How To Choose The Right Product -

How To Choose The Right Product

confusedSo now that you’ve researched and chosen your niche it’s time to find quality products and or services that align with your niche. But how to choose the right product? How to choose the right service? How do you go about doing it?

Questions every marketer has asked themselves so don’t panic you’re not alone, we’ve all been there.

So to help you find the right product or service I’ve put together 8 tips so you don’t end up wasting your time and efforts marketing the wrong product. I’ve also included places where you can find great products.

1) Do Not Choose A Product Based On Price Alone

Just because a product has a big price tag does not mean the commission will always generate big profits.

Products that are lower in price can quickly bring in new customers to your sales funnel.

Also once a customers has purchased from you their resistance barrier to purchase again has been lowered. So asking your past customers to make another or even larger purchase in the future is not as big of a challenge.

NOTE: Remember repeat sales all depends on the quality of the products you sell. If you sell crap products don’t expect to make a living as an affiliate.

2) You Want To Pick Evergreen Products

An evergreen product is a product that is relevant today, yesterday and into the future. So markets like Weight Loss, Relationships, Technology and Self Help, Health are considered evergreen.

Why is this important?

If you’re using long term sales strategies such as content marketing evergreen products will sell now and in the future.

Also if you have a mailing list with an auto responder series with a set number of messages, with evergreen products there is no need to constantly update these messages.

If you’re NOT selling an evergreen product and you’re using long term sales strategies like the examples I mentioned above, your marketing efforts will fade away as the product (in most cases) becomes out of date.

NOTE: If you’re sending out broadcast messages to your mailing list you can sell any type of affiliate product you like.

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3) Find The Highest Commissions Possible

Sounds obvious – right?

But there are exceptions..

For example Amazons commissions start off a 4% which in the grand scheme of things is low – but because Amazon is such a highly repeatable seller, even though the commission structure is low you can make that up in volume.

But if you’re not selling Amazon products you want the highest commission

Personally I do not represent products that have commissions lower than 50% and I have some that are as high as 90%. And Residual Commissions are the absolute best.


Because you can build a recurring income with residual commissions.

NOTE: Make sure to find out about the conversion and refund rates of the affiliate program you’re thinking about joining.

4) Find A Hungry Niche

There’s no point being an affiliate inside a niche where no one is buying.

You don’t want get sucked into the promise of big commissions and not make any money. You need to be in a niche where people are already buying and are hungry to buy.

Again you’ll find these to be in the evergreen markets. Such as Weight Loss, Relationships, Technology, Self Help and Health.

5) Promote Products That You Would Use Yourself

The best rule of thumb is only recommend products that you would recommend to your mom or best friend.

Remember your goal as an affiliate is to help people, do not focus on the money.

By focusing on just making money and not helping solve peoples problems you’re sacrificing building a long term profitable business just for a quick buck.

If you focus on helping people the money will come and keep coming!!

The easiest way to promote any product is to be a user of that product.

By being a user of the product(s) you can talk about the product with ease as well as relate to your customers in a way that an affiliate who does not use the product could never do.

NOTE: Every product I recommend I personally use.

6) Use Trusted Affiliate Tracking Systems

You work hard for your commissions and you want to get paid for each and every one of them.

If you’re 100% sure that the vendor of the affiliate program is honest and in doing your due
diligence others have reported that they have not encountered problems then sure join the program.

But if not stick to reputable affiliate programs from places like Clickbank, Amazon, Shareasale, Commission Junction, just to name few.

With these companies you know your sales are being tracked and you will be paid on all your sales.

7) Check For Leaks


You need to check the vendor’s sales page for sales leaks. For example a sales leak would be a clickbank vendor who has place an additional buy button on the sales page other than the clickbank buy button.

This is a sales leak – if anyone clicks on that other buy button you would loose the commission for that sale as it is not registered through clickbank.

Even vendors that encourage people to call could be stealing sales from you. I’m not saying all vendors are like this but you need to be aware of what things can happen.

Some other ways that a sales leak can happen on a vendor’s sales page are:

  • Up-sells that override the affiliates cookie thus the affiliate loses the commission.
  • Google adsence on the sales page.
  • Links to other products.
  • Mailing list redirects – this is where the prospect is put on a mailing list and then it re-directs them to a sales page that does not give you affiliate credit.

8) Watch Out For Bad Vendors

I have to say the majority of vendors out there are great but there is always a bunch of pinheads that just outright steal from you.

From faking refunds so your account shows you’re not owned any money to using faulty tracking software. These people are thieves.

The bright side is they usually don’t last long but you sure don’t want to help line their pockets.

So make sure you’re always dealing with reputable vendors – use your gut. If it does not feel right – or while doing your research you get a lot of red flags – move on.

Check email addresses, search for their name, go to forums and ask around, Google the product. If you find a pattern of complaints about the product or about customer service – forget them and move on.

There are tons of great vendors – so do not get caught up in the big commission that are promising huge profits to cloud your common sense and good judgment.

Affiliate Products – Where To Find Them

There are thousands of affiliate programs/products to choose from. One way to find the product you want to market is simply do a search in Google.

To do this just type in affiliate programs + your niche

Or if you know the product name type that in after the “+” sign.

So if you’re niche is remote control planes your search term would be:

affiliate programs + remote control planes

Be Careful

As I mentioned in step 8. If you join an independent affiliate program make sure you do your due diligence. There are a lot of doggy independent affiliate programs out there and you want to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

Here’s My Most Reputable Affiliate Program

Affiliate Networks

I mentioned affiliate networks, this is another place to find affiliate products.

So what is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a third party that puts Publishers (that’s you) together with Advertisers (that’s the merchant)

What’s The Advantage Of Affiliate Networks?

The advantage of a merchant participating in an affiliate network includes tracking technology, reporting tools, payment processing, and access to a large base of advertisers (merchants).

For the publisher (you) the benefit is it simplifies the process of registering for one or more merchant affiliate programs in one place, reporting tools, and payment aggregation. As well as knowing you’re affiliated with a reputable affiliate program.

The list of networks is huge and depending on what niche you end up in can determine which network you use. You can join as many as you like but you’ll find that just a handful will provide you with most of what you need.

Here Are Some Of The Networks I Have Used

Affiliate networks are free to join, many have a simple sign up process and others will call you to have a short interview.

Don’t worry about the interview mostly they just want to make sure you are a real person and ask you how you plan on doing your marketing.

CJ: Commission Junction is one of the biggest affiliate networks. You’ll find products from many major brand names inside CJ. From Anthony Robbins to Weight Watchers.

Share A Sale: Share a sale has been around since 2000 and is one of the more popular affiliate networks.

Again you’ll find all kinds of products in shareasale. Only thing that I would call a disappointment they don’t provide the amount of search options other services supply.

Market Health: They have over a 100 of the world’s leading health and beauty products, some of which are sold on TV.

Putting All Together To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Finding the right product is just one of many steps to being a successful affiliate marketer. The step that usually trips people up it the “how” part of affiliate marketing.

And the best resource for learning the “how” part is the training provided by the Wealthy Affiliate. No other place online will you find all the support, tools, resources and of course training you’ll ever need to build a thriving online business.

And the best part is you can start your training for free.

If you’re serious about building and growing a successful online affiliate business I recommend taking the time to check out what the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you.

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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