “niche” is confusing. And there is no need for that.

As defined by the dictionary: A niche is a distinct segment of a market.

In other words it’s a group of people looking to buy something specific within a market.

So when you hear the word niche I also want you to hear the word “audience” because that’s really what a niche is – a specific audience.

So from now on when you think niche – think audience.

You’re Starting Point – Doing It Right

If you want to achieve outstanding success in your business you need to choose a niche about something that gets you excited.

Like a hobby, a passion or even something you have a huge interest in and you get excited when you talk about it and want to learn more about. By doing this you’re going to choose a niche that’s right for you.

And that’s very important because you’re going to be in your niche for a long time so you certainly don’t want to be in a niche you have little or no interest in.

Think about it, if someone told you you could make great money in the taxidermy niche and you have zero interest in taxidermy, and have no interest for learning more about it. How long do you think you would last in this niche no matter how much potential there was?

I call tell you you won’t last very long.

You Have To Be Narrow Minded

Many times when people are trying to find their audience they end up making the mistake of jumping into to broad of a market and not digging down to get more specific within that market.

So let me give you an example of a huge market and then show you the niche’s that you can target within this market.

One of the most popular markets is Health. But the health market itself is very general and is way too broad. When people are searching for solutions for health they’re searching for a specific solution.

By digging deeper into the health market you can find a targeted audience.

So for example:

  • People wanting to lose weight using yoga is a targeted niche with the health market.
  • People looking for gluten free recipes is a targeted niche with the health market.
  • People looking for acne skin care treatments is a targeted niche with the health market.

And this is just a few examples in the health market. The opportunities are endless not just in the health market but in all markets. And you can build a thriving fulltime business in any one of them!!

Don’t Over Think Things

Remember this, the first niche you choose probably won’t be the last one you choose. So please don’t over think this and don’t get hung up on choosing your niche.

Like I said start with a hobby, passion or something that gets you really excited do that and you’ll be just fine. You should easily be able to pick your first niche within 30 minutes.

A Simple Process

Here’s a simple process that can help you if you have several interests. Make a list of all your hobbies, passions or things you’re really interested in and are excited to learn more about.

From this list circle the top three things that get you really excited and then out of that list choose one. This will be your starting point

And don’t worry about the other things on your list you can always build separate businesses around those niches later for now you just want to focus on the niche you just picked.

Plus you don’t want to be focusing on more than 1 niche at a time when you’re just starting. If you do that you’ll find you’ll not be very successful in either niche because your focus will be split.

Remember it only takes one niche to create a thriving business online.

And to profitable market your niche I recommend this training.

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anyhting you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!
Leowealthy affiliate

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