How To Enable Comments In Wordpress -

How To Enable Comments In WordPress

I've been asked several times how to enable comments for posts and pages on a website. So instead of going through the steps each time I get asked.

The smarty pants that I am I thought why not create a post and then you can see how it's done. 


Plus instead of typing out the steps each time I get asked I can simply give people a link to this post. And if you get asked this question you can give people this link as well.

Oh, Before I Show You How To Enable Comments

There's 2 reason you want to make sure you do have comments enabled on your site.

  • Engagement
  • Site SEO

The more engagement you have on your site the better. You want people to engage with you, you want others that come to your site to engage with each other. You want that interaction happening.

And that brings us to the 2nd reason you want comments. Google sees comments a fresh content and any and all content goes towards the overall SEO of your site and that post or page.

Which in turn helps your posts/pages rank in the SERP's. As well as the overall rank of your whole website in the SERP's.

But also don't freak out if you have posts or pages that don't get comments. Not all of them will and that's ok. As long as you continue to add quality content to your site on a regular basis you’re golden.

Ok, Here's How To Enable Comments

The steps for enabling comments on posts and pages are the same. I'll also show you how to enable or disable comments on individual posts or pages.

Speaking of disabling comments, I only have comments disabled on certain pages on my site. For example on my disclaimer page there's no need to have comments enabled because it's just a document. So there will be pages and maybe some posts you don't want to have comments enabled.

Ok let's enable comments.

First go to your websites dashboard (back office) and then click on All Posts. Now pick a post, it can be any post. Now at the top of the page in the right hand corner you'll see a tab that says Screen Options - click that tab to open it up.

screen options

When it opens up you'll see all the available options to be displayed below your wordpress editor. Now activate Discussion.

screen options discussions

Now scroll down below your editor window and you'll now see the Discussion panel. Now activate comments. And ss a habit anytime I make any changes I always click the Update Button just to be sure everything has been set.


Ta Da - you now have comments enabled on your posts. Simply follow the same steps to enable comments on your pages.

Using Quick Edit For Comments

Now that you have comments activated for all your posts and your pages. Here's how you can disable comments or enable comments for any individual post or page.​

Ok, go to your websites dashboard and click on All Posts​. Now choose a post and hover your cursor over the post title. When you do a little menu will appear below the title. Now click Quick Edit.

quick edit

A new panel will open up. And here is where you can enable or disable comments for individual posts or pages. Once you've either activated or deactivated comments click the Update Button.

quick edit panel

And that's it. That's how simple it is to activate or disable comments on your site.​

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can chat live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!

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