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How Do I Get Free Traffic To My Website – Here’s 3 Ways

I think I've lost track of how many times I've been asked  "How do I get free traffic to my website?" And it's a reasonable question.

Because without traffic you don't have an online business you just have a website taking up space online.

website traffic

So in this post I'm going to talk about 3 great ways of driving traffic to your site - for free.

Now one thing you have to understand is generating free traffic is very doable, but and this is a BIG but - you have to be patient. It takes time for free traffic to develop. And if you can't wait for traffic to develop, than your only alternative is paid traffic methods.

And yes it's true with paid traffic you can get people to your website in a matter of hours. But there is a big learning curve with paid traffic and that learning curve will cost you money. So if you're not willing to learn while spending money - free traffic is your only option.

But You Don't Want Any Old Traffic

Ok we all know traffic is the lifeblood of your online business - like I said no traffic - no business, it's that simple.


You don't want just any old traffic coming to your site because without the right traffic coming to your site you're still not making any money.

That's why going to places like Fiverr and paying some putz $5 to drive thousands of visitors to your site is a complete scam and waste of money, even if it's just $5 it's still a waste of money.

And it's a waste because these people that are coming to your site are NOT buyers they're just visitors. You WANT buyers. Because I assume you're in the business to make money, not to have a site that gets a ton of traffic but makes no money.

Ok so how do you find targeted traffic?

Glad you asked and I'm going to answer that along with my first way of getting free traffic in just a second - but first...

Data Is Very Important

The other thing about the right traffic coming to your site is you can use the data you gain from this traffic to optimize your site even more to make even more money.

With that data you can zero in on the pages and posts that are generating the most sales and not only optimize those pages/posts, but you can then create more content around those current post and page topics.

Without data it's like tossing darts at a dart board in the dark trying to hit the bullseye. The chances of hitting that bullseye are slim to none.

Now I have to admit I'm not a big data guy, but I'm smart enough to know that I need to use the data I gather about my website to my advantage. I don't want to be tossing darts in the dark.

And to gather this data you need to have Google Analytics set up? And if you don't, you need to do so right away.

It's completely free to use and it's very easy to set up. Yep, I know there's plenty of  other data solutions to choose from but Google analytics gives you all the data you'll ever need to optimize your site.

And once set up you'll now know how much traffic you're getting and where your traffic is coming from and how to optimize this traffic.​

3 Ways To Generate Free Targeted Traffic

​1) Content That Ranks At The Top Of The Search Engines

This way of generating free traffic can't be a surprise to you. But it's the one which I'm surprised to find out many people don't really do on a regular basis. Which is crazy.

And I say crazy because when you think about it, all the internet is - is content in one form or another.

Now remember I mentioned you don't want just any old traffic you want targeted traffic. And with this traffic you want two things...

So how to you accomplish this?

It all starts with keyword research. Now I have a very detailed post about keyword research and how I do it and you can check that out by clicking here

But for the purpose of this post what you're looking for is what's called the low hanging fruit keywords people use to search for products and services. These are keywords search terms that get good search volume and have very low competition in the rankings.

And then you create content around the low hanging fruit keywords you've found.​

So instead of fighting against very popular and very competitive keywords which you have little chance of ranking for. You're targeting low competition keywords giving yourself a much better chance of getting your content ranked at the top of the search results thus driving free traffic to your website.

And the more content you create on a regular basis, the more opportunity you have of your content getting top rankings in the search engines for your keywords and the more opportunity you have of driving targeted free traffic your website.​

Here Let Me Give You An Example​

So I'm sure you've spent time online searching about a product. And when you started searching if you're like a lot of people you started with a very broad search. So let's say you're searching for a golf club a driver to be more specific.

Golf Drivers or Drivers Golf Clubs could be your starting point, either way a very broad search but it's a start. Now if I asked you at this point are you ready to buy a driver? I bet it's very safe to say you're not. So you're certainly not late in the buying cycle are you?

Now as you continue your search maybe you've decided on the brand of driver you're interested. So let's say your search is now a little more refined - now you're searching for a Taylormade drivers.

At this point if you're like most people you're still not close to a purchasing of a driver, even a Taylormade driver. Because you've discovered or probably already knew there are plenty of Taylormade drivers to choose from. So you're still in that research phase of the buying cycle.

And after a little more research you've decided that the Taylormade M2 is the perfect driver for you and that's the one you're going to buy.

Now you're late in the customer purchase lifecycle because you've done your research and you've found what you want and you're primed and ready to buy.

So now let’s take you out of being the customer and you’re the owner of a golf website. After doing your keyword research you've found that the term Taylormade M2 is a low hanging fruit keyword.

In fact there are over 3700 searches per month and there are only 149 competing pages​ with this exact term. Yep this is a great low hanging fruit keyword and has a great chance of ranking at the top of the rankings. I got this information using my keyword research tool Jaxxy.

Now you would create a post, probably a review about the Taylormade M2 driver. 

By doing your keyword research and finding this keyword and creating content around this keyword you're targeting people late in the customer purchase cycle - meaning they're ready to buy.

Now I have to say this. Not everything you write is going to make it to the first page of the search results. But this is all part of content creation. It's the regular creation of content. And that accumulation of content that does get ranked that will generate a ton of traffic.

Need a little inspiration?

Well Steve a student of the wealthy affiliate where he was taught the power of content creation, simply created content on a regular basis.

All he has ever done is write content 5 days a week. And guess what? From just this one method he has generated over 10 million visitors to his site. Yep that's 10 million and all he does is create content.

Bet you want to start writing more often don't you?​

I also did a very detailed post on how I create killer content. You can read that post by clicking here.​

2) Video Marketing

Video is one of the methods I think a lot of people are missing out on. Everyday video is becoming more and more prominent. 

The statistics for video are crazy. Insivia listed 27 video stats for 2017 and after reading these stats I can't see why you wouldn't want to take advantage of video.

video marketing

Here's just some of those stats on that list:

  • By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic
  • 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%
  • Shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
  • 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day

Regarding that last statistic about Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg said in 2016 that within 5 years Facebook will be mostly video. 

I love doing video, in fact I'm going to be doing more and more video for this site because I know the power it has to drive free traffic.

In fact I have a website that all I use to drive traffic to it is YouTube videos. You can check out my complete case study of this site by clicking here and see exactly how I use YouTube videos for free traffic.

You Can Start Video Marketing For Free

By using YouTube which is free to set up and some free tools available you can get started using videos to drive traffic to your site for free.

You can do what are called screencast videos. These are videos that record what you’re doing on your computer. These are great for how to videos as well as video reviews. A nice free tool for doing screen cast videos is Screencast-o-matic. They also have an upgrade for only $15.

There’s another program called Biteable. They have hundreds of animated, live action or photo scenes in lots of different styles, or you can use a pre-made template. With this program you can create Explainer Videos, Infographics, Presentation and of course Promo videos. You also have the option to upgrade to their premium service.

You can also do talking head videos. These are videos where you are on camera. And you can start by using your smart phone to record these types of videos. Or you can use a very inexpensive camera like a Go Pro to record your videos.

Another very cool resource for creating animated videos is PowToons. It's free to use and of course they have several upgrade options.​ Everyone from fortune 500 companies to big hollywood studios has used Powtoons. Myself included. 

Other Options

If you want to invest a little money there are some really cool programs that you can get to make a variety of videos.

Here's a few that I've used:​

Easy Sketch Pro - With this program you can create white board videos. These are the video you see where a hand draws the pictures.​

Video Maker FX - ​This program is filled with hundreds of pre-keyed templates. With this program you can create every style of video. You can create white board, kinetic typography, presentation, explainer and so many more. 

Camtasia - Camtasia is a high end video editor which is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. With Camtasia you can create informative and engaging videos. In fact it's the software I use most to create videos. If you've checked out my free mini course, those videos were created using Camtasia.

3) Social Media​

I will put this out there right now, I'm not a big social media guy, never have been and probably never will be. Meaning I'm not on Facebook all day long.

I do have a Facebook business page and a Google plus account but I use those simply to share my new content.

social media

​So once this post is done I will post it on my Facebook business page and post it on my Google plus page. I do this because it's part of my overall SEO strategy. When it comes down to it I'm a video guy and that's what I like to use so that's my go to medium.

But I'm also aware that social media can be a viable way to drive free traffic to your site if you willing to spend the time and energy to develop the traffic. And I say time because it does take time to cut through all the useless noise within social media to get to your targeted audience.

The best place to start is to begin following people in your niche. And this can be within any of the social media platforms. 

Now start engaging with them, answer questions, comment on posts, ask great question and offer unique information. DON'T start posting your links all over the place. That's the fastest way to piss people off and get completely ignored.

When it comes to social media you must live by the words of Zig Ziggler....

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want"

Social media is also a great place to discover content for your niche audience. People always ask questions on social media. You can then take those questions and turn them into content that you can post on your site. 

You can then share your post on your social media platforms just like I do. If you always provide great helpful and engaging content people will come back and many people will also share your content with their audience.

Here's a few resources to help you with using social media: - 7 effective ways to increase your social media traffic and conversions. - 6 ways to immediately increase your social media traffic.

Always Remember This

No matter what medium you use to generate traffic. You must be consistent. This is the secret sauce. It's like exercising you can't expect to go to the gym a few times and get into shape.

You have to hit the gym on a regular basis. Same goes for developing free traffic. You have to always be consistent.

So the best thing to do is create a schedule. Take me for example I have a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

And within that schedule when it comes to this site. I add fresh content to this site every three days. For my other site I add a new video to it every two weeks.

These consistent actions generate all the free traffic I want to each of my sites. And you can do the same.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can chat live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!

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