How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Article Marketing Mistakes

Article MarketingArticle marketing is still one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website if it’s done correctly.

No big build up – let’s get right to it.

Mistake #1: Not doing any keyword research.

Many article marketers will not do any keyword research before starting their article marketing campaign. Instead they just start writing articles without any concern for what keywords or keyword phrases people would use to find their article.

After you have submitted your article it’s not the article directories that are the major factor in generating traffic. The majority of your article traffic is coming from how well they are ranked in the search engines and your ranking depends on how well you did your keyword research.

You need to focus on keywords and keyword phases that will get your article ranked in the search engines so when people do a search within the niche your marketing, it’s your article that’s in the top of the search query.

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Knowing the competition that a keyword has in the search engines is the single most valuable piece of data that you can have. Without knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword, you are rolling the dice.

Mistake #2: Having a garbage article title.

Sure your article may be on the first page of google, but it’s no guarantee people will click your link to read your article. You need to give people a reason to read your article. So you need a great article title.

Your article title has to grab people’s attention right away and compel them to keep reading. Let’s say your keyword phrase is “Back Pain Remedies”

You really don’t want to name your article just back pain remedies. Why? It’s a boring title, yep you may get ranked well, but your ultimate goal is to get people to read your article. So you need to entice people to click your link.

So you may want to use a title like this: “7 Back Pain Remedies That Can Make Your Back Pain Worse!!” or maybe something like this: “10 Fast and Effect Home Back Pain Remedies”

Some of the best article titles solve problems. Why? Because we all have problems and we’re all looking for solutions.

Some great problem solving titles can: Save people time, save people money, make people money, make people’s lives easier, make people feel better, help people look better…etc.

Another great start to a title is to use the words “How To….” When people do a search on google a lot of times it starts with; How to…

Mistake #3: Bad writing.

No one expects you to be Hemmingway, and you’re not supposed to be you’re writing an article not a novel. And you certainly don’t have to be an award winning writer to be successful in article marketing either.

If English is not your first language, or maybe your spelling is bad (do not rely on spell check), or maybe your grammar is not where it should be. You should consider out sourcing your work.

If you don’t want to outsource, you could hire an editor to review your work before you submit your articles to make sure everything is ok. Another option is to use a program like White Smoke, which does grammar along with spelling, punctuation, style and more.

Your articles don’t have to be perfect but they do have to be written well enough to be published.

Mistake #4: A lousy resource box

This is where most article marketers really drop the ball. They have all the other elements right but they misfire with the resource box.

Your resource box is your money maker; this is the whole point of having your article, to get traffic to your site so you can make the sale.

In order to have a great resource box there are a few do’s and don’ts.

Don’t tell the readers more about you, no one cares, and don’t list your qualifications unless you have a special degree that relates to the article.

If you are a master mechanic and you wrote an article about fuel injection systems, yes tell people. But if your article is about puppy training your automotive degree means nothing.

Do make sure your resource box has a clear call to action, and do make sure your resource box is interesting.

Treat your resource box just like the last paragraph in your article. Do not make it stand out like a separate thing.

Just keep writing. Simply use transitional words and phrases, and include your call to action along with your link. All you do is write the last paragraph in the resource box area provided by the article directories.

Mistake #5: Not tracking your articles

You need to track your articles. Having this information is critical to any article marketers success. Without tracking your articles it’s IMPOSSIBLE to know which of your articles are making you money and so you’re always writing blindly.

There are many ways of tracking your articles, simply do a search for URL tracking programs and see which one works best for you, some are free and some are paid. But no matter what program you use, you need to track your articles.

Bottom line tracking WILL make you more money!!

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Have a great Monday.

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