How To Clear Cache Both In Chrome And Firefox

Before showing you the steps on how to clear cache in both Chrome and Firefox let me answer the question I get asked a lot…

What Is Cache?

Simply put, your cache is just a place on your hard disk where your browser keeps things that it has downloaded in case those things are needed again.

Cache was created by the designers of web browsers to help speed things up. It’s a lot faster for something to be displayed from your hard disk then it is to keep downloading it from the internet over and over again.

Your Cache Has Limits

Your cache does have a limit on how big it can get. And that is determined by how much space has been set aside for it.

When your cache gets full it will delete things that have not been used in a while so it can make room for the new items.

And that’s all there really is to it when it comes to cache. It’s just a place to keep things locally so you don’t have to keep downloading them from the internet over and over again.

So Why Clear Your Cache?

Have you been working on your website and let’s say you added a new logo. But when you go to your website the new logo does not appear?

Well it’s because you’re looking a the cache version of your site. That’s why you can’t see the changes you made.

Or sometimes your cache simply gets confused. Yep it can happen, and you’ve probably experienced it by seeing a web page partially loaded, incomplete pictures or just a badly formatted page.

That’s your cache having a brain fart. So it’s time to clear your cache and get rid of all that saved information and start with a clean slate.

Your browser will start building a new cache with fresh information.  Now all of that confusion is gone and any cache related problems should also be all gone.

How Often Should You Clear Your Cache?

There is no set timeframe when you should clear your cache. However you should get in the habit of doing so on a regular basis.

Because I’m online everyday working on my business and helping other build theirs I clear my cache every Sunday.

You may want to set your schedule the same or choose one that you feel works best for you.

But like I said there is no right or wrong time to clear your cache, just do it regularly.

Ok Let’s Clear Your Cache

Now in most cases it’s the cache causing the issues and it is one of the first go to diagnostic steps I would tell you to do.

In the video below I walk you through the steps on how to clear your cache in chrome and how to clear your cache in Firefox.

I have also added this video to my How To video page incase you need it for reference in the future.

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